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  1. Violet

    Fever Jukebox Nights 7PM EST

    Hi everyone, Have you heard? Fever clan is now BOTTING! WHAT?!:p We have two new shiny rhythm bots available on discord, so let's make good use of them. I will start hosting a Chill and Play event from now on, generally evenings, with updated times on thread title * Play music and chill with...
  2. Winterrose

    Who would be interested in LoL game nights coming back?

    Hey there, most of you know who I am and what my former position used to be in this amazing clan. I'm finally back in Fever Clan and I've had some thoughts on the LoL section here. Who would genuinely be interested in a game night? Any thoughts or opinions? Anything you'd like to see with the...
  3. Violet

    Sunday's Game Nights

    Game Nights every week Sunday 8pm EST, hosts vary. Join in on Discord or pm in-game for invites. Happy Gaming!
  4. Lycan

    Game nights - thank you

    To trep, well actually all who take the effort to put on our game night events, a big thanks. I am always lucky enough to find a fun group every time. You make D3 such a social game. Lycan
  5. Medic739

    Destiny 2 Game Night 8 - 10PM EST

    Game Nights (8 - 10) P.M. EST Tuesday and Saturday (8 - 10) P.M. EST Game nights are for progression for those that need it, gear up for those that want it and EP's for those that crave it We will be be working on Pushing people that have not completed Levi to get to Prestige through, EoW, EP's...
  6. Sixxed17

    Game Nights

    Point Blank: We need game nights again. Who is willing/able to host and which days? Respond in this thread.
  7. A

    Game Nights

    I would like to get peoples opinions on running game nights in pubg. There are a few of us that play and I noticed there is nothing set in stone. We could play Sunday and Monday nights and get some fun going on. If this works for people let me know and we will start trying to get some consistent...
  8. L

    Paladins Game Nights Times

    Hey Paladin Lovers I am releasing the Paladins Game nights Times And Dates! I look forward to seeing you there! Monday Paladins GameNight 3:00pm Eastern Thursday GameNight 5:00pm Eastern Sunday GameNight 8:00pm Eastern If you wish to add me in game feel free to do so I'm always active my IGN...
  9. Aussietye

    Thursday game nights

    MemeQueen will be hosting game nights every Thursday at 10pm to 1am eastern. If you are interested in participating just join us in discord. Hope to see you there. 2toastie4u AcE Aervenor andynguyen1118 Antideam APancakeBacon atomicPhilosopher @Bheugo billy_da_bob birdy4now Bleedinas...
  10. WolfishGG

    Counter Strike: GO Game Nights

    CS:GO Game Nights @Monkeyworm | Casual Game Play | Wednesdays @ 7pm EsT Monkeyworm | Comp Play | Saturdays @ 6:30pm EsT Casual Game Night "A Casual, Fun 'Chill Out' Night. We basicly just have a good time, and mess around, nothing too serious." Casual CS:GO Game night - 7:30 PM...
  11. Aussietye

    Monday Game Nights

    I will be hosting game nights every Monday at 8pm eastern. Event will vary from week to week. If you are interested in joining us just hop on in discord, we would be glad to have you. __Reign aebeloee Aervenor AGenomeSoldier Aisper @Andy angevashes angryBeard Antideam ArchaicLord Aronath...
  12. MrCruz


    For current list of scheduled game nights and events clan-wide CLAN CALENDAR
  13. A

    Event: WoW Game Nights *Updated*

    Game Nights Horde (Mal'ganis(US)) Tues 9-12pm est Thurs 9-12pm est TBD(Alt night) Alliance (Stormrage(US)) Rebuilding There is room for more events on both sides. If someone wants to do some pvp events such as arenas or bgs let me know and we'll try to find spots for them as well
  14. ZebrasaurusRex

    NA Leviathan Raid Friday Nights

    Aervenor and I will be running a Leviathon raid tonight (and hopefully every Friday). If you are interested in going, please PM on discord me ASAP (if you don't and you show up and I have no spots due to them being reserved, do not rage at me). We more than likely will start around 8 pm central...
  15. C

    Csgo nights

    Need more nights like tonight Bogo I will be on tommrow afternoon and night playing cs before I leave back to Cali Sunday night. Hit me up Steam Community :: cBizzle [v] I'm a newbie at the game [emoji848][emoji847] Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  16. Thundernut

    Event: Dota 2 Events and Game Nights August

    Hey all lets get the ball rolling on a few events for Fever. We will be hosting events every Friday until the end of August. That will be a game night most times but I will end the month on a tournament with either a cash or chest prize depending on my TI7 bet winnings. Game Nights Friday...
  17. News Bot

    Five Nights at Freddy's 6 Announced, Then Cancelled by Creator

    Making games is hard, and when you are predominantly a one-man show, it can be even harder. Five Nights at Freddy's creator Scott Cawthon has found that out the hard way. After announcing a sixth installment to the point-and-click horror series, he has abruptly cancelled the project. "For the...
  18. FloriLucem

    Game Nights outreach

    So, feeling a bit discouraged from doing Game Nights lately due to the lack of available advertising, as far as I know. Do we have any tags that allow us to tag specific groups? Or a tag that addresses everyone on the Fever clan site? I would like to get back into doing Game Nights more...
  19. Aussietye

    Overwatch Game Nights

    Just a Friendly reminder we have game nights every Monday at 5:00 PM EDT and again at 8:00 PM EDT as well as Thursday at 9:00 PM EDT. Feel free to join us in Discord if you are interested in participating. aaa Abom AcroBlaze Aedric Aervenor AllStarr24 Antisol arya1332 Atakapa August...
  20. Bridgett

    Overwatch Game Nights moved to Mondays!

    Okay guys, I spoke with Clavat and I will now be moving Overwatch game nights to Monday at 9pm EST starting tomorrow! We will still be doing Quick Matches, Arcade and Custom if we have enough people! :D Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused but this is the best day that works for...
  21. whitelord321

    Game Nights

    So from what it seems most of the people who play Smite don't pay attention to the forums much. So if would be great if you can contact me on Discord your hours, and times available so I can compile a list of people who play.
  22. Aussietye

    Thursday game nights

    Quick question for all you Overwatch folks. What type of games would you guys like to see out of the game nights that I will be hosting?
  23. Doiri

    Event: Game Nights Are Back In Action!

    Hey everyone! I'm happy to announce our League of Legends Game Nights are starting back up this coming Saturday (4/22) at 8:00pm EST! Remember, there will be 100 Fever Coins for everyone that joins in on this, and the chance to beat up your friends in close combat, on the rift. Also note...
  24. A

    Warhammer Game nights

    Hello Everyone! I recently got Warhammer: Total War and was wondering if there was an interest in starting up game nights at some point. I was also looking into starting recruiting efforts for the game so if there is interest in game nights I'll also start up recruitment efforts for the...
  25. T

    Game Nights

    Alright everyone Poll is Close and it seems like Wednesday and Thursday are the main days for game night for everyone, With that being said i will let people know what time for each day game night will be hosting..if you have a interest in hosting a game night plz get with me Arimil or Baum...