1. B

    NA hey

    i want to get deckard is he worth the money
  2. TheFrenchGuyzLive

    NA D2 Main , Climbing on Silver Account

    Main Support : Taric / Alistar Second Position Jungle : Master Yi / Jax was diamond 2 last season ! Playing on my Girlfriend Account to help her a bit ! She is in deep silver , getting her out of that trench , if anyone wants to join the train , Message me !
  3. TheFrenchGuyzLive

    NA 1000 games of Chen Dota2

    + 10k hour of chen Dota 1 360 apm+ ChenX - Overview - DOTABUFF - Dota 2 Stats North Americain Player , 3 accounts first is 6.1k second is chen only 4k third is calibrating , ( keeping that one to help people rank) if anyone wants to climb msg me !!
  4. M

    NA Clan hangout?

    I'm wondering how busy the clan is in this game. I'd like to join a clan where there're enough people online at all times of day that I can hop on and have some casual fun whenever I'm not working.
  5. OPPninja


  6. Chaves

    NA Rainbow Six Siege Gamenight

    Hello There, I'll be hosting a Game Night on R6 Siege to see how much activity there is for the game within Fever. The Game Night will be hosted on Saturday, August 4 at 9pm Est/6pm PDT. Since we don't have our own dedicated section in the fever discord we'll meet in the Game Night Channels...
  7. D

    NA Going Gw2

    Hey everyone, I've discovered how addictive the game is and am hoping that we can bolster the number of players. You'll be able to find me on the discord frequently and I'll be in game frequently so hit me up. Just send a freind request to Tiara Ambrosia in game and I'll add you. I'm still...
  8. G

    NA New to Fever

    Good Afternoon! I am a new member here and I'm looking for some folks to play HoTS QM. I'm a gold level player but I am holding off on a ranked while I level more Heroes. Feel free to add me Zebruh 1573.
  9. F

    NA HoTs Activity

    I have been really pleased by the amount of HoTs activity we have had lately in Fever; been able to meet and play with some really great members and get regular groups of 5 for league games (including daily waiting lists) going. Good stuff to see everyone participating and playing so well...
  10. Shiny

    NA Need an invite back into the club

    Title. Was kicked out of the NA club for inactivity but im looking to get back into it. Also looking for people to hold my hand as i relearn builds and jungle timers/clears and all that :p IGN: EL Shiny
  11. ChasingSerenity

    NA Love'n the Moji

    I am loving the damage this little guy does. Takes out tanks in nothing flat with wrecker. I really nice change from Jenos/Seris that I usually play,
  12. M

    NA Vindictus!

    Anybody playing? I see that there's a Vindicuts clan, but I'm unsure of whether it's active or inactive.
  13. S

    NA New Member

    Hi, I just joined Fever.I mainly play Heroes of the Storm so feel free to add me SmoresDude#1435 :^)
  14. G

    April 29th - "Link Achievement!"

    The purpose of this small event is to help people out on their quest to get achievements that have evaded them done within the time limit. I would suggest trying to complete those that need a group rather than ones that can be done solo easily. HOST: Ghist WHEN: Sunday, 2 PM PST/5...
  15. S


    Hello Fever Community, :blink: Welcome to the Tournament Of Champions, here you get the opportunity to play Heroes Of The Storm with other Fever members in attempt to choose the top Five HOTS Fever players for admission in ranked tournaments. Each week we will have a game night with...
  16. Hastyb

    NA Looking for team to join with on ESEA+MM

    Ive got 1,400 hours on CSGO and been SMFC a few times and global once but im far out of practice and i rejoined as an MG1 ESEA im a C+ player on the rise but only with 14 games. I Play support or lurker.
  17. Hastyb

    NA Silver 3 support/top

    IGN: Hastyb Mains: Top- Darius, maoki, heimer Supp- Blitz, Thresh, naut Region: North America Been playing since Beta and never got much into tryharding as i never had a good team to work with. I ranked last season and got silver just to prove someone wrong but i didnt dedicate more than that.
  18. D

    REQUEST: Challenge Rifts

    Can I make a request please that we have a weekly day/time slot where we can request to do Challenge Rifts? Typically I'm not strong enough to solo them (mainly because of my current situation) and therefore miss out on the additional materials each (and most) weeks. Would it be possible to...
  19. Linessah

    March 25th - "Veni, vidi, vici."

    This game night will be focused on the season conquests. Please be informed of what they are, as not all of them can players be "carried through." If you have any questions, please contact Ghist. HOST: Ghist WHEN: 4PM EDT to 7PM EDT on Sunday, March 25, 2018 Please try to arrive 15-30...
  20. Linessah

    March 24th, All Day! "Bounties, bounties, and even more bounties!"

    We have had enough of the denizens and demons of Sanctuary! March 24th, we will ride out seeking to scour them from the map, collecting (you guessed it!) bounties on them all! Be prepared with the ability to quickly farm bounties. This is an all-day event, so people can come and go as their...
  21. MustangPunk

    Just Getting back to gaming

    Hey Diablo Fever players, Some of you may remember me others not. But I was an officer and had to take a leave of absence due to poor health. Not much has changed except I'm mentally adapting to my situation better. Anyway, I have applied to Clan FeverClan 2. I have 2 almost 3 season 13 70s, and...
  22. J

    NA Support LFT

    Hey guys, I'm Juni J I am looking for an organized team to play with with. I am a support main and can match any play style or comp. I am easily coached and look forward to being competitive.
  23. S

    NA LF Divinity Original Sin 2 Group

    lf group for Divinity Original Sin 2 - 4 people total myself included Have to be willing to potentially have your voice on stream Be willing to work as a team Will work out timezone issues and maybe schedule certain times to play, kind of like a DND campaign. Own the game. Can message...
  24. Linessah

    Season 13 Leveling Event & Competition

    As Season 12 has come to a close, we would like to go ahead and announce our Season 13 Leveling Event and Competition! WHEN Friday @ 5:00 p.m. PST / 8:00 p.m. EST on February, 23, 2018 Please try to arrive 30 minutes early to begin setting up groups. As with every season, it's your choice if...
  25. Z

    is ff14 dead is their a group of player here ?

    sup guys, im thinking about getting back at ff14 but im wondering, it seems nobody post a thread for a long time ?