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    GG, Greg! The Elder Scrolls: Legends: Review

    On this week's episode, I take a look at The Elder Scrolls: Legends. This is a free-to-play collectible card game based in the Elder Scrolls universe. In the world of CCGs, it is impossible to not talk about Hearthstone. I will focus on the key differences are between The Elder Scrolls: Legends...
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    GG, Greg! Depth: Review

    On this week's episode, I take a look at Depth. This is a 4 v 2 coop game that pits divers against sharks. It is similar to Evolve with asymmetric multiplayer gameplay, but Depth actually kept me coming back to play more. I picked it up on Steam sale recently and wanted to share my thoughts with...
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    GG, Greg! The Elder Scrolls Online: Review

    Welcome to GG, Greg! This show will focus on one game that I personally enjoy. I will take a look at the pros and cons of the game and provide a summary of why I enjoy playing it. I take a look at The Elder Scrolls Online on this premiere episode. The game did not impress me at all at launch...
  4. DurandaL

    gg ez

    Blizzard snuck in an easter egg in the latest PTR patch, any one who types "gg ez" will have their text replaced with one of the following sayings (there might be more)
  5. G

    Approved: GG Avri's Application

    Games you play: League of Legends Main Game: League of Legends Age: 22 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: Phlony League of Legends or other Moba Username: GG Avri tag: Kekyla MMO Username: Kerfufle Steam Username: xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you...
  6. Vlaru

    D3 Gearing 101: What is Godly Gear (GG) Anyway?

    Definition: Godly Gear: The state of having perfect rolls on all primary and secondary stats as well as all best in slot (BiS) items. In other words, good luck. This is a guide of the basics for gearing in Diablo 3. Obviously, there will be variations based on different builds and classes...
  7. A

    GG Black xd

    If only he didn't suck so much that VG had to kick him :(
  8. Stickz


    i h8 this shit
  9. BadCompany

    GG DayZ

    So dayz is complete shit now. here are just a few reasons why: 1.) Persistance is now forced. Pretty much means loot no longer re spawns... 2.) Central loot table. loot table is fucked so hard that military gear spawns in residential while military spawns don't have anything 3.) Zombies...
  10. K

    So... GG me.

    So, My video card is dead... I'm using a laptop that wont be able to game or anything.. So that's just awesome... I was watching a movie and boom my video card crashed BSOD, Tryed to turn my pc back on and I have no display... I just love this shit always happens to me and of course i'm poor and...
  11. Y


    Selling gear SET on SOFT CORE SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY Invested 40 exalts of gear + 20 q gems on this character on NEMESIS so yes I would love the value to be higher and plus Headhunter is a ONLY drop from nemesis.. INBOX, Leave comment if interested Skype - crazytoast2 Steam - yeaitsjohnny...
  12. Y

    NEMESIS shop! Q gems GG end game Uniques Come loook

    Heres a shop - I will most likely be on Forum - Nemesis Trading - Shops - VOID BATTERY !!! GG High Hp High Res! Q GEMS - Path of Exile (Nemesis Shop) I will keep updated asap everyday Leave a comment below, pm or message me ingame @dillion_harper yeaitsjohnny Skype: crazytoast2...
  13. D

    GG WP!!!

    Guys this will take 4:35 minutes of your life to laugh please check out my mirana gameplay from my perspective in the dota 2 client Match ID: 406840708 Thank you and remember to spread the video for me :)
  14. Hot

    GG Me

    I don't get paid for nearly a week and BF4 goes on sale today for $25....Guess i wont get it anytime soon...
  15. E

    GG Nemesis

    New mode Please, make it harder :P
  16. Deljase

    GG GGG(yeah, i know)

    Good going, Grinding Gear Games.... So I got home this morning, and go to open up Path. At the launcher window I get an error:"Your content.ggpk file is corrupted. You need to delete it and redownload it." 5.6GB download here we go.....
  17. B

    GG animation for xsplit

    Hi! I have made a GG animation for Xsplit. If you want a sample of It go to my stream bigsm0ke - BigSmoke~ EU Master Laddering dont worry about the black freezez before the animation happens I have sorted It out now, so lets begin. download the rar/zip file, Inside of It theres 3 Images...
  18. Ping

    No GG, No good.

    So I was thinking about this and I did this on Friday. the next time someone says GG to you with an honest complement, PM them with an inv to the Clan. I did this and it seem to work over real well with the guy I talked to. I dont want just people that say gg and leave. I'm talking about...