1. O

    Make sure to check accounts! -MUST READ!-

    Good Morning Fortnite community this is just a reminder that a lot of accounts have been "leaked" KillerClown/ (Myself) and a few friends have had people access our accounts reminder to check your emails and change password be safe out there and good luck on victory royals! although i could...
  2. P

    OSRS OSRS: Which skill should I do first to make some money?

    I am new to the game and I want to earn some coins now. Do you know which skill is the most profitable one? Thanks in advance!
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    PogoTec's PogoAR Accessory Lets You Make Any Pair of Eyeglasses AR-Ready

    If you're interested in augmented reality, you might be put off by some of the expensive glasses out there required to experience it. But what if you could use any pair of eyeglasses to turn then into AR specs using one simple product? That's what PogoTec, Inc. is looking to do with an...
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    PUBG Map Miramar To Make Xbox One Debut This Week

    PUBG’s desert-themed map, Miramar, was first released to players of the PC version of the game back in December. It was around this same time that the popular battle royale shooter first arrived on the Xbox One Game Preview platform, allowing players to get a taste of the action while the...
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    Watch Bill Nye the Science Guy Make Magic with Nintendo Labo

    Nintendo Labo is upon us today, the whole new way to play with cardboard and your Nintendo Switch. It's gotten enough fanfare on its own as a way to help kids and adults learn a little more about building and playing with their own creations, but what better way to get the word out about the...
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    New Vermintide 2 Patch Is Meant to Make Things Easier For Players

    If you've been playing through Warhammer: Vermintide 2 since its release, you may have found that it's a little too hard for your tastes, and you wouldn't be alone. The sequel to Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, the game is developer Fatshark's latest project, and it's deliciously bloody...
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    How to Make Money Fast in Far Cry 5

    Show me a game with currency and I’ll show you a game where players want to earn it fast. In Far Cry 5, the currency doesn’t have a fancy name, it’s just money, but you’ll need it if you wish to improve your arsenal of weapons, vehicles, aircraft, and helicopters...
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    Ubisoft and Google Cloud Team Up To Make Open Source Game Server Agones

    Online multiplayer can be one of the toughest hurdles to overcome when developing a game. There's more to getting things functioning than just purchasing some server space and letting people go at. For instance, players first get ranked by skill levels, then the game has to create a server...
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    How to Make Money | Zenny Fast in Monster Hunter World

    A lot of your time in Monster Hunter: World is spent trying to farm rare crafting materials from specific monsters, allowing you to build armor and weapons. Along the way you’re bound to earn some money (Zenny in Monster Hunter: World), but it’s often not enough. I was just charged...
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    Game Trader: 4 Ways For Nintendo To Make Their Stock More Shareholder Friendly

    Nintendo's stock has been on a great run since the bottoming out in 2015 after three years of financial troubles. The company's Nintendo Switch hybrid console has taken the gaming world by storm, winning countless awards last year, and has the Big N back in the driver's seat. Sadly, there are...
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    Make War Not Love's 5th Edition Includes Two Free Games, Up to 75% Off Featured Titles

    If you've got some extra time to burn on this Valentine's Day and the days after, get your tactical juices flowing with the 5th annual Make War Not Love event from SEGA. The event celebrates the holiday with discounts on various strategy games from the publisher and participants will also...
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    De Blob Set To Make Nintendo Switch Debut This Year

    One of the more surprising titles to land on the Nintendo Wii was de Blob, a cutesy and family-friendly platforming title from the team over at THQ Nordic that first released back in 2008. It wasn't a breakout success by any means, but that didn't stop the game from earning impressive acclaim...
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    Nintendo Labo's Toy-Con Garage Will Let Players Make Their Own DIY Projects

    When Nintendo revealed their new maker-focused product, the Nintendo Labo it was unclear if there would be any products beyond the initial offering of robot-punching backpacks and cardboard pianos. Now it would appear that the company has plans for the Labo software beyond the first wave of Labo...
  14. K

    Think you're good at Hearthstone? make money for winning!

    Greetings fellow Hearthstone players! While I'm not the greatest at playing, I know some of you are. I just lucked into the Rumblemonkey Beta, which lets you place antes on your games with other Rumblemonkey players. If this is something you'd be interested in, you can use this invite code to...
  15. BruC0Ndr

    Event: Overwatch Scrim finder is here, let's make a Fever team for fun scrims against other teams! Here's our team, join and we'll set scrims and what not Overwatch CC/ XO's I'll give you admin. This is how it works: 1 Assemble your squad and choose a time to play. 2 We analyze your team's stats, look for a challenging opponent, and let you know once we've found a...
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    Destiny 2 - How to Make Ikora Rey Stop Blinking

    Destiny 2 received a nice little quality of life change with Update where Vendors would stop blinking (their way of requesting you to come visit them) unless you had enough tokens to level them up. For the most part, this works, Vendors will no longer blink if you’re simply holding...
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    Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and 2 Make Epic Bounce Back on GOG

    Rejoice, Shacknews! Cliff Bleszinski's Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and 2 are now available to purchase on GOG just posted the news to their social media channels. This is it... This is Epic! Jazz is back, now great on your PC | #JazzJackrabbit | @EpicGames...
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    Bungie December Updates Hope to Make State of Destiny 2 Great Again

    Activision and Bungie have been under a microscope lately due to missteps with Destiny, so much so that they canceled their planned Curse of Osiris live stream so that they could official address community concerns. One of those concerns is the XP-scaling issues, which is also addressed in the...
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    Palmer Luckey Aims to Make America Safe Again with Anduril AR/VR Defense Company

    Everyone's favorite VR wunderkind Palmer Luckey made some news this weekend on social media as he announced that his new AR/VR defense company, Anduril Industries, is now hiring. Here is some more info about Anduril Industries: WHY In many ways, we are living in the future...
  20. osocoolguy25

    Officially back and looking for a competitive 5 man roster to make a team

    now that i have the time, i'm looking to form a new overwatch competitive team. preferably diamond or higher in this seasons placement.
  21. Stereo

    Are we going to make a Blizzard group?

    Since the new group function is now in the beta stages of the app I was wondering if we were going to create a Fever group there as well. I figure it helps keep everyone more connected. Something to think about.
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    Google Teams With Nest To Make Your Smart Home More Dynamic

    The Google Home platform looks like a perfect match for Nest's series of smart home products and the newly announced partnership is yielding some interesting new features. Familiar Faces program will be powered by Google Assistant and tell you exactly who is ringing your Nest doorbell. If it...
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    Apple Has One Chance to Make a First Impression at Steve Jobs Theater on September 12

    Apple Inc. finally sent out press invitations to a special presentation to be held on September 12. The invite simply reads, “Let’s meet at our place. Please join us for the first-ever event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino." This confirms suspicions that Apple will hold its...
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    HTC Could Make VR Division Spinoff A Virtual Reality

    HTC's market value has dropped in the last five years largely due to a slip in their smartphone market share and they've brought on a strategic advisor to discuss pros and cons of a few scenarios. A couple of the options include selling the company entirely or spinning off its VR division. This...
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    WNBA To Make Videogame Debut in NBA Live 18

    EA Sports announced today that its upcoming NBA Live 2018 will feature all the players and 12 teams from the WNBA. This will mark the videogame debut for the league that started play 20 years ago. The WNBA’s inclusion in the Live series follows the addition of women’s teams in...