1. Idolator

    Useful Links

    Here is a list of useful links related to Destiny 2. Feel free to reply with your own links and I will add them to the list if they are relevant. Websites Destiny Item Manager - Move items to/from inventory/vault Destiny Sets - All the items in the game, so you can check what you are missing...
  2. R

    Useful links

    Ranked FTW - StarCraft II Ladder Rankings this will let you see how you and other people have performed over a long period of time. This will let you see who your oppenent was if he was a barcode + other information that may be useful
  3. News Bot

    YouTube Requires Monetization To Include Patreon Links

    The relationship between the various platforms content creators use is a fickle thing. YouTube has muddied the waters ever so slightly with a new update that requires creators to activate YouTube's monetization system in order to add a link to Patreon within a video. Reported by Waypoint...
  4. G

    Pending: Broken Links on New Posts Page

    When I try to access any new posts through the New Post link (right under Home), none of the links work. I can access the posts normally through the Forum link and navigating to specific forums.
  5. Druhillion

    Pending: Main "New Posts" forum search links do not go to post

    Not sure if this is a known issue or not but when I click on the, "New Posts" link when in the forum section: which brings me to the results list and I click on any of the main list links, whether I click on the small green box with the 2 down arrows (red arrow) or the text of the link...
  6. Doiri

    Fortnite Helpful Links

    Fortnite Social Media Fortnite Website Fortnite Twitter Fortnite Twitch Fortnite Facebook Fortnite Youtube Fortnite Reddit Fortnite Instagram Fortnite Help/Knowledge Fortnite Forums - Not Yet Available Alpha Players only Fortnite News Fortnite FAQ Fortnite Player Support...
  7. Thundernut

    Useful links for humans

    The most important link you will need and the source for most if not all of the information I will give you. The stuff on here has been developed over years by players in urban dead. Use it as your bible. WIKI. This is a map of the suburbs. A must have if you want to navigate. MAP Revive...
  8. Toph

    Huge Beginner Links Archive!

    Hey everyone! With many new players still joining this game, I have decided to create a list of links that may be helpful to new players! This list will be updated quite often, so be sure to check back every now and then! General Tips Tips from a Master Tips for a Beginner Many Tips for...
  9. hregiment

    Navigating the Fever Clan links

    Is there a tutorial available to help a person learn the intricacies of the Fever Clan Web page? I keep learning more, but I would like to use a grain shovel instead of a teaspoon.
  10. sparkis

    Resolved: Problem with posting links

    Is there a limit restricting how many links you can post in a thread? I tried putting up a post with 7 links and it keeps coming up with some error that looks similar to when the forums goes down.
  11. sparkis

    Resolved: No autonaming of links after first one

    Hi. Don't know if this has already been reported but I couldn't find any info on it. However, as per title, when you post multiple links at once, it seems to only auto-name the first link only, like so:
  12. Flux

    Resolved: Links at Bottom of Page

    So I was looking for squad information and saw the link at the bottom of the page. It appears to go no where as well as these links Fever Gaming Fever Squads News Also the Reddit link takes you to the old Xfire community of which no longer exists. Edit: For Clarification I am...
  13. Idolator

    Useful Links List

    This is a work in progress, so if you know of useful links, streamers or channels please let me know (either in a PM or just in a comment bellow) and I will get it added to the list. Links: BDO Foundry Here you can find a whole bunch of things ... a world map, guides, recipes, list of...
  14. Ludiqress Kill

    Resolved: Server Error 500

    Whenever I try to post any post i get this error. Please Fix your servers Fever. Here's a link I found that could help.
  15. S

    Season 5 Links

    From Reddit, Thunderclaww posted a Season 5 Megathread with some guides to new builds for Crusader, WD, and DH, a quick gearing guide, and some other info. The other classes should be up soon hopefully, and there's more info and links to videos in the comments as well.
  16. News Bot

    E3 2015: Zelda: Triforce Heroes hands-on: wee three Links

    The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes is a hodge-podge of different elements from the series--a sort of "every part of the buffalo" approach to game design. The easy analog is to Four Swords Adventures, the four-player cooperative game with multicolored Links running around the battlefield and...
  17. Gyorn

    Resolved: Links redirecting to main page?

    I couldn't find anything about that here, so... I'm writing an overview for ENBs in Skyrim. Therefore I want to insert links to the respective file sites on the Skyrimnexus. I thought I could copy the most of the links from my description site on the nexus but apparently not. Here you can see...
  18. D

    Links to Improve in Starcraft 2

    I am about to cite a sea of knowledge for you guys out there. (Most of this stuff is from bw, the harder starcraft) it'll take two hours at the most to read everything, and several hours to watch everything. Just a note. I was thinking of posting it in the coaching section but this is mainly...
  19. D

    Movie: Oscars Live Streaming Links

    This is one of the few that I found that work: Dedicated Server Hosting | VPS | Domains | Webhosting | Private Racks by LeaseWeb *WARNING* During the TV commercials, a random body builder (presumably the guy streaming the oscars) shows up and starts dancing to Latin music. Could be NSFW. So...
  20. toki

    Info, Links, & City of Harran Newsfeed

    Game site: Game Info • Dying Light City of Harran Newsfeed (Maps, Info, Etc.): Game Info • Dying Light 4 days left to Pre-Order for In-Game item: Pre-purchase Dying Light on Steam
  21. Ralpin

    Important links

    This will be for important links that we need for the game there is a lot of information so this will be a good place for it not to get lost :D Myth-Weavers - Powered by vBulletin Pathfinder_OGC DethRage add any that i missed please
  22. J

    Important Links for Add-Ons that may help you in the game

    Here are some links and downloads for some custom ingame helpers: Custom In-Game Reticle Is to be placed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules\Napoleonic Wars\Textures Link:
  23. 0yme0

    Osu! Subforum Useful Links

    As Osu! is a game where you are constantly trying to progress your skill both mechanical and mental, I feel that a thread full of useful links would be proper for the game. Links: Osu! Website Base area of Osu! Osu! FAQ Any...
  24. Bogo

    Changed Forum Links for ease of use

    Changed the links for when you click on the following forum directories from the main forum page. Dota 2, Smite, Infinite Crisis, League of Legends, Dawngate, Strife, StarCraft 2, Tournaments, Fever Game night, anime club, and the Coaching Department. Hopefully this will make it easier for...
  25. Z

    Useful links and levelling Advice

    Hello, Here are some useful information I found on the internet, dah.. Hope it will be useful to others Hunting log This guide will show where is what in the hunting log. The guide is good for class and GC logs If you want to find your catch on your own, I would suggest not to click on...