1. Requ1em

    For Honor: How do we fight cheaters to ensure fair gameplay on our battlefields

    Hello Warriors, we wanted to give you more visibility and information on how we’re dealing with players who try to use cheats to get the upper hand on the For Honor battlefields. Ubisoft is dedicated to creating a level playing field in our games, and the full For Honor development team is...
  2. orcy11

    Support where's the fair wiener movement on youtube!

    Okay so if people are aware how bullshit youtube is being lately Critikal made a video where he explains how budlight is made and it was taken down for sexual content and because in the video it involves a animated man using his animated wiener peeing into a cup and there is a other video where...
  3. News Bot

    The Division PC gameplay kept 'in check' with console versions to keep it fair [Update]

    Update: An official statement from Ubisoft was submitted to PCGamesN clarifying what the unnamed developer said below: "It has come to our attention that a comment from one of our team members has been perceived by some members of the community to imply the PC version of The Division was 'held...
  4. News Bot

    The Division PC gameplay kept 'in check' with console versions to keep it fair

    Tom Clancy’s The Division just wrapped up its closed beta, with an open beta expected to take place. But before we get more time with The Division, an interview has spread across the Internet like an unknown plague across Manhattan. Team Ephiphany conducted an interview with some Ubisoft...
  5. Masao

    Event: Chronicles of a New Eden - Let's Make This a Fair Fight

    This guy was featured in an mmorpg.com article for his solo PVP skills. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5oeP6RRE3M
  6. Viscus

    Fair warning - There will be a wipe - CBT open at certain times

    It's to be expected, after CBT they will wipe everything. Also - i'd like to note that it appears they will only have servers open during certain times during CBT. The Skyforge Closed Beta Test 1 has officially begun! Starting today, eligible beta participants can log into the world of...
  7. Toby

    Local News: PETA suing Kansas State Fair

    Ok mind you our state fair starts this week I believe. We are also a very large agriculture state with farms and ranches close to where the fair is held. PETA will no longer be welcome here by the community. PETA sues Kansas in free speech over state fair updated 8/28/20127:15:32 PM ET By...
  8. Shock

    Local News: Texas State Fair Fried Food Finalists 2012

    State Fair fried food finalists revealed - Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com Fried cactus. Win. To all my Texas peeps: Sanchen, Brandon, SithMyPants, ZebrasaurusRex, Drazn, mastagod Zenwolf