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  1. RiZe

    Freestyle 2 Basketball

    hello, Anyone in here plays Freestyle 2 Basketball and if so, what do you think about this game? I personally like it the gameplay is fun. You can practice for hours mastering different skills, and skill combinations to compete with other players. Games are pretty quick, and the arcade feels...
  2. DrSmitherine

    PUBG game night!

    Hey all! I recently become the XO for the pubg section and I am interested in getting a game night going for this fantastic game! For everyone who would like to participate in this game night I ask you to post the best days and times that would work for you. Also if you could post your timezone...
  3. Winterrose

    Notice: Thanks to those that came to my game night last night!

    Last night was the first LoL game night in probably quite some time. We had a couple people show up and we even had a guest play with us! The next game night will be on the 28th of August as I have to skip next Monday because I work a 12 hour shift that day. I hope to see more people at the next...
  4. Sidonis

    Game Night | 8-12-18 | Hellfire Necks

    I have enough uber keys for each boss to craft 60 necks (full inventory) even if the drops are stingy, if you have need of rolling a hellfire neck I'll be hosting a group for that during game night tonight.
  5. Winterrose

    Notice: Game Night Announcement!!

    Hi there fellow Fever members! Game nights for League of Legends will be coming back on the 13th (Monday) of August! We'll start with an hour of game play and then as the game night becomes more popular and more people start showing up, I'll extend it to an hour and a half and then to two...
  6. H

    Updates: New? Game breaking bug

    The new update created a new bug, i have personally not seen before in the game. It seems like it is something new and recent for many others as well on the HOTS forums. The bug removes your spells from your spell bar, and player...
  7. Shiny

    Event: Who wants some game nights?!

    Title. Reply to this post if you'd show up to them and when they would work for you. Note: These would be hosted in the Americas region
  8. D

    Looking For Game Night/Morning Suggestions

    Getting a regular game night or morning running is something that I am looking to put together. But I would like some input from those of you that are playing Gw2. So far the ideas that I am tossing around would be: WvW (That would be October when in theory it wouldn't matter if we were...
  9. billy_da_bob

    Mafia Game #34 Re-signups

    14 slots available tag anyone that you think would be interested also, I'm back in the US again ayy 0yme0 Agent Of Zion Artam Aug Bee TurtleStrong Deltascourge Esh FC Ghost Fox GamerKnoob...
  10. Atomic Philosopher

    Looking for Single Player PC Game Suggestions

    The title pretty much sums it up. I want something new to play but I can't find anything that really strikes me. Just looking for something fun whether it be an RPG, shooter, RTS, etc. - it doesn't matter. Games with online elements are alright as long as there are Asian servers. It's kind of...
  11. Winterrose

    Who would be interested in LoL game nights coming back?

    Hey there, most of you know who I am and what my former position used to be in this amazing clan. I'm finally back in Fever Clan and I've had some thoughts on the LoL section here. Who would genuinely be interested in a game night? Any thoughts or opinions? Anything you'd like to see with the...
  12. Violet

    Sunday's Game Nights

    Game Nights every week Sunday 8pm EST, hosts vary. Join in on Discord or pm in-game for invites. Happy Gaming!
  13. Violet

    Game Night Suggestions/Ideas

    Hi Everyone! We always welcome suggestions and new ideas for game nights and events. If you think of something, please post it here. If you'd like to try at being a game night host, please contact Entropian1960 or Diligaff Thanks and Happy Gaming!
  14. MemeQueen

    New Game Night

    Hey all, I've decided to move my game night from Thursday 10PM to Tuesday at 10PM EST. I'd love to host earlier, however my work schedule does not allow this. If 10PM is inconvenient, PLEASE make it known. Also, if anyone is interested in hosting an earlier game night either Monday or...
  15. B

    Any Interest in a Rat Run game night?

    As Title says, looking to gauge interest for a rat run game night regularly.
  16. SathKa

    The Downsides of a Constantly Evolving Game

    Well a few Days ago Doublelift made an Video about the recent problems with frequent changes that players have been dealing with in season 8. He goes on to explain how patches in League are an important part of the game. Change is good, but it might help to have these patches less frequently...
  17. Lycan

    Game nights - thank you

    To trep, well actually all who take the effort to put on our game night events, a big thanks. I am always lucky enough to find a fun group every time. You make D3 such a social game. Lycan
  18. Medic739

    Destiny 2 Game Night 8 - 10PM EST

    Game Nights (8 - 10) P.M. EST Tuesday and Saturday (8 - 10) P.M. EST Game nights are for progression for those that need it, gear up for those that want it and EP's for those that crave it We will be be working on Pushing people that have not completed Levi to get to Prestige through, EoW, EP's...
  19. trep

    Trep's Game Night for EU players

    Trep is hosting a game night Friday 12pm US EDT Join in on the fun on Discord :)
  20. Violet

    Qzuar's Game Night

    Friends, Qzuar will be hosting game nights this season on Fridays 9pm EST. Join us on discord for goblins, funs, and mayhem!
  21. MemeQueen

    Custom Game Modes

    Hey everyone! So it seems our Thursday night game night has turned into a custom game night! They're so much fun and we've been experimenting with some different games. So I decided to post some of the modes and their rules here. (Shout out to Stryver theduckmilker and Cookie for bringing in...
  22. darkset

    cookie clicker or other incremental game race

    i was thinking it might be fun to all start at the same time allowing for time zones and have a race to see who could get the highest score. i was thinking with no mods or auto clickers just to be fair but as this is still in the planing stage anything is fair game.
  23. News Bot

    Miramar Finally Added To PUBG On Xbox Game Preview, Track Suit Returns For Limited Time

    PUBG mobile players got access to Miramar, PUBG's vast desert map, just last week and Xbox One players are now welcome to the party. Some new DLC is being made available as well and the dev team is doubling down on the optimization focus for PUBG on the Xbox Game Preview service. In addition to...
  24. News Bot

    Vintage Video Game Vault: Teaching An Old Wolf To Play Old Games

    Welcome to the second edition of the Vintage Video Game Vault Twitch Stream (name subject to be improved). Take a ride with your buddies on a 16-bit magic carpet as we attempt to enjoy the games of yesteryear on modern controllers that suck at playing these great classic games. Today's stream...
  25. News Bot

    God of War and Far Cry 5 Headline April NPD Video Game Sales Report

    Players who have been curious to learn how April of 2018 stacked up in the video game sales market can wonder no more. Industry analyst Mat Piscatella of The NPD Group has put together a new report concerning all video game and related sales for last month, and perhaps unsurprisingly, big games...