1. mwperk

    Found a bug

    When I have been playing today I have noticed units don't have the green selection circle at their feet when I select them. Anyone else see this?
  2. News Bot

    E3 2017: How Coco Bandicoot found her way into the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

    The wait is almost over for the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Activision has shown off elements of all three games across various conventions, so as the game hits E3 2017, it's hard to imagine what could be left to show off. Shacknews found out very quickly that there were still a few major...
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    Russian YouTuber Found Guilty of Playing Pokemon Go and 'Inciting Hatred' in a Church

    Twenty-two-year old Ruslan Sokolovsky received a 3.5-year suspended sentence for playing Pokemon Go in one of Russia's holiest sites and uploading a profanity-laden video to YouTube (via Vox). Last August, Sokolovsky, a blogger and self-professed atheist recorded a video of himself playing...
  4. T


    Hey guys, whos all incharge of the clan vs clans for league of legends? i found a clan that is interested in doing one with us
  5. ColdHeead

    Found a challenger on D4

    I was playing ranking climbing my way to Master and I came across a challenger in a ranked D4 game . Not only that he is challenger is wierd but he is not a low challenger player. He has reached up to 808 lp.
  6. S

    Bug Exploit found in 2.4.3 Season 9

    As disclosure....DO NOT USE THIS OR EVEN TRY THIS EXPLOIT/BUG. Blizzard has said they will ban accounts that are guilty, as some of the word is that accounts on the Leaderboards are using it for a huge advantage, and you might see people getting banned and removed from said Leaderboards Hot...
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    Job Simulator Sales Show VR Has Found A Large Audience

    Virtual reality is still maturing as an industry and the funds and time that go into a VR-exclusive game like Job Simulator make it hard to turn a profit. Many studios working on VR titles end up breaking even or losing money, with Oculus and HTC having to inject funds and create in-house...
  8. FloriLucem

    Found a game on mobile tonight...

    So I found this game called ZGirls on mobile tonight during one of the more boring moments of my work night. It's one of those construct a base and build an army with world PVP and well zombies. Oh did I mention that your army is just a bunch of anime girls? Also, it is apparently a dating sim...
  9. Mayo

    I found you Aced!

  10. News Bot

    BioShock Remastered on PC contains the same bugs found in original game and more

    BioShock: The Collection released earlier this week on consoles and just became available on PC yesterday, and it appears there are many unhappy customers as its Steam reviews reveal severely poor optimizations on the platform. One of the biggest issues PC players are having with their...
  11. Sithis

    Weed channel I found - UpTownGrow Lab Inc.

    Hey weed enthusiasts. Found a channel on the Tube last night and I have been really enjoying his videos. He's super educated about weed (due to his age) and is a nice change from the formal/formulaic videos of customgrow420 and strain central. Check it out :) UptownGrowLab, Inc. - YouTube
  12. News Bot

    Battlefield 1 Premium Pass found on Origin site

    Season passes have become routine, and although Electronic Arts hasn't officially announced one for Battlefield 1, we knew one was coming. Well, surprise, and entry has popped on Origin for a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass. The pass, which is available for pre-order for $49.99, will included four...
  13. News Bot

    Assassin's Creed Ezio Collection found on Korean rating board

    An entry on the Korean video game ratings board has apparently outed an as-yet-unannounced Assassin's Creed compilation called the Ezio Collection for PS4 and Xbox One. The PS4 and Xbox One entries (via AllGamesDelta) does not specifiy what exactly the collection would include, but did give...
  14. H-GAMER

    A glitch I found in ONiK :D Seriously, try it out, it's pretty easy to pull off and kinda funny :D
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    Pokemon Go: GPS Signal Not Found, App not Working, and Other Common Errors

    Pokemon Go has been riding the waves the past few days, even rising to become more popular than porn. But what about all those left unable to play due to game crippling bugs or errors? This guide will offer solutions to some of the more common errors, as well as tackle one of the biggest errors...
  16. News Bot

    Pokemon Go Guide: Fix GPS Signal Not Found, Tips, and more

    Pokemon Go has millions glued to their phone screens as they wander the real world in search of rare and hidden Pokemon. But what does that pulsing around your avatar mean? And how do you get more candies so you can make your prized Pokemon evolve? We’re going to get to the heart of these...
  17. r3ck0n1n8

    Found a clan on the EU servers called Fever, is it ours?

    Just what the title says, I guess :) on a whim i did a search on the clans screen and this came up... I've been struggling to find peeps to play with on EU so if this was official, I think it'd be awesome ;) If not, I'd wanna know too before I apply to join :D
  18. Raphael

    Guys, i found out why Pheonix loves sorceress so much We were wrong, they are an amazing class Pheonix Atakapa Raiiken Ariel Badger
  19. NobleLion

    Tabata app update - found a keeper

    Hey all, I have started a workout regimen that uses supersets with rests in-between. On one of the days it goes like this: Superset one: Jumping Jacks - 30 seconds Prison squats - 30 seconds REST Superset two: 2 more exercises REST Superset three: 2 more exercises Then...
  20. W

    Group found for FF14

    so as the title states ive found a group o about 8 people to play with we are all starting fresh characters and when we all reach lvl 25 we will be creating a new free company together jut thought id inform you all of this and ask if any one would like to join us. we are stationed in the server...
  21. F

    So I found this... You can also post some parody episodes that you like here, or broji will shatter the 4th wall and bring black hole madness to us all!!!

    So I found this... I think we can all relate to that one game we always have

    So I found this...
  24. S


    So in over 5000 games, ive found maybe.... 5-6 randoms I enjoyed playing with? And then just the other day.... I ran into FOUR people, all of which were partied up, who were not only amazing players, but actually chatted and made jokes. O_O Im still having a hard time accepting that they...

    Guys I found it!!!