1. News Bot

    Ooh La La! Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News Flash Dances Its Way Westward

    Ulala's always told us to "staaaay tuned!" but it looks like the very thing we've been tuned in for is happening. The formerly Japanese-only Space Channel 5 VR: Ukiuki Viewing Show is coming westward as Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! If you're a massive Space Channel 5 fan like I...
  2. Strae112

    Kinda intense

    I am finding that the timed defend missions to be very tense. After 8 minutes or so of burning up my best weapons, I usually have to take a break. I thought PUBG was exhausting, but the constant deluge of husks is draining to me. I have had a few missions burn over 2000 bullets. That is a...
  3. neondevil

    Kinda feels like I have to.

    So I joined this clan almost a year ago, I was bored and wanted to find some new people to play Smite with which back then was about all I played. I looked around for some good Smite clans, one of the first things I saw was a reddit post made by Amoretpax recruiting for Fever, thought it...
  4. News Bot

    Hitman's next Elusive Target revealed ... kinda

    Agent 47 has just started his latest set of missions in the recently released Bangkok DLC, so it is apparently time for a new Elusive Target. The good news: We have dates for you to prepare. The bad news: The location and target appears to have been hacked. Not really in the real world, but the...
  5. J

    Kinda off topic

    Does fever Have a lol garena Clan. didnt know where else to post :S
  6. C

    Kinda still a noon lol

    Hey guys I usually play lol but I've honestly lost the feeling for the game so I moved to smite and been having a lot of fun.....but I'm still kinda new to the whole system so if I can have people to play with or someone to just teach me and show me the ropes that would be cool. I main adc just...
  7. DeathPizza

    I have kinda gotten sidetracked from D3

    Sorry if i havent been active in diablo 3 guys ive been playing alot of different games with school friends like on minecraft and Trove. And i also hear there might be a diablo 4? Anyone have infomation about that? Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  8. H-GAMER

    A weird hunter deck I made kinda quickly

    So yeah... tell me what you think and what I should change :D Weird ass combos though. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  9. A

    moto cross is kinda c00l ;)
  10. ShadyPingu

    Event: Im Kinda Hot

  11. H

    Event: Fever vs Fever (Kinda) + my youtube channel

    Hey guys I'll be posting to youtube from now on maybe 2 times or 3 times a week. So here is the link. Please take a look and tell me what you think.
  12. G

    New to archeage and kinda confused

    i'm a little confused about how to break down weapons and stuff like that if it's possible to break down stuff for mats.
  13. I

    Not many people in ts when they are on..... kinda lonely

    I hate saying this because I do see people here and there on ts but I come on now and then, during the day and night, with not many people sitting in the dota channels. I try to be on as much as possible, and now that im wanting to start playing dota 2 more, it kinda turns me away from playing...
  14. M

    Kinda how I'm feeling right now...

    Warning this song is extremely graphic. Do not listen to it if the F word offends you.
  15. Tachkilius

    I'm kinda slow...

    It only took me 121 games to get out of gold, but quite glad I'm out nonetheless. plat promo! w00t def aiming to join the diamond club again (as in my old WoL and early hots days) in a timely fashion :) but for now, I'm going to sit back and enjoy this :D
  16. Epic

    Kinda Sick!

    Playing with a Challenger ADC and Ex-Pro mid for Team Coast Jintae :cool: I'm the thresh :3
  17. Lil_Nora

    Kinda wanna go jungle now...

    Yeah this vid... Kinda wanna makes me go jungle now so OP xD And it should be an inspiration to all jungler to never give up over flames and just help and win
  18. Mikehtc

    hey im kinda new to league

    would anyone be down to help me level up? currently lvl 15. I play Mid: Xerath Jungle: Nunu Top: Mordekaiser Support: Thresh ADC: Graves if you would like to play hit me up on here or in game. IGN: Engineman3 Realm: NA
  19. y0y0ninja

    It kinda sucks that the member with the biggest dick is...

    toki... I mean seriously. She puts us all to shame :/ Sent from my SGH-I777 using Tapatalk 2
  20. T

    Photo: epic tattoo kinda

    duck hunt................... giving you something to shoot at since '84
  21. Wizo

    MW2: Played a few rounds tonight, Kinda miss those ole days

    Those days when the "Whole" clan gets together on a random night, and just go out shooting folks. I decided to re-download the game. I was surprised that there was a few folks who still played the game. The downfall is that its only TDM that I can easily get into a match, but the upside is that...
  22. Vineheart01

    Yea i kinda disappeared.

    Really have no urge to play dota2 anymore just because of where i am. The connection i have sucks so bad even the most local server i have 140+ ping, and dota is the only game that i play that that much ping messes with you. On top of it i dont understand anyone on those servers. Pretty much...
  23. Warfer

    Resolved: Wanting to build a pc, I am kinda newb!

    Ok so first off, I have built a few pc's puting them together is no problem.. It's just knowing what parts I need and what I should go with. My goal: To be able to stream SC2 on HIGH, without lag issues. I understand a big part is internet. I am not worried about that, I need to get a pc that...