1. P

    EU LF People To Play With

    Hey guys :D I'm new here and I would love to have a team. I'm gold level at the moment. I used to be diamond then plat then gold :D I quit the game for a while and when i came back everyone was incredibly better. If you wanna play add me.
  2. Whistler

    Returning Horde Mage LF Groups.

    Hey All, Decided to pick up WOW again. Returning mage Ilvl 885-889 (depends what Spec I play) LF. Arenas, RBGS, Mythics ETC. would be awesome to get to know some Fever folks while doing these. If you are interested hit him up on Here, Discord(Whistler#4964) Bnet(Whistler#11627) Looking...
  3. S

    NA LF Divinity Original Sin 2 Group

    lf group for Divinity Original Sin 2 - 4 people total myself included Have to be willing to potentially have your voice on stream Be willing to work as a team Will work out timezone issues and maybe schedule certain times to play, kind of like a DND campaign. Own the game. Can message...
  4. aNger

    Fortnite | Late Night God Squad | LF NA | 18+ | Playing for the W | Squads Members

    Currently Looking for some more individuals on around 11pm CST - 4am CST several nights a week. I already have several team members available different nights so there will always be a team or two available for everyone. Just need to get us all on a list in one place with our availability...
  5. A

    LF for people to play competitive

    Dps main and able to flex to supports and roadhog/winston for tanks Around mid gold 2200-2300 sr AcroBlaze#1282
  6. V

    NA LF a Tank and/or Support main

    Just hit level 25, and am planning on doing placements. My MMR is putting me against golds through low diamond player. LF duo or trio Q. Mains are Tracer & S76. If you'd like to check out my gameplay before agreeing, you can see some highlights at VelohBlack (@VelohBlack) | Twitter and full...
  7. E

    LF Zbarb for regular Group

    Zahbo, U_Mage, and I are looking for a reliable zbarb to run with us on Sunday and Tuesday evening for a couple of hours. We are a laid back casual group, but we are pushing into the 90's so we need someone that can come regularly and is willing to learn to play the class properly. If you...
  8. E

    LF ZBarb for a regular meta group l.

    Hello all- My group is looking for a ZBarb to do greater rift pushing. This is going to be a pretty causal group only playing twice a week for three hours each week. That being said, I am looking for someone that does research for their class, stays current on the build, and commit to...
  9. Salty

    Demon Hunter LF leveling group for Season 11 launch!

    I will be maining an Impale DH for S11 again. I will be on and streaming the launch event on the 20th. I am looking for a solid and experienced group who wants to hit 70 as soon as humanly possible and farm from there. I am also looking for a group to push high GRs with, as I will fill the...
  10. K


    Hello fellow players I am planning of making a brand new guild in World Of Warcraft for Fever members from the European zone . But before I do this I need to ask permission to do this. Now I woud like to start the guild off as a social adventure guild. by Doing raids Dungeons PVP...
  11. Whistler

    LF Zerg Coach

    Hi, As the title says it Im looking for a Zerg coach. I have gotten into a pretty big slump lately, more so have hit a wall. Im loosing majority of my games to early aggression where I dont have enough army. Ive been focusing on getting my bases saturated but having trouble finding that...
  12. Baum

    LF EU Game Night Host for Saturdays or Sundays

    Hey Fever HotS EU, I am looking for someone interested in hosting an EU event on the weekend. I really want to prioritize events and activity for our EU friends and from the feedback I have gotten from EU members this is a good time it seems. Juugo already hosts the first Sat of the month but...
  13. Wroctaw

    Zdps monk LF 4s push

    Zdps monk looking to push 4s. Currently pushing 2s (85) Battletag is wroctaw#1954
  14. Bootygoblin

    LF dedicated 4th

    Hey guys the new season is about to start, and Artega, Nagrom, and I are looking for a dedicated 4th man to play with our group. We need a response by the end of tomorrow or early morning friday! We are looking for someone who is experienced in seasons and can play a dps or zbarb! We will accept...
  15. Wroctaw

    Lf s10 group

    So looking for a group to speed level at the start of s10. I'd what I'll play yet.
  16. Bootygoblin

    LF 4th man

    Hello guys! It's dabootygoblin, and Artega and I came to the conclusion that we would really like to do well in this next coming season. This being said we would have to form a solid 4 man group in order to push our limits as players. Nagrom has said he would be willing to play with us giving us...
  17. Paranoia Origins

    NA LF > People my Lv To Play Nomral * Draft 5v5 ( I Want to Find a Perm. Team )

    My Quote: 1st Off Reason: why i hate playing with randoms period! (threaten to get people to hack (my) IP, raged, had friend on the other team so they worked together and fed every lane "not on my team btw" so we lost every lane cause of this d**k) 2nd Reason: I'm a "TEAM-PLAYER"...
  18. Paranoia Origins

    NA LF a Coach for Support, ADC, and maybe Mid

    Looking for a league coach to help me improve my game play, and to be patient and understanding as I have a few ingrained habits I am sure I will need to break and have many questions as i am being coached. Support Coatch (no.1) , ADC & Mid Lane Coach? (not till i have champ for those roles)...
  19. Paranoia Origins

    Resolved: LF Someone Who Can Be my Video Editor 4-My YouTube Channel

    I got 1 week of free trail left for adobe premiere, after effects, and video encoder even photoshop. I've always tried reaching out in this community in hopes that someone is willing to. Also another reason i need one is becaues youtube team will think about letting me apart of their team if...
  20. stigmaoftherose

    LF ranked 3v3 duo

    as the title says I'm usually on after midnight est every day and am in the ts randomly thought the day most days just poke me if im in my private room
  21. N

    NA LF Duo pref Adc or Team

    Hello everyone I'm Nubbs, IGN: Nubys. I main Support, top three are Thresh, Zyra, and Janna but I can play almost anyone except Sona and Soraka. I'm currently Gold V gaining 23+ LP per win and losing 13-16LP. 550k mastery points on Thresh and over 400+ games. Currently with a 56% WR on Thresh...
  22. Paranoia Origins

    LF Someone who can be my Video Editor for my YouTube Gaming Channel

    Thanks for taking the time to look at my post hope i can find help :P My YouTube Channel atm i do have my own channel been working it for a while made my own banners and logos etc and so on, and i've been going around seeing if anyone can edit my videos for me untill i can get better...
  23. K

    LF people to play with!

    Hey there, I'm new to DotA but have played many MOBA matches and am just looking for people to play with while I'm adapting to the game. I've played a lot of Heroes of Newerth in the past so hoping I can pick things up quickly. Add me on Steam: Keygiwawah
  24. S

    LF DUO or Team

    As the title says, looking for someone around bronze to gold ranked to play ranked with. I main adc, but can play any role. IGN: RealmsEnd
  25. Ballbuster

    LF a Paragon Recruiter

    Hi everyone, let me first say hello. I'm BallBuster and the MOBA Coordinator for Fever. I'm currently in the process of reworking our recruitment threads and Paragon is in the works this weekend. If anyone is interested in helping me recruit simply by bumping a thread we have, it would be...