1. Gizmo256

    July Promotions Round 2 - Congratulations!

    For excellent participation in the discord community including game night attendance and regular channel participation escarvajal PVT -> PFC Eximist SGM -> SMA gandouf SGM -> SMA Lycan MGYSGT -> SGM Neevor SGT -> SSG nicnack GYSGT -> MSGT nomoe LCPL -> CPL...
  2. Flux

    Heroes of the Storm: Patch Notes — July 25, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm: Patch Notes — July 25, 2018 Hero Changes Azmodan Murky Sgt. Hammer Alarak Fenix Genji Kael'thas Hanzo Raynor Tracer Deckard Malfurion Artanis Blaze Cho Diablo Yrel Heroes of the Storm: Patch Notes — July 25, 2018
  3. Shiny

    Live Patch Notes - July 10, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes – July 10, 2018 - Heroes of the Storm
  4. News Bot

    'Full Multiplayer Experience' Coming To No Man's Sky This July

    For No Man's Sky, the free Atlas Rises update finally introduced multiplayer gameplay, allowing up to 16 people to explore the universe together in synchronous co-op. It wasn't the fully formed multiplayer people hoped for, but a state. Now, with the Next update coming July 24, 2018, a robust...
  5. News Bot

    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Coming to Nintendo Switch in July

    Crash Bandicoot and Mario appear to have settled their differences. During today's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced that the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, a pack of games starring a character envisioned as a mascot for Sony's PlayStation console, will be coming to Switch on July 10...
  6. News Bot

    The Persistence Haunts PSVR in July

    It's almost been a year since Firesprite Games revealed its upcoming horror game for PlayStation VR, titled The Persistence. This is the story of a solo survivor aboard a science research vessel, where the ship's computer has supposedly reconstructed the ship's crew, except they've been infected...
  7. Synizta

    Updates: Legacy of the Void Balance Update - July 31st, 2017.

    Was a bit slow getting this post but hey whatever. Blizzard have put out a balance update back on the 31st in regards to a potential Reaper change that was discussed in a previous community feedback update. Reaper - KD8 Charge damage reduced from 10 to 5. So as Blizzard said, they've...
  8. Belos

    News: Lawbreakers open beta begins 28 july end's 31 july 2017

    Hey. We know absolutely NO ONE wants to sit and wait for a game to download when they could be playing it. So, we’re doing you a solid by throwing LawBreakers up early before servers come online. Pre-Download will be coming online across the different regions and platforms over the next 24...
  9. sparkis

    KFT Reveal Stream - 28th July 2017, 11am PDT

    Senior Designer Matt Place and streamer Day9 will be holding a card reveal stream on the 28th July 2017 at 11am PDT. Instead of the trickle of cards we've been receiving of the past few days, they will be looking to reveal a bunch of new cards all that once. Check out the PlayHearthstone...
  10. Baum

    Weekly Sale: July 25th - August 1st

    This week's sale is here and it's time to grab Zul'jin, Tassadar, various skins & mounts! The update began Tuesday, July 25. Blizzard (Source)Every Tuesday, we place a number of Heroes on sale, and swap a fresh set of cosmetics into the featured item rotation. Check out this week’s items and...
  11. Baum

    Balance Update - July 26th

    Check out the full page at Heroes of the Storm Balance Update – July 26, 2017 What do you guys think of the changes? July 26 Changes Assassin Genji Stats Health reduced from 1600 to 1550 Health Regen reduced from 3.3 to 3.2 Abilities Shuriken (Q) Mana cost increased from 15 to 20...
  12. Belos

    Release Notes - July 25th 2017

    Living World Season Finale- “One Path Ends” Balthazar has disappeared again, and it’s top priority to find him—especially if what he’s planning could bring disaster to Tyria. And if one thing’s for sure, it’s that he’s gearing up for something big. He’s already managed to collect magical...
  13. sparkis

