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  1. Grimmee

    just a good way to think about lvling gear

    How to Gear a Character - MetaBattle Guild Wars 2 Builds have fun hope to see more on as we develop GW2
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    Tencent Takes Majority Stake In Path of Exile Development Team Grinding Gear Games

    Tencent has investments all over the gaming industry and the Chinese holding conglomerate seems to be getting stronger every week. This week, the company has revealed a majority acquisition of Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games for an undisclosed amount. Gamasutra reported the news...
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    Sega Game Gear Sold One Game in Q1 2018, According to the NPD

    The Sega Game Gear was an excellent handheld, and I'm still using mine on a regular basis. I love to play Defenders of Oasis, for one, a childhood favorite of mine. We haven't heard a lot about the Game Gear in some time, unfortunately, but that doesn't make it any less cool or useful. It looks...
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    Xbox Games with Gold's May Lineup Includes Metal Gear Solid 5, Vanquish

    May's going to be a great month for Xbox Live Gold members, especially if you haven't played the final entry in the Metal Gear Solid saga. Microsoft looks to have put up its May 2018 Games with Gold announcement video a bit early, which means we now know which titles to look forward to that'll...
  5. Dark_Praetor

    How to roll Off colors on gear

    This method has you use Vorici's workbench recipes to cheapen rolling off-colors on gear using jeweler's orbs instead of chroms past the initial purchase of some off colors. YouTube
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    Metal Gear Survive - How to Level Up Your Character

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    Metal Gear Survive Review: Wandering Through Dite

    The Metal Gear Solid series is massively important to me, but I've never been under the delusion that Metal Gear Survive would reach anything even remotely close to the genius of the games before it. It's the first Metal Gear title devoid of any input from the man Hideo Kojima himself, and aside...
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    Metal Gear Survive Guide and Walkthrough

    Metal Gear Survive is a survival-based entry in the Metal Gear series, but it's nothing like the stealth-based action with political overtones and memorable characters that you're used to. This game was created without the watchful eye of Hideo Kojima, and as such it's a lot different than the...
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    Metal Gear Survive Tips and Tricks

    Metal Gear Survive has unleashed its unique brand of survival action on the masses, and if you like fighting off hordes of zombie-like creatures while collecting crystals and starting diggers up to dig for wormholes, then you're in luck. You'll get to do all that and more in the game, which may...
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    Metal Gear Survive - How to Craft

    Metal Gear Survive is a game that flips the script on the original game series you may be familiar with, focusing on survival elements and everything that comes with them. That means you'll need to know how to gather important crafting materials and utilize them while in the field. As you make...
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    The Second Metal Gear Survive Beta Is Live Now Through February 18

    The second Metal Gear Survive beta has gone live ahead of its projected February 16 launch. Developing... More...
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    Metal Gear Survive Adds Steam To Final Open Beta

    In just about two weeks players will get a chance to experience their first Kojima-less Meta Gear ever when Metal Gear Survive makes its multi-console debut. Before that happens everyone will be able to get a small taste of what can be expected in the full game when Metal Gear Survive has its...
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    How To Sign Up for the Metal Gear Survive Beta

    Not everyone was a fan of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. For some players, it was the ultimate jump into the modern era that the series needed; for others, it was a rather tedious grind through a typical mad Kojima narrative. Either way, now that Kojima is out of the picture, Konami is...
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    Metal Gear Survive Beta Coming To Consoles Next Week

    Hold onto your eyepatches and dust off your favorite cardboard boxes, the Metal Gear Survive beta launches next week. Starting on January 18th and running until January 21st, the beta will give players a chance to earn some exclusive in-game loot for the full version when it launches. The demo...
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    'Justice League' Gear Comes to Injustice 2 Today

    Some might have heard that there's a superhero team-up movie hitting theaters nationwide this weekend. But this isn't about Denzel Washington teaming up with Colin Farrell. This is about "Justice League." Warner Bros. and NetherRealm weren't about to let a tie-in opportunity pass by, so...
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    Metal Gear Survive Begins the Post-Kojima Era in February

    What do you get when you take a Metal Gear game, but remove series creator Hideo Kojima from the equation? You get Metal Gear Survive. Konami is, in fact, going through with this and the publisher has a release date set. Metal Gear Survive will launch on 20th Feb 2018 in the US + 22nd Feb 2018...
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    Shadow of War - How to Upgrade Your Gear

    Shadow of War has a straightforward system when it comes to upgrading Talion’s gear. Players can complete what are called Upgrade Challenges specific to the Weapon or Armor piece that they wish to improve and, if done successfully, will unlock that gear’s bonus, or bonuses. Some are...
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    Turtle Rock Studios Invites Gear VR Players to Drink From The Well

    If virtual reality is going to grow, big names in game development will have to dive into the VR ecosystem and bring some of their established communities with them. Turtle Rock Studios, the crew behind Left 4 Dead and Evolve, will possibly be doing just that with their fantasy RPG The Well when...
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    Naughty Dog Celebrates Outbreak Day With The Last of Us Part II Gear

    September 26 was Naughty Dog's fourth Outbreak Day and the developers used the opportunity to ramp up some excitement for the sequel to their smash hit zombie action game The Last of Us. Naughty Dog did a partnership with Mondo in 2016 that resulted in a wonderful poster illustrated and signed...
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    Metal Gear Rising and ScreamRide Now Playable on Xbox One

    Microsoft has added backwards compatibility for two more Xbox 360 games, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and ScreamRide, meaning you can now play digital or physical copies of those older games on your Xbox One. The two new additions join a list that already consists of hundreds of titles, which...

    Fresh Necro Gear Progression Guide

    So, I just got my 6 piece Rathma's. What should I be looking for, and what's the best way to get it? I'm guessing a main hand, ring, ammy, then offhand? Ring-Krisbin's?
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    HoloLens Now Being Implemented in Military Gear

    A Ukrainian tech company is adapting the Microsoft HoloLens for military use, implementing the AR system into a series of helmets for tank commanders. LimpidArmor has developed the Circular Review System headgear with the HoloLens system designed to interact with cameras mounted on the front of...
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    Palmer Luckey Cosplays as Metal Gear Solid 5's Quiet

    After Oculus founder Palmer Luckey left Facebook earlier this year, people openly speculated on what he might do next. Would he open a new studio, or perhaps enter the conservative political arena? Well, apparently he is going to cosplay and travel. Luckey was captured on digital film coplaying...
  24. A

    Fever DayZ SA Squad

    Looking to get a fever group together to play on one server and get some sort of trading/raiding base going. Hmu on Steam (ahighfiveguy) if you are interested or if we already have a group that plays together regularly. :D
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    Gear of War 4 April Update Bring Chocolate Weapons and Big Bunny Heads

    The Gears of War series is not really for the youngsters, so despite the Easter theme of the Gears of War 4 April update, it is highly recommended that children avoid it, unless you want them to run screaming from anyone in an Easter Bunny costume, The update will bring back Big Bunny heads...