1. S

    Stream Name Ideas (Help!)

    So my brothers, a few friends and I usually play D&D every Wednesday, and we've decided we want to take it online for everyone's viewing pleasure. Problem is, we're having a hard time coming up with a name for the stream. We were thinking something with a play on words, kind of like Critical...
  2. Gyorn

    We're looking for your ideas about possible new sections!

    Greetings Feverians and interested guests! As an initiative for continuously improving the clan as a whole and the forum in particular we're introducing a new way how you can request a new forum section. No matter if you would like to have a separate section for your favorite game, a new...
  3. sparkis

    Fever Hearthstone Challenge #1 - Deck Ideas

    For those of you interested in participating in this month's Fever Hearthstone Challenge: I am Legend, but are stuck on what decks to build, here are some ideas that might help you along with the process. To reitterate the deck building challenge for I am Legend: Build a deck around a single...
  4. Jam

    Deck Ideas

    Hello, Hearthstone players! I am making this thread so deck ideas can be posted here.
  5. W

    7 Days To Die Ideas

    Hey guys sorry i haven't been as active as before but i had some issues out of the gaming world! I am back now, so i was curious as to how many 7 days to Die players/enthusiasts we have here in fever. Please let me know and i can see about making some events! Then we can all kill every zombie...
  6. The Rev

    Rent-a-Sever Ideas

    So We've all been waiting for BF1, and i'm assuming most Battlefield series players are excited fot this, and i was wondering if you guys had any ideas on where i could rent a server for BF1 when they actually release the ability to do such a thing for our players here at Fever. jbo96 Muldred
  7. Katyara

    Skin ideas for Heroes

    So I've been playing Rehgar as support a lot as of late and I was thinking he kinda lacks in variety of skin compared to others. I was thinking it would be cool if he had a mech skin like Dehaka so his wolf form would be like the cyber wolf mount. Anyone else have skin ideas?
  8. News Bot

    E3 2016 Preview: Strafe is a Classic FPS With New Ideas

    There's been resurgence in classically-inspired shooters recently. Doom released in all its blood-soaked glory, Quake's return was announced during E3's press conferences, and games like Overwatch and Battleborn borrow classic ideas enhanced with their own flair. Strafe is another such game...
  9. Mahosu

    Ideas for game nights/events

    We are already doing guild missions on Tuesdays, but we could set up more stuff. Here's a list of stuff that we could do (in three categories): 1. Normal content (This is content that allows most players to participate despite level and gear difference): Dungeons (not Fractals) Open-World...
  10. opokalipse

    Ideas for Old God Decks

    -Ramp Druid -Tempo Mage (already has a Yogg-Saron deck listed in everyone's collection) -Casino Mage -Druid Taunt C'Thun for rage quiting madness. i made one with malygos. still tweaking. LOL -Remix Decks :) like Dragonfire, Classic with new cards Lots of cool videos about each card on...
  11. Bogo

    Forum Homepage Ideas / Review

    Drag has been working hard on a new homepage for the FeverClan forums. Click Here: FeverClan | Homepage I would be interested in here some thoughts, changes, ideas, and picture ideas. Please let us know what you think and you're ideas for improvement would be.
  12. BlackKnight

    archon ideas

    so i was just making this thread for anyone to post ideas for archon mode builds that would be fun and intense (i am zerg so those r great) but any race is fine if anyone wants to team up and i am on pm me BlackKnight #1701
  13. S

    Share some ideas for game nights.

    Hey all, in light of there now being weekly HoTS game nights every Friday i wanted to start this thread to share ideas for game modes we can play. For example i think it would be cool if we played a game where each team can only play with heroes from one universe like Diablo Vs. Starcraft. What...
  14. Vhor

    Meta Tournament Ideas

    Hello, this post is inspired by Vlaru and the following thread. I meant to write this sooner, but the last couple of weeks have been nuts. Anyway, to the topic -- how to implement tournaments in D3 amongst...
  15. Upirlikhyi

    Any ideas would be wonderful

    I played FF14 for at least a year and a half off and on. I always paid the extra for retainers and such. Am I being just to jumpy on the log in for my own good. Started a transfer at 9 am this morning and here it is 4 am my time and nothing. Veterans of FF14 am I trying to rush things to much?
  16. Bloodmorphed

    Hello! Game Creation and Ideas

    Hello, I am not sure if I had mentioned this in my introduction topic, but I am an amateur game developer. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me? I am learning to code myself so I don't need help there, but I would need graphic artists, pixel artists, music artists and...
  17. Chaves

    Updates: New ideas for smite.

    Hello everyone. I want to ask which of these options would you like to participate in or want to see more of. If you have any other Ideas please ask in this thread.
  18. BigPun

    The next tournament ideas suggestions?!

    Hey guys, as we all love tournaments here we go! At the end of the month plan is to make a tournament again. So trow some ideas and suggestions. My idea is TI (3,4,5) themed games so maybe some most exciting matches to replay them with same hero pick. or something like that. How you feel?
  19. shawnseveras

    Looking to sell my custom built pc any ideas as to where

    So.... I have decided with much hesitation to sell my pc....Yes im selling . Now the difficult part where . As to why i need the money for a truck,Or car so i can get around... ive tried craigslist. I'm trying to sell it as a whole not parting it out because it has a 4 year warrinty with...
  20. Begrimed

    The Grand Tournament: Deck Ideas

    Alright everyone. I know the list of cards (Cards - Card Sets - Hearthstone) has not been completely revealed yet, but I thought it would be fun to see what types of ideas everybody has for additions to old decks, or new decks altogether. Master of Ceremonies would go well in the Malygos...
  21. efgodlike

    Ideas for our team!!!

    Ok team it is time to think up new Ideas for our team!!!! We need to make some work AND make members time here in Fever more enjoyable!!! Shoot out ANY ideas you can think of!!! Don't worry if your idea gets shot down, we need them to go through so we can make some good plans!!! So lets hear...
  22. Casper

    Need ideas

    Whats up guys i need ideas on what else i should put for my APB youtube videos intro. IE Music and lettering any ideas will be helpfully. Thanks *edited this is with music tell me what you guys think and what else i need to add...
  23. Chronic90

    Starcraft 2 recruitment & ideas for moving forward

    Hello fellow Fever members, I wanted to get a thread going for all of those who predominately play their Starcraft on EU servers, a place for us to catch up and in a way our own little home. I have recently been added to SC2 Recruitment for EU, so add me up Chronic#993 and we can play some...
  24. News Bot

    Dying Light forum now open for modding ideas

    Earlier this week, Shacknews reported that Dying Light's 1.2.1 patch would inadvertantly restrict mods for the PC version, which caused something of an uproad in modding circles. Techland quickly doused this fire by coming out in support of the modding community and now the studio is taking the...