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    Preview: Lord Of The Rings Living Card Game Goes Digital

    It would be hard for anyone to argue against the significant impact that J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series has had on the world of fantasy gaming. Whether you’re talking Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, or anything in-between featuring an elf or a wizard, the cultural...
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    Guild Wars 2 Living World Arc Sees 'Daybreak' Today

    The story of Guild Wars 2 continues to unfold. ArenaNet ushered in the fourth season of the game's Living World arc on Tuesday morning, introducing new elements while continuing where the last season left off. Tyria's fate hangs in the balance as a confrontation with the Elder Dragons remains on...
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    Cats & Dogs Living Together in The Sim 4 Update Available Now

    Today, EA announced that The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack is available worldwide on PC and Mac, and that The Sims 4 will release on Xbox One and PlayStation® 4 consoles on November 17. You need to already own The Sims 4 to create your own furry friends. Please take a look at the brand...
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    New Sims 4 Expansion Promotes Dogs & Cats Living Together! Mass Hysteria Ensues

    At a Gamescom event held today in Cologne, Germany, Electronic Arts and Maxis announced the Cats & Dogs expansion for The Sims 4. You should be able to find it in stores and online starting November 10, 2017, with an MSRP that apparently has yet to be determined. As the pack’s title...
  5. SpeedYz

    Living World Season 3

    I Am attempting my best to try to get back into the loop in Guild Wars 2 as they've just introduced Legendary Armor. I will running through the Current chapters of Living World Season 3 if anybody would like to tag along.
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    Outlast 2 Walkthrough Guide: Living Through the Nightmare

    Outlast 2, the anticipated sequel to survival horror game Outlast from Red Barrels Studio, is finally out on shelves. Players can now become cameraman Blake Langermann and explore Arizona desert after a helicopter crash. The desert takes on a new horror of its own as the crash has alerted a...
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    Stereo Labs' Linq headset uses mixed reality to spawn monsters in your living room

    Stereo Labs has released a development kit for a headset called Linq that blends augmented reality (AR) and VR to populate real-life spaces with monsters and other videogame trappings (via UploadVR). Along with a demonstration video, Stereo Labs published an explanation for how the headset...
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    Travel the Globe From Your Living Room With Google Earth VR

    Google has been working on their virtual whole-Earth model for more than ten years. Although it was impressive through a monitor, Google's latest update to the platform takes it to a whole new level. The entirety of Google Earth can now be experienced in VR. That means the entire planet is yours...
  9. D

    Event: Living Season 2

    I was wondering if anyone wanted in on sharing Living World Season 2, rewards included mastery points for Tyria Masteries, Ascended items (completion of master achieve) and more storyline. Let me know, I have it already so you don't need to purchase it when sharing. :)
  10. Kusk

    Living Season 3 - Out of the Shadows is live! *WARNING SPOILERS*

    Spoilers ahead if you have not completed the Heart of Thrones story! Fair warning! So the long awaited Living Season 3 is now live! It picks up the story right after the death of Mordremoth...
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    Pokemon Go players living in rural areas need more gyms and PokeStops

    Pokémon Go players living in rural areas are feeling left out of the poke-fun. Thousands of players converging in areas populated and bizarre, but those away from cities are having trouble finding Gyms and PokeStops to progress. According to a report published on GameSpot, Reddit user...
  12. Gyorn

    Living in online cafes? Oh yeah

    Yeah... Chinese woman, presumed dead, found living in Internet cafes for 10 years Woman gives birth in cafe, resumes online game
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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided designer talks new augments and a world living in fear of enhanced humans

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is set to continue Adam Jensen's story and venture into a far more dangerous world than the last one. That's saying an awful lot, considering what was trying to kill him in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but Eidos Montreal designer Antoine Thisdale explains it succinctly...
  14. Booyah

    In Progress: Maverick's Kael'thas Living Bomb Build

    Welcome to Maverick's Guide to Living Bomb Kael'thas I. Table of Contents II. Introduction III. Pros and Cons IV. Hero Overview V. Talent Order VI. GamePlay VII. Allies and Enemies VIII. Outro II. Introduction Kael is currently one of my Favorite heroes by far, and...
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    Guild Wars 2 concludes its Living World Season 2 with the 'Point of No Return'

    Guild Wars 2 is bringing the second season of its Living World arc to a close. Today, NCSoft and Arenanet launched the season's final episode, titled "Point of No Return." As one might imagine, everything comes to a head, with the Pact Fleet continuing towards a climactic battle with the Elder...
  16. FlutterShy

    Video: Five Nights at Freddy's Song by the Living Tombstone [PMV]
  17. TheMentaL

    Living the Archeage Dream !!!

    American dream is slowlie falling appart so i would like to see ppl finding their Archeage Dream in this fantastic game here is something i met from some Ru Hackarz :P They do live my dream :P
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    Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Review: Living with Determination

    The Persona series has been Atlus’ crown jewel for several years, as Persona 3 and Persona 4 impressed JRPG fans with their gripping storylines, complex Persona fusions, unique settings, and interesting character developments. As a fan, I was ecstatic at the idea behind Persona Q: Shadow...
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    PlanetSide 2 update begins Nanite of the Living Dead event

    Now that October is here, the time has come for games to begin preparing for Halloween. Among the games set to celebrate the upcoming holiday is PlanetSide 2, with Sony Online Entertainment revealing details for the game's new Nanite of the Living Dead event. Auraxis is currently infested with...
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    Guild Wars 2's Living World arc begins Season 2 on July 1

    ArenaNet is preparing to launch the second season of Guild Wars 2's Living World story arc. The studio announced that the first chapter would begin on July 1 and would add a new "Living World Journal" to help users track their own progress through each episode. More...
  21. trevino

    Living Story Season 2 begins July 1st! PLENTY of time to get ready, level your characters, and even finish up Festival of The Four Winds. Festival of The Four Winds will last until that date. So you have enough time to get the achievements, skins, anything you need finished.
  22. lqube

    Living with Lag

    Too funny... Living With Lag: If Our Vision Lagged Like The Internet | Geekologie
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    'If Rayman is a cartoon,' Child of Light is 'a living painting'

    Child of Light, Ubisoft's JRPG-inspired adventure is due April 30. While we've already ranted on the game's visuals, it's undeniable that the graphics do make for a large part of the game's appeal.Running on UbiArt, the same engine that powered the gorgeous Rayman games, creative director...
  24. Unidentified

    A day living at my house

    So recently my step mom has bought a wireless router and she never gave me the password(I was on a LAN). So I found it myself by using "Offensive Security" and then today during my SMITE match she put parental control on which needed a password to bypass. I know the password and bypassed it. She...
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    Guild Wars 2 trailer signals end to Living World arc

    ArenaNet has been tireless in its efforts to bring bi-weekly updates to Guild Wars 2, with each one slowly moving the game's storyline forward. That story is about to come to a head, as a new trailer recaps the surprisingly-complex narrative up to this point, before revealing that the end of the...