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    Monster Hunter: World Leads January 2018 Games Sales to 59% Growth Year-Over-Year, NPD Says

    NPD Group's January 2018 U.S. Games Industry Sales report is out and there is a lot of good news for video game developers and console makers. Total video game sales topped $1 billion in January, up 59 percent from last year, aided by the successful launches of Monster Hunter: World and Dragon...
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    BattleEye Banned Over One Million PUBG Cheaters In January

    When it comes to how to stay alive in PUBG, cheaters can make all your planning completely irrelevant. There's nothing more disappointing than getting taken out by someone using a tool to get a major advantage in such a competitive experience and PUBG Corp understands they need to spend...
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    PTR Patch Notes - January 29, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm PTR Patch Notes - January 29, 2018
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    Destiny 2 - Where is Xur and What is He Selling - January 20, 2018, Week 19

    Xur is back, but are there any players around to greet him? That is the question. Well, someone must still be playing Destiny 2 right now, so we'll keep on keeping on and tell you everything you need to know about where Xur is, and what's he's selling for January 26, 2018. Where is Xur?Xur is on...
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    Balance patch notes - January 24, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes - January 24, 2018
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    Updates: Community Update - January 2018

    So as of the 22nd of January, Blizzard have posted an community update proposing potential new update ideas. Link to this community update is as follows: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/20760937393 Terran Raven - Interfernece Matrix duration increased from 5.7 to 7.9 - Affected...
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    Destiny 2 Weekly Reset for January 23, 2018

    Faction rallies are gone, Guardians. We know you'll miss earning those faction tokens at breakneck speed, but it's time to get busy with another weekly reset. A new Nightfall, and a new order for th Leviathan raid are upon us. Dive in and see what you can expect this week. Nightfall - The...
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    The Division Global Event 4, Ambush, Starts January 23

    Originally released way back in early 2016, Ubisoft’s loot shooter The Division arrived on the scene with cutting edge graphics, sound, and gameplay, but it left a sour taste in many player’s mouths due to the absence of endgame balance and content. The game saw several major updates...
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    Destiny 2 - Where is Xur and What is He Selling - January 19, 2018, Week 18

    Xur has returned to Destiny 2 for another week. See where he's hiding, and what he's selling. Browse through our Xur location and wares guide to figure out what you should be spending your Legendary Shards on. Where is Xur? Xur has decided to abandon his meeting places in the wild and return to...
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    Destiny 2 Weekly Reset for January 16, 2018

    Another weekly reset is upon us. There isn't a whole lot to talk about in Destiny 2 these days, so Guardians are best to spend their time working on getting each character to 335, completing outstanding activities and stories, and trying to finish up their exotic collections. With the January...
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    Destiny 2 - Where is Xur and What is He Selling - January 12, 2018, Week 17

    Xur is back for another week of exotic selling. We have all the details on the Agent of the Nine, including his location and stock. Make sure you pay him a visit to complete your exotic collection. Where is Xur? Xur is in the Winding Cove. Head to the European Dead Zone and spawn in at that...
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    Destiny 2 - January 11, 2018 Update: Bungie Lays Out Roadmap

    Destiny 2 players won't have to worry about a lack of content in 2018. They also won't have to worry about knowing when that content is coming. On Thursday evening, Destiny 2 Game Director Christopher Barrett essentially laid out the full 2018 roadmap for Destint 2's development going forward...
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    Live Patch Notes - January 9, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes — January 9, 2018
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    Sea of Thieves Beta Will Close Out January

    Sea of Thieves, the high seas adventure that will playable on potatoes, is going to need some rigorous testing to make sure it runs on the wide collection of PC configurations as the devs intend. The first major wave of that testing, a closed beta, is going down January 24 to January 29 and the...
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    Destiny 2 Weekly Reset for January 9, 2018

    With the January 9, 2018 reset in Destiny 2, players will see the end of the Dawning event that aimed to take their money more than it did entertain them. Destiny 2 will be getting back to the same old grind as it normally settles into, with players searching for ways to complete armor sets and...
  16. Synizta

    Event: FSL January

    Tournament Brackets for December: BSG (Bronze/Silver/Gold) - Fever Star League - FSL January 2018 (BSG) - Challonge PDM (Plat/Diamond/Master - No masters this month) - http://challonge.com/FSLJanuary18PDM Start and end date and time of each round is as follows: Round 1: 8th of January, until...
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    Destiny 2 - Where is Xur and What is He Selling - January 5, 2018, Week 17

    Greetings, Guardians. Xur has returned to Destiny 2, bringing with him his normal collectiong of exotic weapons and armor. He's also packing the lovely Fated Engram, as well as the silly Three of Coins. Where is Xur? Xur is curently in the Giant's Scar region on IO. Io is the Flashpoint this...
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    PTR Patch Notes - January 2, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm PTR Notes — January 2, 2018
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    Destiny 2 Weekly Reset - January 2, 2018

    The Destiny 2 weekly reset is here for January 2, 2018. Guardians will see loads of changes when they log in and play Destiny 2 today, including new milestones to complete for powerful gear. You can do each milestone on all three characters, allowing you to level up each class that you've...
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    Rising Thunder: Community Edition Belongs to the People in January

    The story of Rising Thunder was supposed to be a grand one for PC owners. Back in 2015, Evolution Championship Series founders Tom and Tony Cannon and former Capcom community manager Seth Killian banded together to create Radiant Entertainment. Rising Thunder was going to be the studio's first...
  21. Synizta

    Event: FSL January sign ups!

    The sign ups for December's Fever Star League are now open. If you'd like to participate, please post your battle tag below. Also doing something a little different with the new year; please post your current league too, if unranked, what league you were in last season! The FSL will follow...
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    Hearthstone Esports Manager on the HCT, Amsterdam in January, Wild, and More

    With the Hearthstone Summer Championship in the books, the Hearthstone Championship Tour only has a few stops left. It all culminates with the Hearthstone World Championship, which wraps up the Year of the Mammoth. But unlike previous years, the event won't be held at BlizzCon. Instead, a...
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    ELEAGUE Major: Boston Brings Together CS:GO's Best in January

    Turner's venture into Counter-Striker: Global Offensive continues, as ELEAGUE has announced its plans for the next CS:GO Major. ELEAGUE Major: Boston will come to Boston University's Agganis arena, pitting CS:GO's best teams against each other on the weekend of January 26-28. A $1 million prize...
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    Overwatch League gets Final Three Teams, First Season Starts in January

    The Overwatch League field is officially set. Blizzard confirmed the reports from last week, announcing that Overwatch francises would be joining Houston and Philadelphia. The publisher also announced Dallas as the League's final team, along with an official start date. "Now that we have our...
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    TGS 2017: Monster Hunter World Stalks its Prey Worldwide in January

    Tuesday morning's PlayStation press conference from Tokyo Game Show continued with a look at some new footage for Capcom's upcoming Monster Hunter World. In addition to some new footage of the game's vast open world, new monster types were seen for the first time. Monster Hunter World has also...