1. Bogo

    New Search Feature for the forums!

    We have been having some search issues across our themes for awhile now. We have added a new search feature for the Forums, Threads, and Images. I have been testing it most of the day today. There will probably be another day or so of syncing due to the sheer size of the forums -- some of the...
  2. madslane

    Update Privacy Options on PoE Forums!

    Clickbait title! No serious though. Go to your profile:<your account name here>. After logging in on the right hand side, underneath your avatar and any supporter titles, you'll send an option titled "Privacy settings". Click this to and be...
  3. Bogo

    The Division section of the Forums!

    Sorry for the delay, but we have created a division section of the forums for those of you that play the game. Enjoy!
  4. Aragos

    Welcome to the Fever SWTOR Crafting Forums!

    This Section is specific to Crafting Leveling Guides, Recipe/schematic guides, and Guild Bank(after 1.2 patch) donations and request for withdrawals. You can also make a thread like this example below: Booyah needs a Magenta Crystal! Who can help! Notice I used my name, and that it's a...
  5. Aragos

    US: Welcome to the Fever SWTOR PVE Forums!

    This Section is specifically to talk about PVE Builds, PVE Raid Groups, who are the top PVE Players, PVE Guides for operations and flashpoints, and just about anything else having to do with PVE Titles should read as this Example for a specific PVE Class Build: Booyah's Sith Juggernaut PVE...