    Hearthstone Fever Clan Update - July 2017

    Hey there! Just wanted wanted to give you an update on some upcoming plans for Hearthstone at Fever Clan. CLEAN INSECT! Ok, ok, easy buddy. Housekeeping Ragnaros, the Cleaning Lord is planning to do some housekeeping in preparation for the upcoming expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne...
  14. News Bot

    Best Buy Black Friday in July 2017 Sale Deals for Gamers

    Best Buy has a sale going on now until Saturday night. It is Black Friday in July! We took a good look at the sale and have highlighted some deals for PC gamers. Amazon is also price matching these deals, so we are including links to both stores when available. Please take a look. Best Keyboard...
  15. News Bot

    PES 2018 Beta Live Through End of July

    Are you ready for some futbol? PES 2018 is hoping you are as it has launched its open beta for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will run through July 31. The beta includes online co-op, online 3v3 matches, and quick match for 1v1 action. The good news for PS4 users is that you do not need...
  16. SunKenRock

    Heroes of the Storm:Patch Notes — July 11, 2017

    The main point of this patch was the release of a new hero which i sure most have gotten there hands on , but the is a bit more that was changed .So this can be a recap as well for people New Hero: Stukov Alexei Stukov had a hard life, and an even harder death. He has been betrayed, shot...
  17. News Bot

    PC Hardware Highlights of the Week: July 14

    Friday has arrived and the weekend is in sight. Why go out and do things when you could stay in and computer until after midnight on Sunday? Below are some new parts that could help you computer harder and an incredible custom build for the recent Games Done Quick marathon. AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming...
  18. Belos

    Updates: July 11th 2017 Release Notes

    07/11/2017 – July 11th Release Notes General Significantly increased the chance that Bloodstone-Warped Hides may be salvaged into Hardened Leather. Fixed an issue in which some of the attack spots for the Mouth of Mordremoth encounter were located incorrectly. Fixed an issue in which...
  19. News Bot

    Destiny - Where is Xur - July 14-16

    Destiny players have been looking forward to Friday every week since the game initially launched, and it isn’t because it’s the final day of the work week. No, Friday ix the day that Xur, the Agent of the Nine makes his way to the Tower (or Reef) in Destiny to sell Guardians Exotic...
  20. Synizta

    News: Blizzard's community feedback - July 12th

    So Blizzard have put out their community feedback for the 12th of July. I'll be posting a quick TLDR of the update with a link to it at the end of the post! Reaper: "we want to clarify what our intended role for the Reaper should be. Reapers should be good for scouting, and through tactical...
  21. GOTHwarCHILD

    Dota 2 UPDATE - 2 July 2017

    * Neutral small camps gold bounty increased by 10% * Veil of Discord: Recipe cost increased from 400 to 500 * Bloodthorn: Critical Strike damage reduced from 1.45x to 1.4x * Heaven's Halberd: Disarm duration on ranged heroes reduced from 5.5 to 5 * Alchemist: Base Agility increased from 11...
  22. Damien

    News: PUBG to get FOV slider, dedicated first-person servers in July update

    Update: Brendan Greene, PlayerUnknown himself, has confirmed dedicated first-person servers for PUBG's next monthly update, despite prior reservations voiced earlier this week. Following the publication of our original story this morning (featured below), Greene subsequently tweeted this...
  23. sparkis

    Internet-wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality - 12th July 2017

    Today is a day of action, to protest against the FCC's, and by extension the current US government's, attempts to harm to net neutrality. Join in on the fight and make your voice heard at battleforthenet.com.
  24. sparkis

    [Patch] Hearthstone Update - July 10 2016

    The latest patch from Hearthstone introduces a number of balance changes, including the long awaited nerf to Quest Rogue's The Caverns Below card, a number of Arena changes as well as the upcoming expansion Knights of the Frozen Throne being available to preorder in-game. Comment below and let...
  25. News Bot

    Weekly Game Release Highlights, July 9-14 2017

    This week's game release are highlighted by the cross-platform release of Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two: The Telltale Series on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Death Squared is the lone title releasing on Nintendo Switch this week while Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age highlights the PlayStation 4...