1. Loyalbdog

    New Story Forum Game?

    Hi I'm Loyalbdog, I have always had a creative mind in that I could make a story on the fly and semi-decent but I don't think its ever enough for me to go write a book and publish it and this is where these forums come in. I want to make a game where me and anyone who wishes to take park where...
  2. A

    Important: WoW Available Jobs

    XO: BadFishSC Deputy Company Commander: Assistant Company Commander: Company Administrator: Coaching Staff (enlisted+): ***Responsible for knowing their class(es), and can coach and give advice when solicited.*** Tank VACANT Dps VACANT Healer VACANT Horde GAME NIGHTS -...
  3. angryBeard

    'New Posts' Under the Forum Tab not working?

    If I click on a thread under 'New Posts' it says : "No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator". Am I doing something wrong or is there a site issue?
  4. billy_da_bob

    Anyone Interested in Forum Mafia?

    Rules of the game: Standard Rules For Mafia Games ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ As the thread says. Since I can't game much over where I'm at, I might as start this up again aye Gimme a yay or nay to sign up. I'll give it...
  5. News Bot

    NeoGAF, Sexual Harassment, And A Gaming Forum Reset

    This past weekend, gaming forum NeoGAF was set ablaze when the site's owner, Tyler Malka aka Evilore, was accused of sexually inappropriate behavior. Film director Ima Leupp shared a Facebook post inspired by the #MeToo hashtag and detailed an encounter with Malka back in 2015. This set off a...
  6. News Bot

    NeoGAF, Sexual Harassment, And A New Gaming Forum

    This past weekend, gaming forum NeoGAF was set ablaze when the site's owner, Tyler Malka aka Evilore, was accused of sexually inappropriate behavior. Film director Ima Leupp shared a Facebook post inspired by the #MeToo hashtag and detailed an encounter with Malka back in 2015. This set off a...
  7. billy_da_bob

    #33 Forum Mafia billy Reboot - CURRENT

    heyo everyone foreal this time, aiming for under 72 hours since hardly anyone responded in the other thread when I tagged people the other day max of 14 players feel free to tag anyone you think would be interested 0yme0 Agent Of Zion Artam Aug Bee...
  8. Druhillion

    Pending: Main "New Posts" forum search links do not go to post

    Not sure if this is a known issue or not but when I click on the, "New Posts" link when in the forum section: which brings me to the results list and I click on any of the main list links, whether I click on the small green box with the 2 down arrows (red arrow) or the text of the link...
  9. B

    Path of Exile needs some love in the Forum Dept!!

    Being new, I was carefully browsing our forums trying to find our "Path of Exile" area. I think I discovered that one does not exist!! Could we get some <3 in the forum department? I am very interested in learning and sharing from my fellow Exiles and we could use a place to cob a squat...
  10. slyxsoy

    LOL Threads - Redirecting to Forum Main Page

    Hey Everyone! Not sure if everyone knows but I'm the new LOL Company Administrator (ie - I do the boring back office stuff) :) With all of the forum issues over the last few days there have been a number of threads that now redirect back to the main forum page. A good example of this is page...
  11. mYth

    Resolved: Random Forum Threads Redirecting to Main Page

    Prior to the website DB issues on 3/04-3-06, randomly chosen forum threads were redirecting back to the main page on multiple web browsers. I pointed this out at the Members meeting on 03/04, and the officers present said that it was a known issue that was being looked into. I'm now creating...
  12. Idolator

    Resolved: Forum Event Calendar

    So I just noticed that the Forum's Event Calendar only goes up to December 31st 2016, you cannot set (or view) any date after that. Can we get with the times and add more years in there? xD Bogo Gyorn
  13. billy_da_bob

    Forum Mafia Roster

    Just a roster for people to mass tag during signups If you want to be added or removed just let me know 0yme0 Agent Of Zion Artam Aug Bee Deltascourge Esh FC Ghost Fox GamerKnoob Gaudkiller Hazazer Itzgeorge Izzo Jatt Kimenu MekaQ Morgraine MustangPunk PapaRussia Perwild Rage487 Remeku Requ1em...
  14. Linessah

    Forum Content?

    If some time were invested in creating content for the D3 forums, what kind of stuff would you *enjoy* seeing on here? Fine tuned build guides? Fun stuff like goblin farm routes? Or helpful accumulation posts (i.e. more detailed set dungeon locations, their objectives, and a few build...
  15. Ian

    TeamSpeak and Forum rosters totally different.

    I'm not really calling anyone out here or ratting out anyone in specific, but I've noticed a lot of non-members still in the clan member section on the TS.. I'm guessing they were moved for inactivity and just never changed back to guests in the TeamSpeak. I wasn't really sure what to do for...
  16. SilentTheBro

    Forum Story Game

    Hello everyone! Let's start up a story game shall we? Let's see what kind of story we can tell. The rules of the game are listed below. Posting Rules: Follow the Fever rules of posting. Post only one word for each person a day. Have fun with it! I will start it off. Today
  17. sparkis

    Resolved: Question on Forum Search

    Hi. I just wanted to know if there was an advance search sort of option available? The kind of search that I'm looking to do is to search for a keyword within all the posts of a section of the forum. All there seems to be is a general search but not one I can lock down to a particular...
  18. Tigeax

    Arma 3 Call to arms - setting up a community!

    Hello everyone, I'm just going to go straight to the point: I want to try and set up a Arma 3 / Arma series, community within Fever. We already have Arma 3 rooms on Teamspeak but we don't have a sub-forum on the website yet. So for us to get that we need to show that there is intrest in an...
  19. Idolator

    Resolved: FeverClan | Forum - not working as intended

    By 'FeverClan | Forum' I am referring to the forum map shown at the top of the page (example: FeverClan | Forum > Forum > General Discussion > Support > Fever Support). When pressing ones of the links on that forum map, it should take you to that (sub-)forum. However when clicking 'FeverClan |...
  20. Angie

    Only forum I can post on from my phone.

    It's open discussion, anyways. I tried to open others to post on, but everything overlaps on itself so I don't see where it says post to forums besides on this one. You'll have to deal with me in this forum lmao. :joyous:
  21. Chaka

    In regards to recent forum activity...

    I would like to formally apologize to each and every member of this clan. More specifically, those of which i've attacked, either verbally, emotionally, or even mentally. I would like to extend my deepest apology to Wroctaw as i have been way out of line. I understand we all have difference in...
  22. RGN

    Resolved: Not receiving new alerts from the forum anymore.

    Hey guys so I've been in holiday for the past two weeks since it was my birthday and I needed a break and during the holiday I checked my email on the phone daily but didn't receive any notifications from Fever. When I got back the other day I logged in and I had tons of notifications. But none...
  23. J

    Updates: Updated In-Game / Forum Roster!

    Updated In-Game Roster! Hey guys and girls just wanted to tell you that the IGN Roster is updated. I'm posting this to see if I've missed out anyone, if I have please mention me on this thread and tell me your IGN Name (caps sensitive). There was a couple of members that I couldn't find out...
  24. Idolator

    Resolved: Forum Skin: FeverRain - Rain

    So I've been using this forum skin since I came to Fever, but since the implementation of the new Responsive Forum Skin, the user info (to the left of every post) is no longer centred. Rank, Flag, "Clan Member", and Awards all used to be centred. Originally I thought it might be a corrupted...
  25. W

    Overwatch Competitive Team Sub forum

    Could we get a sub forum for teams. Like one would be for people looking for teams. Another could be for Teams looking for people. Or something where teams could be formed a bit easier. Because many are forming teams and that number will just get greater over time. Many myself included haven't...