1. Gizmo256

    Feedback Requested on the Leveling Event for Season 14

    We hope you all had fun with the leveling event. The Diablo 3 staff really put a lot of effort into trying to bring changes and a twist to events that were held in the past. While change can be a good thing, there can also be problems associated with that. What I'd like to do is ask feedback...
  2. News Bot

    Exiii Raises $750k for Haptic Force Feedback VR Gloves

    The primary attribute inherent to the most highly rated VR experiences is immersion. The notion of being engulfed in a virtual reality world requires the user to forget that they're standing or sitting around their own living rooms or bedrooms, meaning the best virtual experiences are those that...
  3. Bogo

    Additional Feedback button!

    Added Feedback button to the secondary navbar for additional Contact us / Feedback tools Feedback - is an additional tool for guests, members, officers, generals, and leaders to voice information directly to clan leadership. This feedback / contact form should be used for...
  4. News Bot

    Rain World Developer Seeking Feedback Regarding Potential Switch Port

    More and more independent game developers are taking interest in the Nintendo Switch, which is keeping players happy and adding to the system's already considerable success across the world. The latest word is that independent developer Videocult, the studio behind platformer title Rain World...
  5. News Bot

    Niantic Adjusts Pokemon Go EX Raids After Player Feedback

    One of the more talked-about features (read: controversial) in Pokemon Go is the game's new EX Raid Battle mechanic: these are essentially identical to the Raid Battles players have grown to love, except this time around they're invite-only. Given that some players don't have the time or...
  6. News Bot

    This Week at Bungie for October 12, 2017 - End Game Feedback

    The Destiny 2 end game has been a hot topic recently. Many players on the DestinyTheGame subreddit feel that, not only is the end game lacking, it’s downright abysmal. These concerns have been amplified by impressions of the Iron Banner, so Guardians have been anxiously awaiting their This...
  7. Aedric

    Destiny 2 Devs looking for Feedback on Dlc

    Destiny 2 first DLC is due out in December allegedly. (Should be the same date on all platforms). If your a twitter user , their currently looking for feedback. Might be worth adding something . Christopher Barrett on Twitter: "What would you most like to see in the first expansion...
  8. Damien

    News: PUBG dev team looking for feedback regarding the development of in-game HUD

    Hey all, The title pretty much sums it up; however check out this thread for more information regarding providing feedback pertaining to the in-game hud. Make sure to make your voice heard by voting here for one of the two following choices: A. Without having to open the inventory, the...
  9. Synizta

    News: Blizzard's community feedback - July 12th

    So Blizzard have put out their community feedback for the 12th of July. I'll be posting a quick TLDR of the update with a link to it at the end of the post! Reaper: "we want to clarify what our intended role for the Reaper should be. Reapers should be good for scouting, and through tactical...
  10. Doiri

    Fortnite section feedback thread

    If you have any feedback regarding our Fortnite section please post it here! It can be anything from positive experiences to negative experiences, you can also post your own ideas and suggestions here. If it is something private feel free to PM me the suggestion or concern. - Doiri
  11. Kunezite

    Summer Survival Event Community Feedback

    GamersFirst is certainly taking the call for more involvement for the APB Community to heart and have created a Community Feedback Thread for the New Summer Survival Event. It is definitely a step in the right direction on G1's behalf, we'd like nothing more than more player input into Events...
  12. News Bot

    Final Fantasy XV Survey Seeks Fan Feedback on Next DLC

    The most recent update to Final Fantasy 15 has included a survey from Square Enix, seeking to gauge what interests fans when it comes to DLC. Just be warned that the publisher isn't committing to actually including the choices with the most votes in the game, but that they "may be included in...
  13. Synizta

    Looking for feedback and suggestions for SC2 section

    Hey guys! As per the the thread name, I am looking for any feedback, suggestions or ideas you awesome guys might have for the SC2 section. Be it for an event, a way to increase activity either on discord or the forums or just about anything else! Some of the things i'm looking at working in...
  14. Cid Raines

    Coaching + feedback

    Hello fever members My name is Cid Raines and i been a platinum player for the past couple of season and i have noticed alot of Fever members are anywhere from bronze 5 to gold 2 ranks and i wanted to help others get better to reach their goals for rank. Also as one of the academy coaches when...
  15. News Bot

    Doom to add back Team Deathmatch playlists after feedback

    Doom dropped a holiday surprise on fans with the game's final DLC Bloodfall this week, but one of the changes in the expansion didn;t sit well with fans, and developer id Software is moving to rectify the issue. As part of the pack, playlists had been cut to just two - Team Play and FFA Play -...
  16. Requ1em

    New to section: KOTK: October 25th Patch Bugs & Feedback
  17. Flux

    Heroes of the Storm Feedback

    Hello Heroes of the Storm Section members and everyone else, As some of you may know Arimil and myself have now taken lead of this section, while we have been around and been as active among everyone as we possibly can be since we first joined we can only meet so many people and get to know...
  18. Synizta

    Community Feedback Update (Balance Testing Match Making & A Couple more Balance tweaks) - 9/10/16

    So as per usual, I've nabbed this post from (Community Feedback Update: Matchmaking coming) I'm a bit late with posting this. So I won't bother making mention of the SSL/GSL finals mentioned in that post as they've already happened. Matchmaking for Balance Testing Next Week...
  19. Synizta

    Community Feedback Update (Game Balance Feedback) - 9/2/16

    This post is taken from - Community Feedback Update - 9/2 Recent Test Map Update We released the three balance changes we discussed last week to the test map yesterday. Your feedback has been positive, and when we...
  20. Kimenu

    CS:GO section feedback thread.

    Hey if you have any feedback regarding our CS:GO section please post it here! It can be anything from positive experiences to negative experiences, you can also post your own ideas and suggestions here^^ Feel free to also mention me @Kimenu and I will respond as soon as I have time. -...
  21. TheLoveMachine

    Looking for feedback

    I've noticed here recently that the number of SMITE threads and even players in this community has gone down. To help combat this, I'm making it my mission to try and help people get more involved here and counteract the shrinking of this sub-group of the clan. Now, I was wondering how...
  22. News Bot

    World of Warcraft dev explains why listening to feedback is hard

    Have you ever thought something was broken in a game, rushed off to give feedback, only to have your feedback apparently ignored by the devs? I'm being ignored, you think. Well, you really aren't. You just may be in the minority. At least that's the explanation World of Warcraft dev Watcher has...
  23. News Bot

    Triad Wars will close beta in January amidst negative feedback

    Late last year, Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games announced its next game, an online-only PC effort called Triad Wars. The game has been in beta for about a year and it appears that player feedback has not been positive. Amidst the clamor from its players, United Front announced today...
  24. yunk

    Just started posting YouTube videos again, and would love some feedback

    Hey, guys. Like the title says, I just started back up posting videos to YouTube. I play a lot of different games, but the videos I've posted in the last few days are about Blood Bowl 2. I know the videos are a bit rough around the edges, but I would love some pointers about any aspect of...
  25. Trixie Lulamoon

    Community Feedback Update - September 25

    New balance update for LOTV and some changes to HOTS, details here (patch isn't live yet).