1. B

    NA hey

    i want to get deckard is he worth the money
  2. O

    Hey everyone Osumi, may know me as GParadise.

    Hey for those who know me i'm GParadise joined in 2012 and returned since the time i been gone i changed my name to Osumi. I am looking forward to playing any game i can with you guys feel free to pm me on discord if you wanna play any of the games listed below. I play mostly from 5am-3pm...
  3. Atomic Philosopher

    Hey, hey hey. I'm still here. :P

    I was told that I'm still accruing absent days so I thought I should post on the forum. I have been successful in my move to Japan and have settled into my apartment and job. I look forward to talking to you all on Discord on the weekends when I can be on during what is the day for you. Many...
  4. L

    Hey Just wondering

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/116211948445630464/445146112270139393/ss.png https://image.prntscr.com/image/6Jibu2gvSfK5UWPwug-3_Q.png https://image.prntscr.com/image/1QeLAB8UQaGeybcwXlHGcQ.png Have any of you gotten these while playing paladins if so let me know I have reported it to...
  5. T


    hey guys im kinda new here just got into this amazing community thought would say a hello and tell you guys about me Ingame name : Thornfish (paladins) CS:GO (officerdildo;steam) Real name : pranav jaitly nationality : Indian languages i speak : hindi...
  6. T

    Hey all

    Hello all u happy people sorry i havent been on lately trying to find work and life has just been hectic but hopefully will be back soon miss u all
  7. Pa1n

    Hey guys!

    Hey there! I used to be real active with Fever 4 or so years ago when I was in college. I've gotten a little settled down and have started playing CS:GO more! Just wanted to re-introduce myself! I hope to be active with y'all again! I'd love to get added on steam and start playing regularly...
  8. T

    Hey Guys thanks for having me!

    I just wanna say thanks for adding me to the community! I am so excited to meet everyone and play games with yall! A little about me im active duty army with a beautiful wife and daughter! I get out in a year and a half and broadcasting video games on twitch is my passion so I am grinding every...
  9. HighRoller

    Hey Guys

    Whats up everyone? Just joined and looking around everything looks cool. I look forward to meeting up with everyone!
  10. NightWolf

    Hey league peoples.

    Hey, im a returning member some of you may know me and most of you dont lol. Im here to make and reconnect with some old friends. Feel free to add me on my current main league account Lightxwolf currently silver 3 was gold 4 last season but was gone for a year so bare with me. im on NA
  11. T

    Hey all IM BACK!

    I was out recently due to some major health problems and i know i was out more than 2 weeks i couldnt even get to a computer or anyway of communicating what was going on with me. Ive since had 2 surgeries and have had some pretty close calls but now im feeling alot better and i look forward to...
  12. W

    Hey folks

    Hey all, Just wanted to drop in and say "hi." It's been a while since i have posted or even checked the forums. I didnt return to D3 until late in the season. I'll prob be coming back to in-game clan next season to smash some face with you all. Till then take care, and keep up the grind...
  13. D

    Hey I'm New and Looking to Play some Hots

    Hi my name's Dread I'm new to the clan. I've been playing Hots for a few months now. I play QM, Unranked, and Team league. I'm online everyday so let me know if you want to play. My battletag is Dread#1610
  14. R


    Hello everyone I use to be part of fever clan a while back I am getting back into the clan now and can't wait to play and meet everyone hit me up if I'm on, Ill see you in the Nexxus!
  15. Regamis

    Hey guys just got back from duty.

    Hope to be able to jump back into it finally back from military duty hope to hear from yall soon.
  16. Thordragon

    Hey fellow fever

    i was wondering is there a way to join in starcraft as well or is it one game only type thing? :D Mostly play the Diablo 3 of Fever
  17. S

    Hey Hey

    What's up everyone! I'm brand new to the clan. Looks like its going to be some good times! I have been playing online games since 33.6 Modem days, and I plan on playing long into the future! I pretty much only play HoTS since I don't get a ton of time to play. I've been having a blast...
  18. Etrigahn

    Hey guys! New Content Creator on the Scene!

    Everyone! I'd like to announce that as of today I am taking on a content creator role here in the Heroes of the Storm and Diablo 3 sections. I'll also tease my intentions to soon be posting on the Fever Clan Youtube channel! To that end I'm wanting to take a poll here in the Heroes gaming...
  19. Artika

    Hey all Im new to Fever and I play starcraft also

    Hey all I love starcraft since old Brood wars days. I downloaded LotV a few months ago and placed Diamond 1v1. I haven't played in a long time, so will be rusty now, I enjoy more so team games then 1v1, Anyone feels like adding me @ Artika#11245 I am always up for a game or 2. =)
  20. AngelSoul

    Hey Guys :)

    Angel here! I've recently been playing Artanis because I think he's rather fun (and I also really want his Master skin ;P) I have found it rather difficult to play him in quick match (which is where I've been doing so in order to make sure I get him xD) since the team is rarely coordinated...
  21. S

    Hey All

    Hello everyone, I figured I would introduce myself. I am Steel-Rain99 and play Heroes of the Storm quite avidly. If there is anyone that would like to play feel free to add me. Rank is irrelevant. I have a wife and a 1.5 year old son so sometimes real life calls. generally if i'm on i'm game to...
  22. X

    Hey guys looking for team

    Still looking for team, but nobody pays attention to me, pleas, some on wants me on there team. Rank 1, hIGH LEVEL GAMER, 5500 GAMES PLAYED. xAlisterx#1400 Na Central time all days free exccept Tuesdays
  23. AngelSoul

    Hey guys :)

    I have never posted in this thread before but I've recently got back into APB and I'd love to play with you guys! My main is a Criminal but I have a new Enforcer I'm working on too ^-^ You can add me in-game my name is AngelDoll on there :D See ya!

    Hey man, show me your stash!

    Is anyone else like me, and hoard ancient legendary items and set pieces that they know they will never use? I'm a WD and I keep thinking, I should try the spider/frog build, or the LON, or the carnevil darts, or zunis, etc. I know it will never happen so my stash looks like a museum!
  25. V

    Hey Guys

    I've been on a major hiatus from MMOs in general. Tried to login to BDO, but just couldn't get interested. Should I shell out the cash for Legion and come back? I just don't want to drop the bucks and then not feel interested in the game... Help. Muldred heybob