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    New Mario Tennis Aces Gameplay Shows Off Intense, Arcadey Matches

    If you didn't have a hankering to play tennis with your favorite Nintendo characters before, you will after checking out the latest Mario Tennis Aces trailer. The new footage shows off some of the most intense matches we've seen between Mario, Luigi, Peach, and the rest of the crew since the...
  2. Strae112

    Kinda intense

    I am finding that the timed defend missions to be very tense. After 8 minutes or so of burning up my best weapons, I usually have to take a break. I thought PUBG was exhausting, but the constant deluge of husks is draining to me. I have had a few missions burn over 2000 bullets. That is a...
  3. Z

    My best and most intense game yet! Junkrat w/ POTG! Per advice from a fellow Fever member, I have toned down the sound effects immensely, let me know what you guys think. More or less sound effects?
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    Rise of the Tomb Raider promotion tests actual survival of intense weather conditions

    Rise of the Tomb Raider released exclusively on the Xbox One this week, and to help promote it, Microsoft is holding a competition that requires people to stand on a billboard for 24 hours while they’re subjected to intense wind, Arctic cold, sudden heat, and snow. Eight contestants are...
  5. J

    2 AUS Fever members most intense game played yet.

    Twitch (1:55:00) So today the ANZ qualifiers brawl was held to determine which 4 Aus/NZ teams make it through to the ANZ champs. 2 of our members competed ( iSThisReal_ / No Shows AU) and were lucky enough to get on the twitch broadcast. Unfortunately we lost 2/3 games, and our first game was...
  6. M

    This is the most intense thing I have ever witnessed

    We're all goofy goobers....
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    Evolve Trailer Jumps Into an Intense Game of Hide-and-Seek

    The first Evolve live action trailer demonstrates how guns and powers can really kick up a friendly game of hide-and-seek. Usually with a lot of screaming and bloodshed. Evolve releases on February 10th for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Whether you choose to hide or seek is completely up to you...
  8. Dvo

    probably my most intense feeling win ever

    1v1 Dvo vs MikeyB PvT - i hope the link works