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    Awesome Games Done Quick 2018: Our Favorite Moments

    Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 has concluded. The charity speedrunning event has raised over $2.2 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. That's a new record for GDQ, capping off a week of some of the best in video game speedrunning. There were many memorable moments from throughout the week...
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    Zeldathon Wild: The Best Moments So Far and What to Watch This Weekend

    There's been a charity marathon unfolding over on Twitch. In the excitement for E3, some might have forgotten that it's that time of year for this year's Zeldathon. Zeldathon is the annual playthrough of the Legend of Zelda franchise by a group of Twitch personalities and avid Zelda fans. This...
  3. K

    I put together some moments in time from my time in The Division

    It's a collection of weird things that happened. I've had the clips taking up space on my computer so I thought I'd finally do something with them. Moments in time - YouTube
  4. A

    Fever Clan Funny and Well Played moments

    Hello all, I'm thinking of starting a new project for Fever HotS and it would be something EVERYONE could help with. I'd like to try to start Fever Clan Funny and Well played moments YouTube videos. Its very popular on YouTube and I think it would be awesome to see some funny stuff within your...
  5. SunKenRock

    Share Your HOTS Experience

    Welcome to the Heroes of the Storm sharing thread. Have any funny, awesome or frustrating moments? Put them here Feel like sharing those awesome plays, glitches or even complain those ill teammates? Put them there This means things like videos, gifs, screenshots, all can be dropped here...
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    New Pokemon Generations anime will focus on classic moments from handheld games

    The Pokemon Company has announced a new Pokemon anime miniseries that will take a look back at some of the most notable moments of the previous handheld games, just in time for the upcoming release of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Pokemon Generations will revisit each generation of the Pokemon video...
  7. F

    Show Off Your Best Moments

    Mei Saves the Game Soldier 76 Fun Pharrah Fun Junkrat 5 Streak Updated 6/7/16 Fallen1987 - Genji Highlights ft. 1v1 Genji suicides to his death. - Updated 6/14/16 Junkrat PotG + Legendary vote Updated 6/21/16 Reaper Game Winning Quin kill
  8. Baum

    Funny and Lucky HS Moments

    Good times and great oldies Funny And Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Best Of 2015 - YouTub -Forsen's Unstable Portal Luck -Who am I? JOHN CENA! -Kibler's Aviana/Malygos reaction
  9. Baum

    Nexus Moments #4

    Heroes of the Storm - Nexus Moments #4 - YouTube Top kek right here
  10. F

    Best of Wood rank moments P 1&2
  11. BruC0Ndr

    Share your Fallout 4 stories and moments here :D

    Well... I must be blind or whatsoever but I haven't seen any fallout 4 threads yet here.... Post here random shit you encounter, things you crafted, your funny moments, war stories and let us show how your settlements look! Try to keep down the spoilers and use the code bro. ( [ SPOILER ]...
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    Shack Reels: Top 10 Fallout Moments

    Fallout 4 is getting ready to drop like an A-bomb. As we all hunker down for the impending boom, check out Greg's Top 10 Fallout Moments from Fallout 3 and New Vegas. More...
  13. Troncmaster

    Event: HOTS WTF moments #17
  14. tiltedslim

    HotS WTF Moments 13
  15. Thaumius

    Salty moments

    Post your worst moments playing hearthstone my worst was a class was playing nexus champion saraad and got elemental destruction and blew up my patron board D:
  16. tiltedslim

    HotS WTF Moments Ep.9
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    Five memorable moments from Evo 2014 (and what questions they raise for 2015)

    Is it really that time of year again? Indeed, the Evolution Championship Series tournament begins once more from Las Vegas, NV this weekend. That means the greatest fighting game players in the world (as well as the average Joes hoping to knock them off) will all converge upon the Bally's/Paris...
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    E3 2015: Remembering the best moments of past conferences

    Monday marks the beginning of E3 2015's major press conferences. (Unless, of course, you count Oculus, which had its press conference yesterday.) To help build some anticipation for next week, let's take a look at some of the most memorable press conference moments over the event's history. E3...
  19. C

    Awesome Moments

    What are some of your coolest/most awesome moments that have happened to you in Hearthstone. I love getting that 20+ attack/health minion with my priest, and winning the game in one attack. The moment when i fill up the board with minions then use bloodlust to win with my shaman despite being...
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    Shack Reels: Top 10 OMG/WTF Moments In Gaming

    Video games, just like any other entertainment medium, can tell us a story that has such an unexpected twist, we can’t help but sit in complete disbelief. That’s why Greg decided to highlight some of the most shocking moments he’s ever experienced in video games. A word of...
  21. 0yme0

    Trolden - Funny & Lucky Moments in Hearthstone 95
  22. 0yme0

    Trolden - Funny & Lucky Moments in Hearthstone 94
  23. ZBarZ

    Epic Moments in Anime History.

    [WARNING THIS THREAD WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS] What do you guys think? I'll post a few to start off. I believe this guy presents a good point. I prefer the movie ending version of this, but couldn't find a good one with sub or dub...