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    Live Patch Notes - July 10, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes – July 10, 2018 - Heroes of the Storm
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    Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness DLC Goes Live In Early June

    Far Cry 5 is the fastest selling entry in the franchise's history, but the ride is only just beginning. The season pass and upcoming content were shared before Far Cry 5's launch, but now we're getting a better idea of how the DLC will be rolling out. Far Cry 3 classic edition drops on May 29...
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    WW2 Setting Confirmed In Battlefield 5 Live Reveal

    The Battlefield 5 live reveal is going down today and, right out of the gate, Trevor Noah and the development team at DICE confirm that the game's setting is WW2. Tune into the Battlefield 5 live stream to catch all the details for the upcoming shooter. Stay tuned to Shacknews for a full...
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    How To Watch Battlefield 5 Live Reveal

    Today, EA and Dice are revealing the fifth major entry in the Battlefield series. Battlefield 5 is rumored to take the series back to World War II, essentially serving as a safe setting following Battlefield 1's WW1 setting. Below you'll find the stream so you can watch along with the Shacknews...
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Live Stream Reveal Time and Date

    Players who have been hotly anticipating the latest Call of Duty game will be stoked to hear that Activision and Treyarch are finally ready to reveal their latest FPS experience. The crew is soon to take to the stage live at the Jet Center in Los Angeles for formal a livestream reveal of Call of...
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    Saturday Night Live Comes to Twitch For 16-Hour Digital Marathon

    You already hit up Twitch for gaming, cooking, art streams, and other fun stuff. Now you can add comedy to that list, as Twitch and NBC have announced its first-ever digital marathon of new and old Saturday Night Live sketches. There's a chunk of 16 hours of SNL's all-time popular sketches...
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    Dead Cells's 7th Update Live, Establishing Lore Is The Last Step Before Launch

    Dead Cells made an appearance on our Best Early Access Game of 2017 coverage and is full-speed-ahead toward officially launching. The seventh update is a significant step toward launch and the game's producer has revealed what the final step looks like. “With the seventh update rolling out...
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    Xbox Live Gold Members Can Jump into For Honor, XCOM 2, and Just Cause 3 For Free This Weekend

    Need something to play this weekend? If you're an Xbox Live Gold member, there's an abundance of fun stuff to play for free coming up. You can choose from For Honor, XCOM 2, and Just Cause 3 to download and play for free for a limited time, then buy at a deep discount, just in case you decide...
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    PUBG PC 1.0 Update #12 Includes Map Selection, a New Car & More Live Now

    Jonesing for more updates to PUBG on PC? Your wish has been granted! The PC 1.0 Update #12 is now live for PC players on test servers. With it comes a slew of bug fixes, improvements to desert map Miramar, and a ton of weapon balance changes for the stat nerd in you to pore over. There's a ton...
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    Dual Universe Live Demo Gameplay Impressions

    A couple weeks ago, I got an opportunity to see Dual Universe in action with a live, hands-off demo. The sci-fi sandbox game has a lot of incredibly ambitious ideas that the development team wants to layer atop a single-shard game, with every player shaping one massive shared universe. I've been...
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    Xbox Live's Deals with Gold Live Now With Indies Like Celeste and Firewatch

    Money burning a hole in your pocket? Check out this week's Xbox Live Deals with Gold, which have gone live with several excellent items on sale. You've got a few more days -- specifically, until about 6 AM ET on Tuesday -- to grab these tasty gaming morsels, so if you see something that strikes...
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    New Microsoft and Discord Collaboration Connects Xbox Live Users Across Both Platforms

    Still jumping around from Xbox Live to Discord while you're playing games? Microsoft wants to put an end to all that with a new collaboration between Xbox and Discord coming soon. As both companies come together to offer another option for players to keep the lines of communication open, you'll...
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    Cartoony Roguelike The Swords of Ditto is Out Now, Long Live Your Swords

    Developer onebitbeyond and publisher Devolver Digital have released their friendly-looking and absolutely adorable roguelike The Swords of Ditto, and a Saturday morning cartoon-esque launch trailer to go with it. It's out today on PC an PlayStation 4, and if you're even the least bit intrigued...
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    Get Lit For the Shacknews 420 Stream Live on Twitch

    In celebration of April 20, we would like to invite you to join Shacknews for a special live Twitch stream beginning at 4:20PM Eastern on the official Shacknews Twitch Channel. Join The Wolf as he builds the greatest weed cultivation empire the world has ever seen (or at least as big as Anno...
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    Off the Hook Performs Live Concert at Splatoon European Championship

    Pearl and Marina are the duo that makes up Splatoon 2's all-girl band Off the Hook. They have been immortalized in Amiibo form, but we have only been able to witness them rocking out on YouTube or in game. That is until Off the Hook made a surprise live appearance at the Splatoon European...
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    Hearthstone: The Witchwood is Live, Get 3 Free Card Packs for Logging In

    Hearthstone's new expansion, The Witchwood, is now live. This expansion contains 135 new cards and feature new mechanics, like keywords Echo and Rush. The Witchwood also marks the beginning of the Year of the Raven. For Standard players, this not only means there's a new expansion out there, but...
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    Live notes for 11 April 2018

    Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes – April 11, 2018
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    How to Complete Arcade Dawn Far Cry 5 Live Event Challenge

    Ubisoft has many interesting plans in store to keep Far Cry 5 players busy, and the latest live event to hit the game is now underway. Following last week's Well Done challenge, where players were tasked with setting animals alight without the use of flamethrowers or molotov cocktails, this...
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    District 9 Director Neill Blomkamp's Oats Studios to Stream Five Short Films Live on Twitch

    Neill Blomkamp, the director of District 9, Chappie, and Elysium, and Oats Studios will be livestreaming five of their indie short films on Wednesday, April 11 at 11 AM PDT on Twitch. Each film stream will be followed by a question and answer session with Blomkamp, VFX Supervisor Chris Harvey...
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    Shacklemania!!! 2018 WWE Live Stream

    The official, annual Shackmania!!! wrestling event is going down live on Twitch right now. Tune in as the Shack staff and Shackers all fight for the chance to take on Ozzie Mejia for the Shackmania!!! title! Watch live video from Shacknews on More...
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    Far Cry 5 Live Event Times, Dates, and Well Done Rewards

    Ubisoft's open-world adventure Far Cry 5 has been garnering a lot of attention over the past week, and to keep the fun alive, the development team is currently hosting a selection of various Far Cry 5 live events including the current Well Done challenge. More than just a reason to tune in to...
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    Kickstarter For PhotoBloom AR's Magical Photos Is Live

    During SXSW 2018, I came across an intriguing new platform called PhotoBloom AR. Using an augmented reality application on a mobile device, users can look at pictures created using special paper and ink and watch them come to life like a scene straight out of Harry Potter. SXSW was a chance to...
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    HTC Announces Vive Pro VR HMD Price and Release Date, Preorders Live

    HTC unleashed its Vive VR headset system onto the market back in April of 2016 and, along with the Oculus Rift, provided the world’s first taste of serious virtual reality immersion. Other implementations of VR had been popping up since the mid-1990s, but the spring of 2016 is when the...
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    Deviljho DLC Release Date Revealed in Monster Hunter World Live Stream

    Monster Hunter World has been a tremendous success for Capcom so far, and the team is keeping the good vibes alive by giving the game frequent updates with new content and special freebies. We've already seen several new characters introduced into the game, but the latest update slated to...