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  1. Ballbuster

    Event: NA League Game Night Friday 3/20!

    League Game Night When = Friday, 3/20 7pm EST Where = League of Legends Lobby What = Aram How = NA Toon -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Come join us for the first League of Legends Game Night in quite a while! I'm looking to revive this...
  2. Yue

    Patch: Patch 10.4 (Rift & TFT)

    Rift Patch 10.4 Notes TFT Patch 10.4 Notes
  3. Yue

    Patch: TFT Patch 10.2

    TFT Patch 10.2 Notes
  4. Yue

    Patch: Patch 10.2

    Patch 10.2 Notes
  5. Yue

    Patch: TFT Patch 10.1

    Gonna see if I can keep up with posting the TFT patch notes too this season Wish me luck >.< --- --- --- TFT Patch 10.1 Notes
  6. Yue

    Patch: Patch 10.1

    Okay bois and gals. I missed a few patch notes ( -_-' ), but what's in the past is in the past. We back with a new patch, a new season, a new life! <3 --- --- --- Patch 10.1 Notes
  7. Yue

    Patch: Patch 9.22

    Patch 9.22 Notes
  8. Yue

    Patch: Patch 9.19

    The final patch before Worlds starts Patch 9.19 Notes
  9. Yue

    Patch: Patch 9.17

    Patch 9.17 Notes
  10. LateMoon

    Soooo Looking for an ADC to one trick?!?!?!

    Well as of now getting back into League for the umfff teenth time and I have a pretty good grasp on the game itself and can pick up on mechanics pretty well! I am wondering if anyone plays or mains ADC and could give me 1 or 2 ADC's I could focus on playing for this season! I use to main ADC...
  11. Paranoia Origins

    NA NA Support Main Looking for Perm. Rank Flex Team and Duo Partner

    Silver V Support Looking for a "TEAM" that will Take me in and "WORK" with me so we can ALL! rank up TOGETHER!!! Its been a good while since I have played league cause I've been playing smite for a while on my ps4. I'll put below people i know how to play. Oh I'm pretty much in my...
  12. 6

    NA leveling account

    looking for people who don't care to lose :02.47-tranquillity: to help me level my account to 30 im level 26 so anyone who doesn't get to upset at a lose hmu please thanks :tongue:
  13. S

    Team Syndicate Official Post

    Welcome to the post of Team Syndicate a semi-pro league of legends team. I'm SirNecrosis I'm the Co-Founder of the team and Tr1ckShotz is the Founder of the team. We're a team who wants to get better and also play competitively. We are looking for dedicated and competitive players. You must be...
  14. Paranoia Origins

    Guides: How to Change from New League Client to the Old League Client

    Deleting the Icon won't change anything, but the steps below should revert you back to the Legacy Client: 1st Example: Go to your League of Legends install folder. Open the "user.cfg" file Change "leagueClientOptIn = yes" to "leagueClientOptIn = no" Save and launch League of Legends...
  15. Paranoia Origins

    Toxic / Violent People of League Chat

    XD its funny how salty people are these days
  16. Paranoia Origins

    NA Team - LoL Syndicate - Recruting Members

    LoL Syndicate We're a Bronze V to Sliver Team so that we can rank climb together. Made this team cause not just me but we're all sick of all the overly toxic mother ****ers blaming everyone for their own mistakes. We're Determined to prove we're better than them and don't have to lower...
  17. Paranoia Origins

    NA Recruting a Permanent LoL Team Starting From Unranked to - Bronze 1

    I've been looking for a team permanent team for a long time and haven't found anything. So here i am forming a LoL Team that will be permanent so that we can play loads of games together to learn best team comps with the champs we all like to use, learn how each other play their lands or learn...
  18. Paranoia Origins

    NA LF > People my Lv To Play Nomral * Draft 5v5 ( I Want to Find a Perm. Team )

    My Quote: 1st Off Reason: why i hate playing with randoms period! (threaten to get people to hack (my) IP, raged, had friend on the other team so they worked together and fed every lane "not on my team btw" so we lost every lane cause of this d**k) 2nd Reason: I'm a "TEAM-PLAYER"...
  19. Paranoia Origins

    NA LF a Coach for Support, ADC, and maybe Mid

    Looking for a league coach to help me improve my game play, and to be patient and understanding as I have a few ingrained habits I am sure I will need to break and have many questions as i am being coached. Support Coatch (no.1) , ADC & Mid Lane Coach? (not till i have champ for those roles)...
  20. Paranoia Origins

    Guides: Supporting in 2017: A Practical Guide to Carrying Your Boosted Team (Part 1)

    Hello friends, I'm summoner Azurieru Dreemurr and welcome to the first installment of the sensational, critically acclaimed "A Practical Guide to Carrying Your Team"! Here I will be going over some of the tips and tricks that the pros DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW XD (Anyone wana work with me and...
  21. opokalipse

    Closed: Application -Opokalipse (LoL)

    Games you play: D&D, LoL, Hearthstone (when new stuff comes out), Various/Steam Main Game: RPG/Shooters Age: 31 Gender: Male Country: Canada Username: Opokalipse League of Legends or other Moba Username: Opokalipse Battle.net tag: Opokalipse#1681 MMO Username: Opokalipse#1681 Steam Username...
  22. Paranoia Origins

    NA NA I'm looking for people to play ranked (Duo/Flex NA)

    IGN: Paranoia0rigins ( zero not an O) On: Pretty much all day to be honest Timezone (CST): anywhere between 9am to 12am What i'm looking for: Positive Attitude (sorry for spelling) Experienced (knows how to ward and has map awarness)
  23. Paranoia Origins

    Support Vs Support (Help Me Become a Better Support/Count Support Pick)

    I'm a support main who been having alot of bad luck with teammate in rank games i'm bronze so its worse then hell. So i've been trying to make sure i pick a support that ether counts the other team's support or something. If any one want to help make a Support VS Support guide or at least for...
  24. Paranoia Origins

    LF Advice for my builds for supports

    I've been losing alot of games and such so maybe something wrong with this or something idk. Runes I've had up since season 5 ParanoiaOrigins - Runes - League of Legends Masteries I have Up So far Since season 5 http://na.op.gg/summoner/mastery/userName=ParanoiaOrigins