1. HMMurdoc

    Heros & Generals

    Started messing around with this game a few weeks ago. I haven't really done FPS games since I stopped playing COD when they started making you pay for new downloadable stuff every so often. Anyway I am really enjoying it and it is a very team based game coordination really helps you...
  2. TurtleStrong

    Kings & Heros - MMORPG

    So, as it is now my fun job to bring to y'all Misc Games that I find that are fun and under valued! Today I bring you; This is split into a few section! Open them as you go! CHARACTER CREATION! Character Tabs! Crafting jobs! FOUNDERS ITEMS! DUNGEONS! THE FUN...
  3. Fizzy

    New Squad Forming!

    Hey Guys! I feel like creating a squad! So I am! Haha! Time would be Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday 4:00pm-10:00pm PST. Players must be available to practice 2 hours within this time frame. (Official will be decided later!) I will be hand picking the players I want on the team, and honestly will...
  4. Bradley Dragon

    anyone interested in Heros of Newerth?

    be interested in making an in game guild for it perhaps.
  5. Kindred Spirit R

    Installed heros of the storm

    Have unlocked Nova and Johanna so far... lvl 11, having fun Liking the fact you don't have to last hit minions Do we have a community to join inside the game somehow?
  6. D

    Heros Beta Keys

    Hiya, Was wondering what the rules are in Fever regarding key give aways... I have a few beta keys and would like to give them away to Fever members, and just don't know enough ppl to just pass of to friends and not sure what the rules are on just trying to give them away in clan... Thanks, Dm
  7. DuDe Of LOL

    Shinmai Maou no Testament/The Testament of Sister New Devil

    Been watching this anime, and it is really awsome if u like this kinda anime. if u havent watched it, is kinda like Higeschool DxD, but in a reversed kinda way, it is about the daughter off a dead demon king that has gained the his power, but she dosent know any off this because she have been...
  8. Abom

    Anyone playing Marvel Heros 2015?

    This is a FTP from the original developers of Diablo (from what I hear anyway). It does have a D2 kind of feel to it I have to admit. Seems pretty good so far.
  9. F

    Heros and Generals

    Any of my DayZ folks gonna play Heros and Generals? It's seem like a pretty good F2P game so far. Let me know.
  10. M

    Just got my Heros of the Storm

    I don't even like or know how to play MOBA's worth a crap... :(
  11. Unidentified

    Why Heroes of the Storm?

    Heroes of the Storm is a very talked about up coming game. Blizzard Entertainmenttm has been hinting at this games existence since 2008. Plus it's Blizzard Heroes of the Storm along side with the "Secret" that's no longer a secret Titian have boasted changing the E-Gaming industry which...
  12. CasenJames

    Heros that make the most impact

    Does anyone else feel that while all hero's have a use, some make much more of an impact all game long? In your option what hero's do you think make the largest impact? I would say hero's with stuns, and heros that can push a towers back door solo, and safely. I enjoy these types of hero's...
  13. XTopgunX

    Wow heros this week.. the Free ones ; /

    Wow Alot of bad ass heros >.<
  14. FlyingApples

    Company Of Heros 2

    Looking for people to do the Co-op missions with, i'm not the best, and still learning the best tacs and stuff, but would enjoy some company ^^
  15. uneasy_irish

    Marvel Heros

    Anyone else going to play??
  16. RancoR

    Company of heros 2

    Company of heros 2 coming out soon to me one of the best rts coming out only one that can compare to sc2 even if it is a different genre of rts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BprB15p8Amc trailer makes me drool i so wanna play the nazi campign to take over russia.
  17. Boo

    Marvel Heros Closed Beta Key Give Away (D3/D2 Clone)

    Curse Website Curse is giving away beta key's to all registered Members on they're site, Good Luck! EDIT: This is for Closed Beta This weekend
  18. X

    Protoss: HerO's 2 Gate Pheonix PvP

    HerO's 2 Gate Stargate (vs. Protoss) - Liquipedia - The StarCraft II Encyclopedia This is the build order and list, very strong PvP play for those who are having trouble.