1. Requ1em

    King Of The Kill Server Issues?

    voncheeter has also been having problems. Is anyone else having to restart frequently or dealing with game crashing?
  2. Synfull

    Anyone Else Having Overwatch Issues?

    All day so far I have had issues with lag and rubber-banding. All my other games are running fine. I have power cycled all my modems and stuff so I really don't think it is on my end. Wondering if anyone else has been experiencing any issues today? I checked the Overwatch boards and a few people...
  3. P3rf3ct_Zer0

    Closed: Teamspeak 3 Issues?

    What is going on with the teamspeak 3 |Fever Clan| site?
  4. Synfull

    Dowload issues?

    Got my beta key and I am trying to get the game downloaded but I just keep getting the same error over and over. I have gone to the website and everything they suggest doesn't fix the issue. I also unistalled and reinstalled the client twice already... Any suggestions? I keep getting...
  5. GhostRogue

    Resolved: Rain Skin coding issues? Padding and min/max width...

    I posted a quick reply in the "Bugs & Suggestions" thread a bit ago, but I think that was regarding a different issue. So, I'll recap: Does anyone else have issues with the min/max width of the site? Everything is shifted over about 20px or so (maybe about 50 now that I look at it) to the...
  6. Araceli

    Anyone else having issues?

    Just curious if anyone else is having issues with D3/Battle.Net? Every time I try to load Diablo 3 just gets stuck at a "Checking for Updates" screen and doesn't go past it. Whenever I load, it just says " has fallen asleep, trying to wake it up." and just stays like...
  7. TheBossGuy

    Riot having issues?

    Been at #1 on the list to get in for a hot 5 mins now o_o