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    Sea of Thieves Dives Into The Hungering Deep May 29, New Features Revealed

    If you missed it, Sea of Thieves patch 1.0.8 brought the item sharing feature back so pirates can help their crew out more directly and they may need it when the free expansion goes live. The next time a major update hits, Sea of Thieves will be ushering pirates into The Hungering Deep as the...
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    Hungering Deep Inside Xbox Stream Details Latest Sea of Thieves Content

    Many weeks have come and gone since the game's release, but Sea of Thieves is still keeping co-op fans and sailing enthusiasts alike happy with an open sea full of opportunity to fight and plunder. Though some players may have found the content available to be adequate, many others have...
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    Sea of Thieves Event The Hungering Deep Announced, Content Road-map Revealed

    Sea of Thieves has been a wonderful experience for the Shack staff and many players around the world since its launch three weeks ago, but there's been a lot of mystery around how the game will evolve over time. Today, Rare has revealed a roadmap for Sea of Thieves and shared a few details on...