1. Bloodmorphed

    Events for February

    Hello everyone! To celebrate the Game of the Month we have planned 4 game nights for February! While I do plan to keep on this train after February there are a few events this month that are a little special. I will go into my long term plans in a different post, so here are the events! Game...
  2. Gizmo256

    Diablo 3 Events Calendar

  3. News Bot

    Nintendo to Continue Investment in Esports Events Like Splatoon 2 and ARMS Tournaments

    Nintendo knows people dig competitive gaming, and as such the company is still exploring its options when it comes to esports in general. Speaking during Nintendo's recent monthly earnings report, the company discussed games like ARMS and Splatoon 2 as key parts of a strategy to continue to...
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    MineCon Earth 2018 Returns This Fall With Cosplay and Community-Themed Events

    Big Minecraft fan? Ready to celebrate your love for one of the most popular games on the market? You'll want to head out to this year's MineCon Earth 2018, which is returning for another year. Specifically, you'll be able to join a throng of other Minecraft fans online to convene about how...
  5. MrCruz


    For current list of scheduled game nights and events clan-wide CLAN CALENDAR

    What type of Events would you like to see?

    For events, I would like a weekly 2 hour bounty session (maybe on Sat or Sunday), Gearing (for Alts or people who cant play much), Gem Leveling, and GR meta (could be training or gearing for also) How about you?
  7. News Bot

    New Community Day Events Coming To Pokemon Go

    It hasn't been very long since the embarassing events of last year's Pokemon Go Festival, and even though many players might have lost interest in new Pokemon Go events since then, developer Niantic seems to have come up with a new strategy that should please fans without running the risk of...
  8. News Bot

    Destiny 2 - How to Trigger All Heroic Public Events

    In the early days of Destiny 2, completing Heroic Public Events is the best way to get yourself an Exotic Engram. That might seem odd, but many players are finding that, due to how quickly they can be finished, Heroic Public Events are better for Exotic Engram farming than Strikes, the Crucible...
  9. A

    PVP Events

    WE are starting to grow in the wow community and some people are asking about pvp event and such. If you are willing to lead or run these please let us know and we will help you get it going. Thanks in advance and I'm looking forward to talking to you. :)
  10. News Bot

    QuakeCon to Partner With Six Charities For Events at Show

    QuakeCon 2017 has announced that it is partnering with six different charities for special events during its annual gathering of gamers at the Gaylord Texan Hotel and Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas, beginning on August 24. And be prepared to roll up your sleeve to give some of your own...
  11. Thundernut

    Event: Dota 2 Events and Game Nights August

    Hey all lets get the ball rolling on a few events for Fever. We will be hosting events every Friday until the end of August. That will be a game night most times but I will end the month on a tournament with either a cash or chest prize depending on my TI7 bet winnings. Game Nights Friday...
  12. News Bot

    Twitch Unveils First Wave of Events for TwitchCon 2017

    Twitch is a heavyweight in the gaming industry, creating jobs for dedicated streamers and serving as a home for event streams including professional esport competitions. The platform has given birth to major influencers and personalities in the gaming world and TwitchCon is a major annual event...
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    Modojo Rewind: Pokemon Go Fest And Niantic's Series Of Unfortunate Events

    It's been quite the week over at Modojo — while we've been scrambling to cover all of the latest news based around Niantic and their free-to-play hit Pokemon Go, Niantic itself has been scrambling to make amends for its truly dismal showing at last weekend's Pokemon Go Fest. However...
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    Modojo Rewind: Special Events And Nintendo's Grand Plans

    As is always the case at Modojo, we've been keeping a keen eye on everything related to Nintendo's portable hardware, and this week saw some big headlines regarding the Nintendo Switch as well as the 3DS. Keen internet sleuths have uncovered some critical details regarding the Switch's base...
  15. DaveQ

    Necromancer Events Saturday 1st & 2nd July

    I will be running events on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd July. They will be on Saturday Gem Levelling and Sunday Bounties. However if people don't want to run these speak to me and I can make these either Key Wardens/Ubers, Nephalim or even Greater Rifts. I just want to have a fun weekend where...
  16. A

    No/less new events for the second year of Overwatch, rather events will likely be refined

    Source: Whytro comments on r/Overwatch Q&A with Jeff Kaplan (Overwatch Game Director) - NYC 2017 From the Overwatch Q/A:
  17. News Bot

    Super League City Champs - Schedule of Events

    During each Super League City Champs gameplay session, kids get to play Minecraft on the big screen while competing in a series of designated game modes. We put together a brief overview of the event schedule so that parents and players can know what to expect from the average City Champs...
  18. Aussietye

    Events Every Tuesday 8 PM EST

    I will Be hosting Events every Tuesday at 8 pm EST. This Tuesday the 1st will be a Gem Up event. I will update the thread no later then 5 days before the start date per what event will be ran. Please keep an eye on this thread to see what events are coming. Also please bring appropriate items...
  19. Doiri

    League of Legends events starting back up.

    As some of you may known there has been a lack of League of Legends events. League has taken a big hit on department staffing. Right now its only me in the department. This means that all events, tournaments, game nights, ect, I will have to manage. Yes this is a lot but I'm willing to put the...
  20. News Bot

    Rocket League Esports Gets $1 Million in Prize Pools, New Events, And Tournaments for 2017

    Rocket League Esports has announced their plans for 2017. Rocket League Esports is receiving more than $2.5 million in investments and plans significant changes to their competitive ecosystem. These changes include a bigger prize pool than before which all together equals up to more than $1...
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    Gears of War 4 Readies Week-long Events to Celebrate Valentine's Day

    Gears of War 4 loves Valentine's Day. It's obvious given all the red that is on display in the game and the numerous ways players can get to the heart of their opponents. Developer The Coalition is planning a week-long celebration of the holiday with new maps, gear packs and other goodies that...
  22. Lapine

    Preferences For Events

    Hello My Fellow D3 Comrades, As I was planning a possible event for this upcoming Saturday, I thought it would only be appropriate to hear what you all as the players would like to do. Wednesday is slotted for a Gem Leveling Event (GRs) so we could do a split bounty event on Saturday to kind...
  23. News Bot

    Diablo III New Patch Bringing Anniversary Events Now Live

    Diablo III Patch 2.4.3 is live in North America for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The new patch brings Diablo 20th anniversary content to the game this includes a new quest featuring a recreation of the cathedral from the original Diablo. The anniversary event, updated items and more are live...
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    CES 2017: Here's a list of all the VR and AR events planned for the show

    The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show kicks off this week, and virtual and augmented reality technologies will be a focal point of the show. Haptical published a full rundown of event dates, times, and locations for attendees interested in AR, VR, and "mixed reality"—a hybrid of VR and...
  25. News Bot

    Blizzard to Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Diablo With Special In-Game Events

    To celebrate Diablo’s 20th anniversary, Blizzard has announced a number of in-game events and rewards coming to its various properties. Ranging from Diablo III to Overwatch, here’s a breakdown of everything on offer for players to celebrate 20 years of Sanctuary. Diablo III - In...