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    Tencent Takes Majority Stake In Path of Exile Development Team Grinding Gear Games

    Tencent has investments all over the gaming industry and the Chinese holding conglomerate seems to be getting stronger every week. This week, the company has revealed a majority acquisition of Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games for an undisclosed amount. Gamasutra reported the news...
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    April Fools: Path of Exile Goes Full Battle Royale

    The battle royale craze is going farther than anyone could have imagined. Let's face it, if someone's watching Drake play a battle royale game on Twitch, then they're probably thinking it's time to pack in whatever it is they're doing. That's the line of thinking over at Grinding Gear Games...
  3. Callandor


    Hi, Callandor here I'm new in FeverClan and this will be my 1st post. I consider a Noob to be someone, like myself, new to the game and unfamiliar with the mechanics and other intricacies of PoE even though you may be an experienced gamer otherwise. I have recently given up playing D3, may...
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    Path of Exile Gets Corrupted in 'War for the Atlas'

    Path of Exile continues to rack up more and more castaways and adventurers to the lost continent of Wraeclast. But as more and more players find their way to Grinding Gear Games' MMORPG, the more danger starts to pile up. Following the Atlas of Worlds and Fall of Oriath expansions, the Path of...
  5. Axle

    Path Of Exile Meeting Notes

    this is were all Meeting Notes will be posted (no post in this thread)
  6. Axle

    path of exile job listings

    Company Commander: Axle Deputy Company Commander: Assistant Company Commander: Caydellas Company Administrator (enlisted): Coaching Staff (enlisted+): Responsible for knowing their class(es), and can coach and give advice when solicited. 1 Callandor 2 Caydellas 3@Armo 4@Gram GAME...
  7. B

    Path of Exile needs some love in the Forum Dept!!

    Being new, I was carefully browsing our forums trying to find our "Path of Exile" area. I think I discovered that one does not exist!! Could we get some <3 in the forum department? I am very interested in learning and sharing from my fellow Exiles and we could use a place to cob a squat...
  8. madslane

    Path of Exile - Guild Rules

    _____Guild_Rules_____ Keep to the official Fever Clan Rules at any time - if you get kicked from the clan for a reason, then you will also be removed from the guild. If you have some trouble with another person, please come talk to Axle [Leader] or any [officer] so we can take care of this...
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    GDC 2017: Path Of Exile Exclusive Xbox One Interview

    We caught up with Jonathan Rogers, Technical Director or Grinding Gear Games, at GDC 2017 to chat about Path of Exile. The game is an online Action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. It is designed around a strong online item economy, deep character customization, competitive PvP...
  10. Bizbone3

    Arma 3 Mod Server

    Alright, So there has been talk about Fever getting a Arma 3 Server. The mods up for debate is what to mod to make the server. Vote for a mod, so at least was have head count on who wants to play and what Mod we should install on the server.
  11. R

    Path of Exile - Guild Rules

    __G u i l d _ R u l e s__ Keep to the official Fever Clan Rules at any time - if you get kicked from the clan for a reason, then you will also be removed from the guild. If you have some trouble with another person, please come talk to Renvenar [Leader], or Suurebud [Officer] and...
  12. Axle

    Path of Exile - Player Roster - Apply here for invites!

    this is the information we need to get you added to the game roster once you complete this you will be sent an in game invite within 24 hours if you have any other questions feel free to message Axle or kracker3599 thank you. PoE Account Name: character name: Steam Name (optional)...
  13. Violet

    Path of Exile - Awards

    View and request Path of Exile Awards HERE
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    Path of Exile reaches 'Ascendancy' in March

    Path of Exile continues to evolve in new ways, as evidenced by the last time Shacknews gave the game a look back in November. With performance improvements across the board, the crew at Grinding Gear Games is finding new ways to up the danger factor of Wraeclast and that includes a labyrinth...
  15. V

    Announcement: October's Game of the month - Path of Exile (PoE)

    -October's Game of the Month organizers- @Deltascourge - Project head @Caity - Project assistant Path of Exile Genre: Action Role-Play Game (ARPG) Games Release Date: October 23rd, 2013 Photos/videos of the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DM5fgbHkio For more a more...
  16. V

    Announcement: Path of Exile - In Game name list

    This thread will contain all members with their In game names for October 2015s' Game of the Month, Path of Exile. This post will be updated as soon as possible by the Members activities team staff as people post their in game names below. As you post your In game name, please mention @...
  17. HellzBallz

    Arma 3 [ Exile ]

    For all the peeps playing Arma 3, going back and forward over from different Arma 3 mods; still figuring out which one you prefer. Well I came across this one called "Exile" Just released today, obviously isn't finished (but is anything these days actually "finished"? xD) I'm not good at...
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    Path of Exile addresses recent connectivity troubles and outlines fixes

    Path of Exile has been having some trouble since making the jump to The Awakening a few weeks ago. Players jumping into servers at peak hours may have found themselves booted. Developer Grinding Gear Games says that this and other disconnectoin issues are being stamped out. "Database server...
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    Path of Exile opens its eyes to 'The Awakening' on July 10

    After a lengthy closed beta period, Grinding Gear Games is ready to bring its latest expansion for Path of Exile out of the oven. The Awakening is ready for public consumption and it will release in just nine days on July 10. The Awakening is the official Act IV to the Path of Exile story, which...
  20. Bee

    Path of Exile - Path of Patch Notes

    I will try to keep this updated, any help is greatly appreciated :) 1.3.1h hotfix (2pm May 18, NZ Time) The following change was made without a server restart. -The Shade of Axiom, Bloodletter of the Vaal, Harbinger of Lunaris and Overlord of Highgate cosmetic effects have had their...
  21. Mudcreep

    New to section: LFM to play with me in the Path of exile beta The awakening

    so I've been playing the path of exile beta for about 3-4 weeks and been on ts all these weeks and been cheacking forum constatly and seems like no one as asweard or replied anything I have been asking so ill send this if anyone of you guys play the beta and weant to group up im in im always...
  22. B

    Updates: Path of Exile Awakening results

    The upcoming expansion(which was worked on since 2013) has a list of information released so far that was released from GGG. A list of all the changes can be found here: http://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/32519n/the_awakening_hype_thread_compendium/ Changes include socketed...
  23. efgodlike

    Hardcore exile

    there is a couple of us ; efgodlike, val, and prodigy are playing hardcore so if anyone wants to join us hit me up :D
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    April Fools: Programming typo fills Path of Exile with cats

    Typos are the devil, I tells ya! They can make any news post on a site like this one look downright ridiculous. But what's worse than a typo plaguing a run-of-the-mill article, tweet, or Chatty post? How about a typo in a line of programming? That's the worst, as the poor folks at Grinding Gear...
  25. Pyu

    Diablo 3 vs Path of Exile -- Looking for opinions

    Hi guys, Is there anyone here that has played both games and is willing to give me a comparison on both games? Pros, cons, unbiased, biased, anything. Would like to get your thoughts. :)