1. D

    Closed: Denkedenk monk application

    Hello guys. Denkedenk, 34 yr old male from Denmark applying. I am playing WoL and support monk. Games you play: I used to play Wow quite heavily. Then I had a kid. After going from raiding to more casual gaming, I went with D3 for a while (been playing both D1 and D2 alot, too), then...
  2. D

    Closed: Denkedenk monk application

    Hello guys. Denkedenk, 34 yr old male from Denmark applying. I am playing WoL and support monk. Games you play: I used to play Wow quite heavily. Then I had a kid. After going from raiding to more casual gaming, I went with D3 for a while (been playing both D1 and D2 alot, too), then...
  3. duzeyyy

    Monk guides: BRM, MW, WW.

    brewmaster: Brewmaster | Peak of Serenity Mistweaver: Windwalker: Discord :
  4. Zahbo

    New Guide up in Monk Section

    Posted a new guide for this season's Shrine/Speed monk. Interesting build for anyone wanting to try out monk's this season in groups.
  5. Zahbo

    Guide: Shrine/Speeds Monk

    There has been some talk this season surrounding an alternate version of a zmonk that is used for speed clears, and for a 3 wiz 1 monk setup. The "shrine" monk seems to be utilized when running in the 80-85 GR range. The premise behind the build is more of a damage buffing setup, as the wizards...
  6. J

    Monk Inna Pet build question

    So I have a monk question - pet build - when I go speed run and want a boon what gem should I drop? I am following the guide on icy-veins ""
  7. Wroctaw

    Zdps monk LF 4s push

    Zdps monk looking to push 4s. Currently pushing 2s (85) Battletag is wroctaw#1954
  8. Bootygoblin

    Bootygoblin's Gen Monk Guide (Group)

    Hey everyone! Please leave a comment and tell me what you think! Thanks! gen monk - YouTube
  9. GhostRogue

    Gen Monk Build

    Anyone have a recommendation for a gen monk build? I normally play Uliana's and go with a cold EP build. Looking for something different for casual play (don't care much about pushing leaderboards or anything like that...just want something competent and fun). Thanks, Ghost
  10. S

    Inna's Monk build for 2.4.3 2.4.3 Monk Inna Build - Season 9
  11. Ballbuster

    Newbie, Advice for a prepubescent Monk

    Hey Everyone! I'm about as fresh as they come, Emrilia actually talked me into D3 and I'm totally digging this game! She was even grateful enough to help me get to level 70 with my Monk/Witch Doctor. So a huge shout out to her, and there was another member who also helped for a while but I...

    Best monk farming build?

    God monk (Rainment), LTK (sunwuko) or 1 punch monk? I'm thinking 1 punch for TX and LTK for T11-13? Hopefully I won't do something like burn up all my mats rolling for one of the 2 last items I need only to find I already had one buried in my stash again!
  13. Vaerosi

    S8 Monk Help?

    I've decided that for S8 I want to play a Monk. Problem is, I haven't played a monk in forever so it will be like I'm playing the class for the first time. The Monk's set this time around is Uliana's so I went looking for a build and found this: Quinsane - Uliana's Exploding Palm GR Solo. It...
  14. K

    Monk GR solo build

    What kind of builds have people been using for Monk solo greater rifting so far? I've had very poor luck so far and I'm looking for suggestions. So far I have used this build Uliana'''s Exploding Palm – GR Solo - Monk - Diablo III Builds - Diablo Fans but honestly I get wrecked. I've got all...
  15. Michlindor

    Group Monk

    Hi all. I am looking for a strong group monk build. Any help would be greatly helpful.
  16. Zyion

    Monk SWK TX Speed 2.4.1

    Hi all, here is a SWK speed TX build. What's it all about? Well it's the same as the LoN build from last season except yes you don't have to farm for all ancient gear which I was not a fan of. This involes SWK with it's newly buffed 6pc. This build is really fun to play and as you build up your...
  17. Zyion

    Season 6 Dashing Strike Monk

    I wanted to use some of the new items for season six and revisit the dashing strike monk. It's a completely different play style. Those from a few season ago will remember similar build. This time it has added damage and defense and you be able to cube frost burn helps with damage and allows...
  18. Zyion

    Season: 74 down on my Monk

    After not playing my monk this season until the past two weeks I picked him up and started to enjoy the class again. I got back on the leader board this morning by downing a 74, rank 905 atm. I will continue to push as the season comes to an end and look forward to playing the monk as my main...
  19. Zyion

    Season 6 Monk TX Speed Build

    Hi all Zyion here I have been testing ptr and working on a speed build as well as a solo grift build and the group meta. It does appear that monk will be an option as a support build once again for the meta. Right now the highest 4 man at 103 on season is Monk, Dh(support) Wiz and WD. However...
  20. Zyion

    Monk TX Build

    Hi all, I have heard that people have been looking for a faster TX build for monks that doesn't require the steep gear requirement of LoN. I have been testing builds and put this one together which I have been using as of late. This season I took a break from monk and did some ADD playing...
  21. Gotama

    Night owl monk lfg

    Hey all. Due to my location (west coast) and work schedule (game store owner with late hours) I am on much later (10PM-2AM PST). I have been able to push gr 75 with a few of you but it doesn't seem like I can get in with groups very often and I find I am falling behind. I update my posting on...
  22. E

    Looking for advice on monk builds

    So right now I am running the Inna's / Travelers & Compose pet build on my monk (because it was the first build in which I collected all the gear for) and I am liking it so far. It seems to be a decent build where I can run 45 greater rifts in under 6 mintues with a decent maps and generally...
  23. dimaktg

    S5 Monk - Tempest Rush + Sweeping Wind Cold Build

    Hey guys, just a quick post while at work. I was running on D3Planner some numbers on a build I created by accident while leveling a seasonal hero on the PTR. The build consists of LoN + Buffs to tempest rush and sweeping wind and was pushing over 100B dps. Sure thats with the 800% increase to...
  24. X

    Monk or no monk

    Hi, I'm always playing a monk. Has anyone switched over from monk to another class and enjoyed it? If so, what was that class?
  25. Vlaru

    Monk PTR 2.4 GR75+ Istvan's Paired Blades Build

    Saw this on Reddit and wondered if ANYONE is trying monk on the PTR yet. This seems viable, though I don't know monks well enough to know what's legit. Consider that this was GR75 finished with 2:16 remaining and was only rank 43 on the PTR. Does this seem viable...