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    Might and Magic: Elemental Guardians Gearing Up for Global Release

    The mobile gaming scene is ripe with opportunity for developers to create new experiences or rebuild on classic gaming foundations. This story is an example of the latter, as Ubisoft is reigniting the fire of longrunning fantasy RPG series Might and Magic in the new mobile title strategy title...
  2. A

    Gearing up new characters

    Hey guys, with a lot of new faces coming aboard, I wanted to take the chance and give a few helpful links for gearing up. Along with that, some helpful ways I geared up quickly. To start, I came back to WoW in the midst of Burning Legion and had gear from MoP. The quickest way I geared up was...
  3. D

    Guild: Gearing up for new/returning players

    Hey guys, with a lot of new faces coming aboard, I wanted to take the chance and give a few helpful links for gearing up. Along with that, some helpful ways I geared up quickly. To start, I came back to WoW in the midst of Burning Legion and had gear from MoP. The quickest way I geared up was...
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    Lenovo Gearing Up To Release Standalone Google Daydream VR Headset

    The VR market in many ways is still a burgeoning industry, rife with opportunities for new manufacturers to enter the arena. While many game fans were first introduced to virtual reality headsets through PC-based products like the Oculus Rift, others got their first taste through the likes of...
  5. Hoyy

    Guides: Video guide to gearing in 7.2.5

    Hey guys. I know there are some people who may be fresh 110's or a bit low geared. Here is a short video by a youtube content creator on how to quickly gear. Please watch this and use it to help you get gear faster.
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    Battleborn gearing up for big changes in next update

    Battleborn has been treading water of late, having a hard time generating the player base and enthusiasm of Overwatch. But developer Gearbox is planning some changes to get new players in, and convince former players to return. The dev team is planning a Twitch livestream tomorrow at 2 p.m. PT...
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    Google Is Gearing Up To Announce Its Own Smartphone

    Could Google be planning on releasing its own smartphone? If the latest announcement from the search engine giant is anything to go by, that could very well be what's happening. The URL features a heading of "Oct. 4" and features an ever-changing gif image of a...
  8. Wroctaw

    Gearing help

    I was wondering if someone could help me gear up for an hour or so. A friend powerleveled me to 70 and had to go. So I'm a half geared 70 crusader. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you:)
  9. T

    TX Gearing Event on Wednesday May 25th See inside!

    The goal of this event is to help those who want to compete in the Gr competitions get gear to start the push. Nothing is more fun or keeps you playing longer than a little rivalry. We will be deciding groups when the event starts. Sign-ups are open now. What we are doing is getting some...
  10. Muldred


    Hardcore Gearing Event!!! (No Porn Involved!!) 1 pm EDT Sat May 21st WARNING: This is not a 1-70 HC leveling event!!! Requires at least Paragon 50(HC) before event!!! (this is to ensure seriousness of the HC player) (will be revised as necessary) Event is to assist in gearing to be able...
  11. J

    Quick Gearing Question

    Hi everyone - many of you have given me in-game advice, but I was hoping for a more robust response from those of you that have pushed progression. I am currently sitting at ~620 plevel with half ancients in my invoker-punish build and all gems at ~level 60. I consider myself semi-casual...
  12. S

    helo fellow WDs gearing up and those folks wanting more paragon levels

    i am trying to gear for a LoN dart build which calls ancient legend items since this hard build to do i will be running rifts alot if i am online join my game i have my game open for quick joins. i am will plvl new toons aswell
  13. G473R

    DH Gearing

    I have plans for our DH players during a weekend to host an event to help gather gear and also assist anyone having build troubles or questions in general about DH. I am currently having some IRL troubles here at home so I do not want to set a definitive date for this at the moment, but rather...
  14. duzeyyy

    speed farming demon hunter gearing

    anyone willing to help me out? my dps is garbage and its driving me insane, barely able to kill on t1 but dont get hurt lol. anyone, someone, please help me.
  15. Vlaru

    D3 Gearing 101: What is Godly Gear (GG) Anyway?

    Definition: Godly Gear: The state of having perfect rolls on all primary and secondary stats as well as all best in slot (BiS) items. In other words, good luck. This is a guide of the basics for gearing in Diablo 3. Obviously, there will be variations based on different builds and classes...
  16. Bronxx

    Any gearing runs planned?

    Just PL'd a barb because insane dps. Looking to gear up. Anyone planning runs this weekend night? 8:30-9 est
  17. masterleaf

    So you've hit Level 20: Here's what to do. (20+ gearing and Reputation Mechanics)

    Taken from: About to hit Level 20? Here's what to do next. [minor spoilers about game modes] : DestinyTheGame Since Destiny is not your typical FPS, it combines a bit of Borderlands looting and Diablo 3 progression and is nothing like Halo, I'm sure some of you might find it a bit confusing...
  18. Fox

    Gearing guide for new 90s

    Here is a great -in-depth guide from wowhead that covers where to get gear when you hit 90 or get a new boosted 90. Boosted 90s Guide: Gearing Up, Currencies, Legendary Questline, and More - Wowhead News
  19. K

    (Entropy) Who needs 50 PVE gear before OPs?

    I know I'm not the only 50 who needs to do some HM farming for gear before starting OPs. With the second group being formed, I was curious about who else needs gear. Post if you do and how much you need. Hopefully this thread will allow officers to gain a good understanding of who needs gear...