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  1. RealZae

    Pornshire (Graphic)

    [RealZae {K.I.L.}] Hey, where Elwynn at? I'm tryin' to hammer that your glammer got raiders, roleplayers, et cetera havin' a damn attack And its that bam and back that's standing fat with your rack Let's get candid act like your dancin' at, while mashin the sack Or pretend your Starcraft's...
  2. karlassa

    Resolved: What Is The Best Graphic Card To Play 60 FPS with 1080p?

    Hello All, I am curious to know what would you recommend in regards to graphic cards that would allow me to play 60 FPS and have a 1080p resolution? My price range is 200 to 300. I am curious to know what recommendations that you may have thanks!
  3. B

    Need Graphic Artist

    I need a graphic artist to make me an avatar for a he bo main for midlane? If anyone can let me know
  4. News Bot

    The Legend of Zelda: Legendary Edition collects Zelda graphic novels

    Hey! Listen! If you missed out on Viz Media's celebrated The Legend of Zelda manga series by author/illustrator Akira Himekawa the first time around, you're in luck. Viz will release the first in a series of five omnibus books titled The Legend of Zelda: Legendary Edition this November. Priced...
  5. karlassa

    Resolved: What Graphic Card Would You Recommend For Games Like TERA And Fallout?

    Hello all, I currently have an older graphic card which is the Nvidia GTX 280 which allows me to play games like Diablo and Blade and Soul on low settings. I am curious to know what more newer graphic cards on the market that you would recommend? I was looking at the R9 Radeon by AMD.
  6. xXGuardianXx


    Hey guys i was wondering if anyone would be interested in teaching me, or pointing me in the direction of where i can learn, how to create signatures. ive been intersted for awhile but haven't had the resources i'm hoping to kick it off soon. thanks!
  7. gamerhellborn

    Resolved: Graphic card need help :(

    hello guy i need some help i want to buy graphic card around 100$ below is my pc info i got this info here My Computer Details | System Information | My Sys Info Processor AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad-Core Processor Manufacturer AMD Speed 3.8 GHz Number of Cores 4 CPU ID 178BFBFF00600F20 Family 15...
  8. vGraffy

    Graphic of CSGO Teams

    I was on reddit and I saw a post about resource for wallpaper and avater for CSGO teams. here is what I got. You cna also check the post here Wallpapers: CS:GO Team wallpapers - Credits to whoever made them - Imgur CS:GO PROFISSIONAL TEAMS - Minimalistic csgo team wallpapers - Imgur New logo...
  9. Lil_Nora

    Closed: Are AMD Graphic cards harder to handle and support less games then NVIDIA cards?

    So far I sort of regret using AMD... It gave me lots of troubles when setting my pc up and now I'm having troubles as well, namely getting blackscreens when upgrading the AMD catalyst w/e center... also I get blackscreens when updating my driver. Do you guys have the same problems? The...
  10. sgrterror

    Closed: Graphic drivers...

    Let's start from the beginning... I was felt like playing some MC and whenever I launched the game it said that I needed to update my graphics driver, it gave me instructions on how to do so, so I didn't feel too overwhelmed. Fast forward, I get it updated and everything and now whenever I...
  11. Trubiano

    Minecraft Graphic Update

    Just follow the instructions on this site if you want to take a gander at this. Sonic Ether'''s Unbelievable Shaders v10.1 - Minecraft Mods - Mapping and Modding - Minecraft Forum - Minecraft Forum
  12. Agbourke

    Graphic Card choice pradoxs :{

    Hey peoples just having trouble figureing out which is the better option here i have a choice of getting 2 graphics card on friday for €450 delivered the cards are 2 Asus R9 280xs direct cu II so there about 215 each,but at the minute i can only use 1 card but i dont really mind this because i...
  13. Apathy

    Made a Graphic

    I'm gearing up again to get video production going for our sc2 section... It's only taken me like a year and a half since being added to the video team... I am by no means a photoshop guru (all feedback appreciated) but I made this background. It doesn't quite fit 16:9 but its low enough...
  14. News Bot

    EVE Online getting graphic novel and sourcebook in 2014

    EVE Online already has a TV show in the works. So, what's next for the CCP-developed MMO? The company announced two upcoming books from Dark Horse Comics today: a graphic novel and a source book. More...
  15. News Bot

    Dark Souls 2 'Into the Light' graphic novel coming in January

    Dark Souls 2 is getting its own graphic novel tie-in. The comic book titled Dark Souls 2: Into the Light will be available online in early January 2014. More...
  16. Ravenfist

    Closed: New Graphic Card

    soo, i just ordered my new GC : EVGA GeForce GTX 760 SC and ofc im happy with the choice i made, iv chekced different rewievs of it and all that. so im just here to see what you guys think of it? any1 have it? heres the link for some info on the card: EVGA GeForce GTX 760 SC
  17. Xeridium

    Multiple POV Streaming & graphic

    During the most recent smite night, Valeroth and bulld0g experimented with broadcasting two streams simultaneously. I think this is an incredible idea that could definitely benefit the popularity of our feverclan twitch channel. Especially for in houses and jousts, the ability for a viewer to...
  18. A

    Black screen bad graphic card?

    Sup! I have dual monitors and maybe one or two times each day i get theese annoying black screens when im playing or watching stream. My monitors gets black around 3 seconds then back to normal. I have a nvidia geforce 275. There is a message that it stop working but have been resolved each time...
  19. K

    Closed: FPS / graphic driver issues

    so many know i play league and those that do oftain know i stream too, now to get yeall an understanding of where i'm at is this, when I play league with TS running and nothing rly else,i expect about 60fps, and stable. when streaming tends to be around 40-45. this past week my frames per second...