1. R

    Fortnite Leauge Scrim Team

    Would anyone be interested in a Fever Fortnite Scrim/League Team? I have found a Discord that host Leagues for Fortnite teams you play a game take a screenshot when you die and post it as proof [2 players per team must provided screenshots]. I am looking for 2 more players to represent Fever...
  2. A

    Team Leauge group

    Murphy, Genesis and I are looking for a few players that would be interested in doing a casual team league group. Let me know if you guys are interested, we are on almost every night. Battletags: Arimil#1551 Murphy#1126 Genesis#11156 Edit: Yes I know I miss-spelled League in the title but it...
  3. Spectre

    League of Legends Jobs!

    Hey everyone. We are looking for people who would be willing to game nights, recruiting, and coaching! If you are interested in hosting game nights or other events and coaching, please contact me or Shiva If your interested in joining the recruiting team please look at this thread...
  4. MrCruz

    Fever Hearthstone Leauge NA #1

    Format: Conquest Best of 5 All matches will be best-of-5. The first player to win 3 games within the match is considered the winner of the match and advances. Each player must submit decklists from three unique classes prior to each stage of the event. Players may submit new decks prior to each...
  5. MrCruz

    Fever Hearthstone Leauge Format Vote !

    As the title says. Voice your opinion about wich format you think we should use. The comments WE HAVE TO isnt an option. The format with the most vote will be used in the Fever Hearthstone Leauge. P.S FHL will be hosted on american server soo if your not planing to play in it do not vote...
  6. Daddy

    Fever DotA Leauge - SIGN UPS!

    The sign ups have officially started! Use the following form to sign up: League Sign Up What is the Fever DotA League? You can read about it Here , or open "DotA League" below. Sign-ups https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ILIoN8vO8tuiysto9ZctbbKyasgjEl2Q_gTghD11zI4/viewform What is Fever...
  7. S

    Miscellaneous: Rocket leauge Tournament

    Hello everyone I'm going to host a Rocket league tournament this weekend It's going to be double teams so each time will have 2 members The winner team will get 10 $ for each player It's going to be a Double Elimination Tournament so each team will have two chances of Wining , after...
  8. TurtleStrong

    Playing leauge and getting....

    A tattoo.... of ThomMerlin. On my left butt cheek.
  9. Croatoan

    CS:GO Pro Leauge Giveaway

    Hey guys, was watching finals today and saw this giveaway, you can follow the like to enter yourself and give me a few extra entries. Raffle
  10. Costakilla

    Leauge of Legends Rank team

    Hi guys. My name is XpertThief an im trying to either join a ranked team or make one. If u have ay suggestions or u are wanting to play with me then pm me or message me on here i am on teamspeak everyday and i love to play leauge. My in game username is Costakilla18. I am a silver V (Just got...