1. WhitexLegs

    Battle for Azeroth Beta (Build & Notes)

    Hello everyone, WhitexLegs here. It's about that time again for WoW to begin Alpha and Beta testing for their latest expansion. The folks at recently posted the latest news from Blizzard regarding changes and features to experience in the Alpha, Beta & potentially the full release...
  2. Katyara

    The Russian Space Viking walks into a warzone.. (Zarya notes)

    Ok first of all I am going to dash any expectations of this being coherent or 'pro' type feedback. I will also say Zarya and Pharah were the two I did play for Overwatch beta so I was already pretty psyched to see her. I'm finding her a bit rough as a solo tank but that might be my lack of...
  3. Benj

    Diablo 3's Future Expansion (Supposed Leaked Notes)

    Not sure how many of you all read or have seen this. Anyway will post it all here :3 (This could all just be fanmade stuff so don't expect it until futher notice from Blzzard themselves at Blizzcon) These are the keynotes of Diablo 3’s future Expansion, and will contain: Battle.Net Items...