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    Sea of Thieves Update 1.0.5 Patch Notes Are Light On Content, Heavy On Tease

    The seas are calm in the newest update for Sea of Thieves. There are quite a few fixed issues in addition to a small handful of updates in this new patch and, while the whole can be seen as slightly unexciting, the developers did tease that some new clothing, items, weapons, and ship...
  2. VileKnight

    Andromeda going heavy on the speaking characters

    Interesting read this morning from IGN. Apparently Andromeda will have over 1200 speaking characters, which is around the same amount as the last two ME games combined! Woah! I know this might actually turn some people off, but I think this will be a net gain if we took a poll. Pretty nice...
  3. Requ1em

    Heavy Metal Machines

    GAME: HEAVY METAL MACHINES PRICE: FREE TO PLAY (CURRENTLY IN CLOSED BETA) DEVELOPER: Hoplon Entertainment PLATFORM: PC / STEAM ---------- THIS GAME WAS PLAYED ON: - ASUS MB SLI / Windows 10 Home Premium 64-bit OS - ASUS Splendid 28' Widescreen 0ms 1080P HDMI Monitor - Intel Core i7...
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    Beyond: Two Souls releasing on PS4 next week; Heavy Rain launching in March

    We learned Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain would be released on PlayStation 4 earlier this year, and today, Sony has announced the former will be released next week. Beyond: Two Souls will be released on November 24th for $29.99 as a digital download on the PlayStation Network and will include...
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    PlayStation 4 getting Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls in digital and retail form

    Quantic Dreams’ Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are heading to the PlayStation 4, according to Sony’s European PlayStation blog and then confirmed by the developer’s Twitter profile. When both games release, they’ll available for digital purchase or as a part of a...
  6. T

    Jungle mundo is OP, and so are heavy teams.

    Be forewarned this is part rant part bragging session. In my last game of LoL I finally got to play Dr.Mundo after someone dodged the Queue 7 times in a row (No exaggeration) and Am In a team with Leona Top (wut) Heimy Mid (k) Teemo adc (wut) Ahri support (wut) >be Mundo >Start with...
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    Destiny's heavy ammo bug fix coming soon

    Bungie is currently working on a fix for Destiny that would finally allow Guardians to keep their rightfully-earned heavy weapon ammunition. The bug Bungie has been tracking for some time has caused players to lose Heavy Ammo during PVE activities across a number of scenarios, which includes...
  8. Sasori

    LF Role play heavy MMO

    Im looking for a RP heavy MMO, any suggestions? I've already tried Archeage, WoW and FF15. Im not concerned if its a pay to play.
  9. AngelofNoMercy


    It is EXTREMELY important that you research and provide sources if you want to start a heavy debate topic. If you prefer to start a debate without doing much (if any) research, please choose a light debate topic. An important aspect of debate is to start with facts that both sides can agree...
  10. FlutterShy

    Music: Heavy Dubstep UEP MIX

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    Heavy Bullets fires out of Steam Early Access on Thursday

    Creator Terri Vellmann and publisher Devolver Digital have been pushing through the neon chambers of Heavy Bullets since it first hit Steam Early Access back in May. Today, the publisher announced that the game is ready to come out of beta and officially release this coming Thursday, September...
  12. Sychorux

    My current PoE standard build (2H Marauder Heavy Strike & Ground Slam)

    To get this forum more active, I figured sharing character builds would be a good way for fever members to interact and theory-craft. To start it off here is my current PoE main character and build, I recently got a new weapon which increased my dps immensely. ^(Current items as of 11th...
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    Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn review: heavy mettle

    While I'm not a hardcore anime fan, I do find some pleasure out of the Mobile Suit: Gundam series. After all, brave pilots taking control of enormous robot suits has some undeniable appeal. Dynasty Warriors with Robot Skins Bandai Namco has taken a familiar route when it comes to its Gundam...
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    Heavy Bullets teaches the virtues of bullet control on PC

    Comedian Chris Rock once said that America didn't need "gun control," it needed some "bullet control." Make bullets a scarce resource and society will naturally be more careful its guns. That's part of the premise of Heavy Bullets, the new roguelike first-person shooter from Devolver Digital and...
  15. FlutterShy

    Music: Another sick / Heavy Dubstep mix up! prepare your ears! [DUBSTEP]

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    Rekoil launches on PC with new heavy metal trailer

    Plastic Pirahna's Rekoil has arrived on PC today, bringing with it a distinct old-school flavor and a thirst for Couter-Strike-era arena combat in a new eSports age. The studio is celebrating the game's arrival with a brand new trailer, appropriately set to vintage metal. More...
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    Call of Duty: Ghosts adds Heavy Duty mode

    A new title update introduces a brand new mode to Call of Duty: Ghosts. The new "Heavy Duty" mode increases player health, making COD multiplayer less a game of who-shoots-first. Infinity Ward is taking feedback on the mode, although most of the comments so far are focused on unrelated issues...
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    Heavy Rain turned down by Microsoft over fears of a scandal

    But before Sony got so chummy with Quantic Dream, it was Microsoft that was pursuing the game. Studio head David Cage explained that Microsoft wanted to work with the studio after the release of Indigo Prophecy, a game "they really loved." More...
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    Surgeon Simulator 2013 adds Team Fortress 2's Heavy as its next victim, er, patient

    Accidental Murder Simulator 2013 is the next game to get access to Valve's library of characters. Today, the game will receive a free Steam update that adds the Medic and the Heavy from Team Fortress 2. If you're familiar with these titles, it should be pretty obvious how these characters will...
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    Heavy Gear Assault continues crowdfunding on Kickstarter

    After several months of running its own custom crowdfunding campaign without a great amount of success, Heavy Gear Assault developer MekTek Studios has launched a bona fide Kickstarter© to get things rolling. To drum up a little more enthusiasm for the free-to-play mecha shooter, it's released a...
  21. olevam

    Protoss: PvT gate heavy build

    Since I saw an episode of Day 9 which described this build I tried it out, also because I do not like too much robo focused openings. The main idea is that the protoss player takes an early expand and 5 gate, focusing on sentries before getting up around 6/7 of them and then go push at around 8...