1. SandiZ

    I have never ever ventured into this part of the forums

    Care to give me a tour? Defenetly not sent from a phone
  2. Ryuzaaki

    Just sharing my feedback about Ryze I posted on the LoL forums

    relevant thread: 3-4 years later I still miss the original Ryze - League of Legends Community Anyone else play any Ryze or have any thoughts about him?
  3. Masterwalker

    Hacker openly posting on forums

    ...continuing from last post. See for yourself. Edit: Riot deleted the post, so I had to recover the cache version. Cheers. Image in page 5 Picture is "Jason" sending...
  4. XTopgunX

    We have 2 SC2 Recruitment Threads up agine on Blizz Forums

    Just leting u guys know so we can get 1 removed so we are not spamming
  5. Ryuzaaki

    All your forums are belong to me

    Because I have nothing better to do at 8 in the morning.
  6. RancoR

    fever forums slow

    I dunno where that thread went but the fever forums are officially really slow for me now.... so slow i somehow double or triple most b/c chrome keeps asking if i want to leave this page.... and i have a 30mb line dedicated..... 6mb up
  7. Einhander

    Music: The Song that played in my head upon seeing the forums for the first time.
  8. MustangPunk

    Forums are back.

    You need to re-register but they are back link
  9. MustangPunk

    Official WarZ Forums Lost

    Forum Update | Forums are back online Hello Survivors, Wednesday, March 27, 2013, a forum administrator account was compromised, and as a result the forums were impacted. At this time we have restored as much as possible, however, many posts were unable to be restored as a result. As many...
  10. DrinkingWhiskey

    I think we need our own little Fever trading area on the forums

    Personally, I like to sell shit for the highest amount possible- but if it's for my fellow Fever members I'd like to discount an item. I'm talking like at least half off the "AH prices" for said item... anyone else think the same. I mean, I'm all about ripping off some D3 player, but when it's a...
  11. Kirbz

    League of Legends Recruiting Post on the LoL forums

    Doc187 started a thread. Looking for a group? Come game with us! - League of Legends Community please upvote and bump occasionally. -Kirbz
  12. C

    WarZ got hacked forums and accounts got Hacked.

    So I went to the forums today and noticed a ton of threads and posts were deleted. After digging around I found a thread and it stated a mod got hacked and the hacker used his account to delete threads and wreck a little havoc. People were getting their accounts banned by the hacker and the devs...
  13. A

    Azrealfallen, redoing admission, cause I wasnt active on forums enough

    yeah, I took a break about a month ago and didnt do anything computor related, (basically to prove I could do it) for a few weeks, so I need to get back on the fever roster. Probably shoulda said something about it, but was kinda focused on own issues. Would be great if I could get reinstated if...
  14. Shock

    Blizzard's Copy Rights and their Forums

    So, I have a question, and maybe one of you more savvy law-types can answer this *cough* Logan *cough*... but Kirk and I made a recruitment commercial for SC2 a couple of weeks ago and we're just wondering if we can post it on the forums or not. I've read through their stuff to see...
  15. crimsonfate

    Official Forums are now live!

    For those that do not follow the Guild Wars 2 website, the official forums are now open: It's pretty barebones at the moment. Was hoping for server boards to be up, so we could get to know others on our servers.
  16. Mr Twinky

    Discussion: Out of boredem browsing Forums I came accross this hilarious post

    Disgruntled Vanilla Vet has a bone to pick. - Forums - World of Warcraft made my fucking day Note: I just copied and pasted what he wrote to look at it Click on the link provided above. Hey guys, My name is Chairman and I've been playing since Beta World of WarCraft. You see? I'm an...
  17. Aragos

    Welcome to the Fever SWTOR Crafting Forums!

    This Section is specific to Crafting Leveling Guides, Recipe/schematic guides, and Guild Bank(after 1.2 patch) donations and request for withdrawals. You can also make a thread like this example below: Booyah needs a Magenta Crystal! Who can help! Notice I used my name, and that it's a...
  18. Aragos

    US: Welcome to the Fever SWTOR PVE Forums!

    This Section is specifically to talk about PVE Builds, PVE Raid Groups, who are the top PVE Players, PVE Guides for operations and flashpoints, and just about anything else having to do with PVE Titles should read as this Example for a specific PVE Class Build: Booyah's Sith Juggernaut PVE...
  19. Aragos

    Forums stickies

    So the stickies with rules and guides, I believe I have a majority of them saved. Once I get home I'll look for them and start reposting them. Bear with us. This rebuild will take a little while. I have about 2 weeks of nothing to do so I be working on it quite a bit. If anyone has any...
  20. Bogo

    What happened to the forums? READ NOW!

    As many of you have probably heard by now the forums have suffered a huge loss. I had logged into the Fevergaming site to do some maintenance and failed to notice that the log in had reverted me back to the FeverClan cpanel. A mistake that didn't have to happen if I would have double checked...
  21. Virus

    Tapatalk - A Mobile Forum Browsing Application

    Tapatalk is an easy to use Mobile Application for accessing the Fever Forums on the go. You can easily browse through different threads at a breeze, load up images as thumbnails, or even create a new post with the ease of using a normal forum. The following devices and systems support Tapatalk...
  22. Manatikik

    Fever Forums Go Down

    That's right the |Fever| Clan Forums have gone down early this morning. Admins are hard at working trying to get them back up and running to the way they were previously. What is the world going to do without the world's finest gaming clan down for the day? Nobody knows, but thousands are...
  23. .mpm.7.

    How you imagine the new forums?

    I will start with my own thoughts. In our old forums I disliked the Blue beginning page, not that it wasn't looking nice, it was awesome looking but out of concept. Like from shiny blue you go to a dark black colored page. The new forums, whatever I imagine wont be worth in front of what they...