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  1. Baum

    New HOTS EU Executive Officer!

    Hey HOTS EU Community, I am very happy to announce an important appointment within the HOTS section. I have appointed KierenG as the new HOTS EU Executive Officer! He is now the point person for all EU HOTS members and issues related to EU HOTS should be brought to him. I am very excited...
  2. Shiftie

    New Dota2 Officer!

    I know he already got the welcome in the officer section, but I wanted to announce it here for the whole Dota section. We have a new officer in our midst - Drag (I know this mention probably didn't work because I suck and hates me). Please take a moment and congratulate/welcome...
  3. Booyah

    Congrats to Fever's Newest Dota 2 Officer!

    Congratulations Shini keep up the great work. For those of you who are wondering how to hit the big O rank, emulating those who are currently Officers or recently promoted would be the best way to go about it. Congrats again man.
  4. saryu

    welcome to our new officer!

    So, i would like to welcome our new officer Annihilator . Congratulation and remember that we will expect more of you now.
  5. Isomet

    Congratulate our new Officer!

    Kryo Kryo will be an officer in the Dota 2 section now. He will be organizing this week's Dota Night Eu, and following ones. Remember that Dota Night starts at 12:00pm est.