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  1. Bogo

    We've Successfully Upgrade the forums!

    You might be asking... What happened to the forums, my rank, my coins, awards. They will be coming back! Don't worry! We've successfully been able to upgrade to another platform -- a modern platform -- Xenforo. We've ditched the vbulletin (it's still there) and moved to a new age. Let us know...
  2. F

    Pending: Where's the SSL?

    So I just created my application, and went off for a few hours. When I was back home, I decided to log in on the forums again, now I realized that this website isn't protected, noticeable by the "HTTPS" in front of the URL. Now my question of course it, why is this? With an amount of 1600...
  3. TurtleStrong

    Pending: Forums skins unresponsive

    So, one of the main reasons I don't spend much time browsing our forums anymore and actually participating is its impossible to know what thread I'm about to click on when I am looking at new posts because I'm restricted to using three layouts of the five available. Grad Green & Black and...
  4. W

    Images in forums

    I have a question I have never really wrote much on forums. When I post a picture its extremely small below is an example but everyone else will link pictures much bigger how do you do this? I have looked at options before I post and I see no options to make it bigger. So any help is appreciated...
  5. RealZae

    Forums go Crazy

    [INTRO] (Hello?) I want to Are - na (Huh?) You want to Are - na (Yeah?) We need to Are - na (Cool) Let's enter the Are - na (Lemme get up) [Verse 1 - Zae] Saturday mornin', I ain't gotta work Last night's stream sold a lot of merch Bad Belf in my bed so I ain't gotta jerk AJ's list...
  6. Tankbankz

    *GIVEAWAY* No Dev stream today so they are doing giveaways at the forums Head over and post! Kraken; CaliberJacob; Turnus
  7. PapaRussia

    Resolved: No chat box while on forums

    Hey everyone, you may have seen me expressing my problem in the shoutbox before but It's really an inconvince that the chat box that is used to talk with other members online is no longer showing up for me. Is there any reason for this or something I need to do to get it back? Also I would...
  8. News Bot

    DayZ forums down after hackers access all usernames, emails, and passwords

    Bohemia Interactive is notifying players via email the forums for DayZ have been compromised. The email, which was retrieved by Shacknews, mentions a security incident occurred on “According to our investigation all usernames, emails and passwords from...
  9. Ohici

    Hi I'm new here to these forums

    Hey everyone I'm Ohici and I submitted an application but I just wanted to get to know some more about everyone that plays some league.
  10. Kai

    Feverclan Chat

    Hello everyone. I would just like to talk about the website messenger. Its been working very well and I enjoy much better than the older version. But I feel like it is very difficult to use on a mobile phone. I often find myself checking the forums during breaks in my university or if I...
  11. P

    Important 2.3 news from the forums

    There is a ton of noise on the PTR feedback forum, but some of the info is critical for 2.3 planning. The way things stand now (last update 8/25/15), here are some important tips you might not know: All classes * ASPD is capped at 5.0 (especially important for monks and wizards) -...
  12. C

    Resolved: Unable to connect to Teamspeak and use chats on forums

    As the title says, I am unable to connect to Teamspeak ("Failed to connect to server"). I was talking to someone in the Hearthstone rooms at the time and she said I was lagging, so I restarted the Teamspeak and could not connect again. After which I tried to contact someone through forum chat...
  13. Rayvenx

    Forums are like crack.

    So when I joined ( a few days ago ) I told tilted that I would have a rough time posting every two weeks. 3 days later and this is my eleventh post. I'll say this much; Fever does have a very active community :D Now if only I can get more people to know me and the games I play. *Cough*...
  14. J

    Hot Fix - 8/10/15 - Dirty Bomb Forums

    Link to Official Information: [COMPLETE] Unscheduled Maintenance + Update Notes - 8/10/15 - Dirty Bomb Forums
  15. Shortcutcomix

    Shortcutcomix Introduction

    Hello my name is Raymond (aka Shortcutcomix), and I'm new to the FeverClan forums, I was wondering if there was any tips or advice I should follow. I'd also appreciate if you could direct me to some forums you may find interesting. Thank-you :)
  16. LateMoon

    Do the forums ever reset the thread count

    Do the forums ever reset there thread count? Just wondering cause it would seem like they would get a lot of threads didn't know if you would have to erase and start over.
  17. 0yme0

    Closed: The forums are suggesting date rape to us

    Every so often, the forums bug out for me and give me 3 random words. This is so weird Mizu and Sir_Erie <10:42:37> "|Fever| 0yme0 |MJR|": testgrandiosedisapprove <10:47:18> "|Fever| Sir Erie |2LT|": whinetendersmash <10:48:19> "|Fever| Sir Erie |2LT|": trapcoordinatedplace <10:48:56>...
  18. Demolisher

    Smite forums slacking?

    Is the official smite forums slacking? i've yet to see them post any official patch notes on this upcoming patch. Yes i know Ao is coming back, but what else?
  19. M

    Resolved: HELP. I Got kicked from Forums AGAIN. Need Password

    Hey guys/gals MustangPunk here. I tried to reset password on computer, said I had to wait 15 mins. I now have over 300 emails telling me to wait 15 mins to log in. Overnight when I was sleeping I got 19 emails. I need a new password and I think the email part about waiting 15 mins needs...
  20. 0yme0

    Resolved: My forums are dying

    Is it just me or is it everyone? I guess I'll give examples of what happens. When I get a notification, it comes up really late. I had one from last night that I refreshed the forums all night and then it just alerted me. When I go to check a notification, it'll remove all over...
  21. MustangPunk

    Found this little PvP Series on the Official Forums

    These are pretty kewl and sometimes funny... these guys/gals are good.;feature=share&amp;list=UUTwhXTnuGM GLRR4amdFew_w&amp;index=1
  22. still.hasu

    Official DayZ forums Fever thread.

    So I figured a great way to pick up some new DayZ players was to make a thread in the official forums recruitment sub. If anyone would like to go over and put in a few good words about us, and just to check out the thread you can find it @ here
  23. silverdaggerfan

    butthurt kid in LOL forums

    Problem has been resolved. No butthurt kids here anymore
  24. Bogo

    New Announcements on the forums

    We have updated announcements that are shown to the guests and also to registered members that are not clan members. You can view it below. We have also added back the announcement in the application for members. Maybe this will cut down on a few posts in there, even though its not a big...
  25. Nitshft

    started a recruiting thread in the official forums

    If any of you want to come add your sigs in and maybe say a few awesome words about Fever or pandemic feel free! Fever has opened its doors!