1. Gizmo256

    Doubloons - Get your bonus ones if you need them now!

    Doubloon Deals with Amazon | World of Warships If you know you need doubloons, might as well get your bonus ones! Doubloon Deals with Amazon General News 01/25/2018 9 299...
  2. D

    Downloading this game now!

    This will be my first time playing a battle royale game, I am sure I will get pwned a lot haha! Still gonna be fun though.
  3. BruC0Ndr

    News: GWENT Midwinter update overview and open PTR Available now!

    GWENT is going to have the biggest update yet and alot of new cards, 100+! Also UI changes and alot of old card changed/buffed/nerfed. You can check all the updates (UI, cards, mechanics) on the PTR wich is available for everyone! Here's how to get into...
  4. News Bot

    Super Mario, It's A Cereal Now!

    Nintendo is having one of its best years in recent history and they are doing the next logical thing to celebrate. Today, the company has announced Super Mario Cereal. Each box will feature some sort of Amiibo functionality and will be yet another collectible for Nintendo super fans to drool...
  5. Rimeraz

    Patch 4.8, "Happy Trees" is out now!

    In case you haven't been made known yet, patch 4.8 is out today! So go grab your easels, some paint, and maybe a nice button shirt and an afro wig and go paint yourselves some trees! Remember, there are no mistakes, only happy accidents that may have denied you a pentakill. Here are the notes...
  6. Requ1em


    DOWNLOAD TODAY: NEW CHARACTER + WEAPONS PACKS Tailored for covert warfare, two new packs are available to purchase today. If you own the Sniper Elite 4 Deluxe Edition or Season Pass, both will unlock automatically! Covert Heroes Character Pack Expand your force with three formidable new...
  7. Requ1em

    OB 39 Is Out Now!

    Login to the client for all the details!
  8. digitalblade

    News: Do not buy the Season Pass right now!

    Hello, apparently right now there is a serious problem for many people not receiving the Season Pass 2016 after they purchase it. Instead try looking for Dota 2 DLCs called "Dota 2 - The Fall 2016 Battle Pass" while I am not sure, I could bet my 2GD that by getting that as not in-game but...
  9. K

    NEW Overwatch FAN-ART Sculptures "IN PROGRESS" Vote NOW!

    I am starting a new series of sculptures. Please REPLY with your favorite CHARACTER and SKIN. One that you would like like to see as a SCULPTURE. These sculptures with be at least 12" tall and will be custom made with a FAVORITE pose. What to include in POST: Favorite Character Favorite...
  10. Tankbankz

    Weekly DB game going on NOW!

    Jump in TS and get Dirty Bomb going! We will be assisting with leveling and unlocking Mercs!!
  11. Ocean

    Elite Dangerous On Sale Now! $15

    GETTT ITTTT And they're doing a promo where you get 32 Skins for ships plus this next DLC!!!!
  12. Ocean

    Elite Dangerous On Sale Now!

    In light of new partnerships Virtual Reality companies, Frontier is having a massive sale on digital copies of Elite: Dangerous. Now on STEAM and the Frontier store for $26.99! $26.99!!!!!!! and It comes with expansions! For those of you who didn't want to get the game for full price between...
  13. ThomMerlin

    Starting NEW Ranked Team - Sign Up NOW!

    So far this is what I got. I am looking for someone to help out and lead the charge as well as people to fill the other roles. 1.) Team Name Ideas = Storm The Nexus, Eternal Flames, Tristram Madams, Khoral Raiders, 2.) I am PST (Practice times would be for my suggestion preference) 6pm-10pm...
  14. Kawasaki


    Hello FeverClan! I wanted to make this thread to inform any and all of you that RockstarGames has released their Grand Theft Auto V "PRELOAD" so that you can have the game ready for it's release date of April 14, 2015! Steam: To download the "Preload" if purchased through steam, simply...
  15. BruC0Ndr

    Kick it off! Convergence #0 out now!

    I can't wait! I'm reading it tonight, gonna play some IC first but before I go to bed I'll read it :D so excited to see the biggest event in history! April 8th Convergence #1 releases along with the mini-series for the Event is as I have heard, to end in May 2015. So a full month of...
  16. Jokerlolz

    Installing now!

    I am installing this game as I type. Hopefully will be able to play soon and find some cool members of Fever to play with
  17. OberonOne

    Double Loyalty Reward Points Starts Now!

    Have a loyalty reward that you've been wanting to get? Get it now while the Loyalty Reward Counter is handing out DOUBLE points for every purchase! Time is ticking, so double up on points before the promotion ends January 19th at 11:59 AM PST.
  18. Abom

    Ok this game is strange now!

    Now that the patch is out I fired up my Wizard and wow, is it strange to playing this now after being away for 2-3 months. In other games my toons are fairly agressive, but my Wizard is a fire-based kiting build set up around Hydra and blizzard. Hard to get used to hitting a couple buttons and...
  19. Merconic

    Don't have plans? You do now!

    Hey guys!! Now that the holidays are absolutely completely over, we can get back into the swing of Cards Against Humanity Game Nights again!!! Tonight @ 10:00 PM EST I hope to see everyone who wants a good laugh be there tonight in teamspeak!!! I am super stoked and I think we will add another...
  20. BruC0Ndr

    Overwatch - All the info for now!

    Some info about the game, all the news since the announcement at BlizzCon this weekend! Looking forward to it! Story The game is set on Earth, 60 years in the future Robots became very common in the future and they went crazy, attacking cities all over the world. The war that resulted...
  21. 0yme0

    Music: Monstercat 019 Out now!
  22. Rehstraint

    Try outs start now!

    Heoseuki try-outs start now! Get on league add me check-in ends at 6 PM EST Roster will be posted on Monday!
  23. xSagaRx

    First Archeage Update! Hopes of Less Queues Now!

    ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.10: Patch Notes GAMEPLAY * Accounts will now be disconnected from the server when AFK at character selection or in character creation. * As previously announced, stats have been removed from in-game costume items, matching the previous change to Marketplace...
  24. F

    Mount Your friends Games Night NOW!

    come on down to games night room 1 where were playing Mount your friends