1. News Bot

    Super Mario Run launches Load of Coins event

    If you like playing Toad Rally in Super Mario Run, you now have a chance to win more coins. Nintendo has launched its Load of Coins event for the game, which will grant players who use a Rally Ticket and win Toad Rally matches 1.5 times the number of coins they would usually get. Thenumber of...
  2. Tankbankz

    Swag load outs through Humble Bundle

    humblebundle.com/gamepedia_bundle Not bad for $12
  3. News Bot

    Just Cause 3 patch available on PC, PS4, Xbox One; 'significantly improves' load times

    Square Enix has released the first patch for Just Cause 3 after saying it would take a little bit of time to publish a patch for the open-world action game. Patch 1.02 offers a number of improvements, which includes significantly improved loading times, online stats optimizations, and general...
  4. News Bot

    Jagex digs in and details Block N Load

    Jagex is best known for its popular MMO, RuneScape, and its more recent Transformers Universe online game. Now the studio is beta testing its latest online offering, Block N Load, which features a team of cartoon characters at war with each other on a battlefield that players design. David...
  5. Cogrum

    Explosive Shot and Lock and Load

    So here's an old post I was looking for as to whether to stagger Explosive Shots or just shoot them all at once. Enjoy Hunters. Explosive Shot in MoP Cannot be Clipped | Warcraft Hunters Union Still relevant fyi.
  6. W

    My Corpus synapse load out

    My Corpus fast kill build, note point strike only req 3 point level to make 100% crit. :eagerness:
  7. News Bot

    Final Fantasy 14 digital sales suspended to ease server load

    Following server troubles, Square Enix has decided to temporarily suspend new digital sales of Final Fantasy 14. Citing an "overwhelmingly positive response," the company conceded that the number of users has made for "extremely long wait times," necessitating the move. More...
  8. FlyingApples

    Game Won't Load

    Anyone help me with trying to fix my game? ^^ I launch the game vai origin and it don't work, battle logs opens in browser and i try to ''quick match'' but it just don't do anything else I've uninstalled and re installed, didn't work - repair install also didn't work Anyone got any...
  9. solomon

    Resolved: Website, Y U LOAD SLOW?

    I was curious whether it was just me or not. Everything loads normally (i.e. e-mail, facebook, etc.) except for lately our website has been loading exceedingly slow for me, whether it's loading a thread, loading my profile, etc. Is there some sort of problem going on or am I just extremely...
  10. Gsworld

    Closed: won't load chat

    I cleared my Cache, deleted Cookie earlier today but ever since then i have been able to get into chat since that point.
  11. C

    Really long load time?

    Does it take everyone else a long time for this game to load? I mean the lading screen after the screen where it says waiting for character creation.