1. T

    Hey Guys thanks for having me!

    I just wanna say thanks for adding me to the community! I am so excited to meet everyone and play games with yall! A little about me im active duty army with a beautiful wife and daughter! I get out in a year and a half and broadcasting video games on twitch is my passion so I am grinding every...
  2. HighRoller

    Hey Guys

    Whats up everyone? Just joined and looking around everything looks cool. I look forward to meeting up with everyone!
  3. Regamis

    Hey guys just got back from duty.

    Hope to be able to jump back into it finally back from military duty hope to hear from yall soon.
  4. Bread

    How do you guys feel about the new patch (zac)

    I'm loving the zac mini rework ]
  5. VileKnight

    Aliens, Bad Guys, and Krogen. Oh My!!

    With the release of the second official trailer today (posted in our vid thread), we see a glimpse of the main bad guy. Is the hype jacked up enough? I bet they aren't done yet! Latest Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer Gives Best Look Yet at New Aliens, Enemies
  6. News Bot

    Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer shows off New Earth and some bad guys

    "I don't need an army. I have a Krogan." BioWare and EA have released the promised story trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda, and while we get little in-game play, we do get a look at New Earth, a planet that hopefully would serve as "safe harbor" for a ship of 20,000 stranded in unfirendly space...
  7. Xiantyl

    What server do you guys play on?

    I play on two Private servers and was wondering what you guys play on? i wanna start gaming with my Fellow Clan mates again haha , My steam name is Xiantyl if you wanna check out the server I play on , its pretty modded but the rates arent too high.
  8. whitelord321

    H1Z1 - FYI guys - Prime Membership Rewards

    For a Limited Time there is a ingame loot going for H1Z1 through Twitch Prime. On for a Limited you can get ingame Costume related to, and the Kappa Face. It does require Twitch prime remember that before you attempt to get this skin.
  9. AngelSoul

    Hey Guys :)

    Angel here! I've recently been playing Artanis because I think he's rather fun (and I also really want his Master skin ;P) I have found it rather difficult to play him in quick match (which is where I've been doing so in order to make sure I get him xD) since the team is rarely coordinated...
  10. X

    Hey guys looking for team

    Still looking for team, but nobody pays attention to me, pleas, some on wants me on there team. Rank 1, hIGH LEVEL GAMER, 5500 GAMES PLAYED. xAlisterx#1400 Na Central time all days free exccept Tuesdays
  11. sparkis

    Random question on "guys" and "dudes"

    This may seem like a very random question but what are your thoughts on the usage of the terms "guys" and "dude", particularly if the person(s) in question are female? I don't know if it's a cultural thing, a privilege-blindness sort of thing or the like but it's been my experience that...
  12. AngelSoul

    Hey guys :)

    I have never posted in this thread before but I've recently got back into APB and I'd love to play with you guys! My main is a Criminal but I have a new Enforcer I'm working on too ^-^ You can add me in-game my name is AngelDoll on there :D See ya!
  13. V

    Hey Guys

    I've been on a major hiatus from MMOs in general. Tried to login to BDO, but just couldn't get interested. Should I shell out the cash for Legion and come back? I just don't want to drop the bucks and then not feel interested in the game... Help. Muldred heybob
  14. K

    Love you guys

    I used to play with fever years ago and recently came back to play some diablo with you guys. I'm really enjoy playing with people, but I'm never one to ask for a carry and things like that. I've only had the pleasure of playing with a handful of you so far, yet without asking I've already...
  15. xSupah

    Miss you guys :(.

    Currently on my 4th week down here in NY. This is where I was born and raised before moving to GA in 2011. But with the 4th week hitting on me, I began feeling home sick. Not homesick from GA, I ensure you, but from my family here! It's been so long and I just wanna log on TS and Overwatch and...
  16. Extemporae

    Hey guys

    Hey everyone, I was just invited to join Fever earlier today and would like to introduce myself on these forums. I hope to be crushing rifts and nerding out with all you demon slayers soon =)
  17. Jam

    Can guys and girls be friends?

    ignore this
  18. Kimenu

    How did you guys do in last nights battle cup?

    Just wondering how you guys did in the battlecup last night. I personally won my group and played Elder Titan 3 games in a row xD
  19. M

    Thanks Guys

    Just wanted to say thanks to the guys that helped me finish the journey yesterday and get my stash space. Sigem (I'm pretty sure), and.....crap, can't remember the other guys name, but helped me with the tx 2minute.....didn't get the stash space last season, so this was pretty nice....woohoo...
  20. E

    AUS How many of you guys going to play underground?

    How many of you guys are ready for underground? I know I am ready and I hope more of us can get to using TS again.
  21. gilioth

    looking to build with a club of guys

    hey all i am bronze three right now i am looking for anywhere between 5-20 guys that are always looking to practice and get better on a regular. I am not the best honestly but I am aiming to get better and the more you play the better you get so if anyone is interested let me know please :D
  22. PerfectEnigma

    High Fives All Around Guys

    Beautiful job to everyone on the Greeting Team the past month. Keep up the good work!!!! Sura JSTFY PerfectEnigma efgodlike NobleLion sasabo Nne Jam Teeze iDell GaMeOveR Masirus KillerClown Remeku Requ1em Supguy123 Brute KittyMae jesseb12 DrClawizdead...
  23. W

    Hello Guys this is a semi test/Real Question

    Out of everyone that sees this i would love for you to answer the poll :D Question is When are you most active throughout the day!
  24. S

    hi guys

    hey guys im SiKe, happy to be joining you guys here in the fever overwatch division. i typically get on later on a night except my days off im ususally on just about all day. i look forward to play with you all
  25. C

    hey guys

    hey guys im back to dota 2 after a long break i have some questions 1- does the majority of people play on na here? (because i play on eu ) 2-when is the hot hour? (most people online ) 3-feel free to add me on steam (Steam Community :: legion) (can't wait to play with you ) :)