1. Ranis

    New HOTS Recruit, Reporting In!

    Hi guys, I just had my interview and was accepted, so thank you for the chance to join you! Over the past couple of months I've really gotten back into HOTS really hard, and decided over this weekend that it was time to look for a community to play with. I'm tired of poor communication and...
  2. Baum

    MAY MAYHEM - HotS 1v1 Tourney - May 13 @ 2 PM EST

    FEVER CLAN MAY MAYHEM 1v1 HOTS TOURNAMENT Date: Sat May 13th 2 PM EST Server: NA (EU division possible if enough interest) Rules: 1. Tournament is Double Elimination. 2. All matches are Bo1, except the final, which is a Bo3. 3. All matches must be played on Lost Cavern. 4. Murky and...
  3. A

    News: HotS Special Report 4/9

    FEVER NEWS NETWORK - HotS SPECIAL REPORT!- April 9th, 2017 Message from the HotS Company Commanders Hello Fever HotS, We want the member base to continue to focus on recruiting if you can. We can't have the type of events we want without players. We encourage every active...
  4. TirusR

    Hello Fever Clan

    I am your newly recruited peon. My favorite game currently is hots. I am really looking forward to 2.0 Hope to join you in many future games. En Taro Tassadar!
  5. Baum

    30 Recruits in 30 Days - HotS Recruiting Giveaway!

    30 Recruits in 30 Days April HotS Recruiting Event and Giveaway! We have lots of activities planned, but the core of any section is members. Lets try hard to bring in 30 new recruits over the next 30 days and everyone in the section will benefit from the increase in TS and forum activity. This...
  6. A

    HotS Feedback/Suggestions

    Hello everyone, If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding the HotS section please let us know. You can do so by posting below, sending Arimil, Baum, or Vileknight a PM or if you'd like to remain anonymous you can submit it here All feedback and suggestions are welcome...
  7. A

    News: HotS Special Report 4/1

    FEVER NEWS NETWORK - HotS SPECIAL REPORT!- April 1st, 2017 Message from the HotS Company Commanders Hello Fever HotS, This month I want the member base to focus on 1 thing, recruiting. We can't have the type of events we want without players. I encourage every active member to...
  8. VileKnight

    Official HOTS 2.0 Thread

    Blizzard announced the new Heroes 2.0, and wow was this a lot of information to take in! New progression, a crafting system, loot boxes, and new heroes! Come back to this thread to keep updated as more information gets released, and if you find a cool nugget of info make sure to share it with...
  9. A

    News: HotS Special Report 3/27

    FEVER NEWS NETWORK - HotS SPECIAL REPORT!- March 27th, 2017 Message from the HotS Company Commanders Hello Fever HotS, Baum here. Glad to be bringing you the first of many HotS newsletters to come. We want to keep players up to date with what is happening with the game and...
  10. Baum

    THROWDOWN THURSDAY - HotS Brawl Event/Game Night

    THROWDOWN THURSDAY HotS Game Night! When: Thursdays 9:00PM EST to 11PM EST in TS HotS Channels. Host: THEBEAR This game night will be to encourage members to play with ones they haven't met before and have fun! I would like to prioritize doing brawl matches, but honestly it can be custom games...
  11. Baum

    MONDAY MADNESS - HotS Game Night

    Hey guys Baum here, HotS Company Commander. I'll be your host for our new Monday Madness game night!. Start Time: 9pm (est) / 6pm (pst) - We will meet in the HotS channels in TS. End Time: 11pm (est) / 8pm (pst) - Possibly later if not too tired Game modes will be up to popular request, from...
  12. T

    HotS New Game Nights

    Hello Everyone, due to the change in CC for HotS im helping it get started back up again. From my previous days playing HotS and hosting Game Nights those where the Biggest and most fun for everyone to come in and join the fun and live steam it :) so from this list plz pick what days you would...
  13. Baum

    New HOTS Company Commander

    Hello Fever HotS! My name is Baum and I have been appointed HotS Company Commander. Those who are veterans here probably know me as I was very active in HotS and was Assistant CC last summer but had to LOA for some work/RL issues. I am very glad to have the opportunity to lead this section, and...
  14. VileKnight

    Does Blizzard need to change the HOTS business model?

    I ran across this article last night, and to be honest I am not sure what to think about it. So, apparently the writer is of the opinion that HOTS should change the hero roster by making all of them playable in the same way that Overwatch does. The argument does start from a position of strength...
  15. J

    New t o HoTS how do I find clan members

    Hi, I have not played HoTS much (level 9 as os 3/11/17). Is there a clan or guild to join in game?
  16. L

    looking for weekend hots play

    i am in school at uab, and my weekdays, and nights are filled. i am interested in maybe some TL, or just gaming with some folks on the weekends. HMU, leverage#1105
  17. WetElectronics

    Sustain Assassins Rampant

    Hi guys, I just thought i would share my thoughts on the state of the game. Blizzard knew that a healing source was needed in-lane to keep the pace of the game up and to lighten the punishment of losing a lane. Somewhere down the line, the meta switched from mobility and global presence to...
  18. Druhillion

    Greetings HotS players!

    Hello all! One of Fever's newest PVT's here just saying hello! I play HotS and prefer to play support/specialist classes followed by Assassins then Warriors. My current favorite character is Auriel followed by Tassadar, Rehgar then Malfurion. I've been playing since the beta but have only...
  19. Flux

    New to the HotS Section

    This is a follow up to the meeting that was held this Sunday so people know what was discussed. The main thing that was discussed was a second game night being hosted by yours truly. There are two dates available, Monday afternoons/Mornings times TBD for our EU player base. I would need to...
  20. Flux

    A bit of a different HotS meeting

    As some people may or may not know the officers in this section try to meet once a month to try and see where to go with section and plan tournaments and make sure everyone is aware of their duties and any comments or concerns are brought up. This month I would like to do something a little...
  21. Artika

    New to Clan Fever, also a HoTs player.

    Hey all Been playing HoTs since Beta mostly on EU, but since HoTs is not region locked I bounce around sometimes, I have more heros on EU, on my NA account I still have to level up heros and everything before I can even solo Q HL, I mostly play Assasin's // Specialists and Support. My...
  22. Rimeraz

    HotS free full-roster this weekend

    I already posted this on our Twitter, but wanted to share with everyone here that through this weekend the entire hero roster will be open for free. That is 60 heroes available to everyone this weekend. :) Good chance to play heroes that you may not have played before!
  23. Rimeraz

    Valeera next HotS Hero?

    Read this on Icy Veins the other day, it looks like we will be getting another assassin hero, who looks like will be a Warcraft version of Zera'tul. This is based off of evidence from the following two screenshots. Valeera I can honestly care less about, but if Kel'Thuzad is coming, that...
  24. VileKnight

    HOTS Christmas Sale & Muradin Legendary

    Christmas is here, so Blizzard has given us twice the items on their weekly sale list! We also have a new Legendary skin for Muradin! Fans of Starcraft will be interested in this one I think.... DOUBLE WEEKLY SALE: DEC 20 - JAN 3, 2017
  25. Ian

    Event: HotS Oni Genji grind!

    Overwatch/HotS event: Oni Genji Skin Grind! 6PM CST on December 22, 2016 You could say this is a Heroes of the Storm event, but this is more like an event for people who don't play HotS and still haven't gotten the skin, so lets get together and grind this out! It's 15 games, and we could...