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    Sega Ages Classic Gaming Series Adds Alex Kidd and Gain Ground

    Still yearning for the Virtual Console you've been clamoring for since the Nintendo Switch was announced? Keep yearning, because it looks like we're getting something else in place of the Virtual Console, at least in terms of a few upcoming Sega titles. Sega is bringing a host of Sega arcade...
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    Shadow of War - Dominate, Gain Followers and Build an Army

    In Shadow of War, the numbers are often going to be overwhelmingly against you. No matter your skills, high level enemies and their minions are going to get the better of you. Well, unless you have an Army of your own, which you can absolutely do by Dominating and recruiting Followers. Dominate...
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    Xbox Game Pass Launches on June 1, Gold Subscribers Gain Access Today

    Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's digital subscription service that lets you play hundreds of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, will launch on Thursday, June 1, for $9.99 a month. The service will offer a 14-day free trial, and Xbox Live Gold subscribers can sample the service starting today. You'll need...
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    PlayStation 4 users may gain PS Plus free games voting feature

    Sony is rolling out a new feature that allows PlayStation 4 owners to vote for what game they would like to see added to the PlayStation Plus free game lineup for the following month. According to screengrabs taken from a UK PS4, the new Vote to Play feature will allow PlayStation 4 users to...
  5. P

    How to gain paragon and gear: Speed Clearing GRs 101 and Beyond

    This thread is all about how to gain the most paragon levels and legendary drops in the shortest amount of time. I'll go over a few basics, tips, as well as comps. Please add all of the useful information you can to this thread. Relevant advice/data should also include your XP/hour on runs...
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    Nintendo rebounds with 2nd quarter $131 million gain

    There hasn't been a lot of good news for Nintendo over the past couple of years, with the company reporting a $97 million loss as recently as July. But the house that Mario built is nothing if not resilient and the company seems to be on an upward trend again. Nintendo's second-quarter financial...
  7. Lil_Nora

    Clash of Clans: Trophy gain pretty easy?

    So I just played like 6 attacks or so and got 200 Trophies already. Is it just me or is it pretty easy on early levels to gain trophies? When do I get to face "stronger" or "strong" bases? Also urgh... to get 150k gold for the TH5 Upgrade is pretty tough with just the mines and enemy bases...
  8. JansoriHajima

    Gain elo

    Get good and play akali everywhere. She is hard to deal with once she snowballs a little. EDIT: Or ban Ryuzaaki 's ryze