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  1. OmegaDir

    Fallout 76 Atom Farming Night - 6PM Eastern

    Need Atom points for those awesome skins in the Atom Shop? Don't worry! Join us in the Fallout 76 Discord for our weekly Atom Farming Night. Every Saturday from 6PM Eastern to midnight we will be completing the daily and weekly challenges and even some of the more difficult regular challenges.
  2. Gizmo256

    Feedback Requested on the Leveling Event for Season 14

    We hope you all had fun with the leveling event. The Diablo 3 staff really put a lot of effort into trying to bring changes and a twist to events that were held in the past. While change can be a good thing, there can also be problems associated with that. What I'd like to do is ask feedback...
  3. Gizmo256

    Season 14 Leveling Tournament & Competition - Team List

    This thread will be updated to show the teams for the event. 1 hour before the event begins we will display members who have been paired up. This will give you time to talk to your teammate and develop a strategy. 30 minutes prior to the event start this thread will display the teams of 4...
  4. Gizmo256

    Season 14 Leveling Tournament List (so far)

    This is who we have singed up as teams so far: 1 Ghist / Violet 2 Diane / Entropian1960 3 Lycan / DarkMantra 4 Shaenie / Trep 5 Bob_o / Kimenu 6 Niklas13 / Lowrah 7 Medic / Glib 8 Robilar / Sendain 9 Qzuar / Jander 10. Davetheepoch / Phorceful 11. McGrover / Ondee45 12. IrvineFF8 /...
  5. Shiny

    News: Echoes of Alterac event (Warcraft themed)

    Join the Battle for Alterac Pass
  6. News Bot

    BBC Studios & Twitch Team Up For Special Doctor Who Digital Broadcast Event

    Today, Twitch announced that it is teaming up with BBC Studios for the first-ever digital broadcasting event for Doctor Who, which will be airing on six-to-seven-hour blocks daily. Also, new Whovian emotes will be available to viewers. Over 500 episodes from 26 season will be shown and will...
  7. News Bot

    In Fortnite 4.2 Update Patch Notes, Jetpack Arrives & Solid Gold Event Returns

    In Fortnite, the game is about to change in a big way. Jetpacks were delayed back in February and replaced with a new hunting rifle, but the high-flying accessory is finally here. In addition to introducing the new backpack item in update 4.2, the all-legendary-drops limited time event returns...
  8. Gizmo256

    Season 14 Leveling Tournament & Competition: "Diablo 3 Couples Leveling Event from Hell"

    As Season 13 ends, we would like to go ahead and announce our Season 14 Leveling Tournament! The "Diablo 3 Couples Leveling Event from Hell" WHEN Friday @ 5:00 p.m. PST / 8:00 p.m. EST on June 15, 2018 Please be there 30 minutes early to begin setting up groups. This season we're looking at...
  9. News Bot

    Overwatch Anniversary Event Includes Petra Deathmatch Map & First Free-For-All Competitive Season

    Overwatch is ready to celebrate its two-year anniversary this month. While Blizzard has already announced the start date of this year's anniversary festivities, Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan offered a few more details on Wednesday afternoon regarding what exactly the anniversary would...
  10. News Bot

    Trigger the Heroic Warsat Down Public Event in Destiny 2

    One of the coolest things that Bungie introduced in Destiny 2 was heroic public events. Not only did these activities ramp up the difficulty, but once upon a time they also provided a fair amount of exotic rewards. With the Warmind DLC dropping this week, Bungie introduced a new public event on...
  11. News Bot

    Fortnite Welcomes Thanos In Avengers: Infinity War Limited Time Crossover Event

    It looks like Fortnite's superhero-themed fourth season is getting an incredibly powerful and popular villain added to the fray. Starting on May 8, 2018, Thanos is headed to Fortnite in a Fortnite/Avengers limited time crossover event. The battle begins tomorrow... pic.twitter.com/NQ9BDH2BeG...
  12. News Bot

    Hearthstone Offers Free Golden Cards for Noblegarden Tavern Brawl Event

    Looking to celebrate Easter? I don't know how to break this to you, hypothetical reader, but Easter was over a month ago. Fortunately, Hearthstone is getting ready to celebrate Noblegarden, the annual festival that celebrates the joy of life and friendship across all of Azeroth. So for next...
  13. News Bot

    Marvel's Contest of Champions Enlists Black Panther and Spider-Man Actors For Special Event

    Today Kabam announced their latest event in their ongoing Infinity War challenge for their Marvel Contest of Champions mobile game and this time around they've enlisted help from the King of Wakanda and everyone's favorite wall-crawler. Chadwick Boseman and Tom Holland who play Black Panther and...
  14. News Bot

    Fortnite v3.5.2 Patch Notes Deliver Light Machine Gun, XP Weekend, & 50v50 Limited Time Event

    First things first: Fortnite Battle Royale's 50v50 limited time event is finally live after a bit of a delay. Fortnite's v3.5.2 patch brings with it a few other goodies as well, including a light machine gun and a new Save The World questline. One PvE event makes its valiant return as well...
  15. News Bot

    Take Down Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth In New Monster Hunter World Limited Event Type

    Monster Hunter World has established itself as one of the best in the series by becoming Capcom’s best-selling game ever and players continue to take on the many quests and monsters with regular updates. World events were revealed just yesterday and we’ve got more information on one...
  16. News Bot

    Monster Hunter World Event Quest Schedule April-May

    Another series of events are occurring in Monster Hunter: World from April until May, offering hunters a chance to earn unique rewards and take on new challenges. The Event Quest Schedule is packed full of quests for you to play during this time period, and although they won’t all be...
  17. News Bot

    Test Drive Star Citizen With This Weekend's Free Fly Event

    Looking to try out Star Citizen but haven't taken the plunge just yet? From now until April 16, you can try it out for yourself during the Star Citizen Free Fly Weekend, which lets you test out the game in its current alpha state for the low, low price of, well...free, hence the "free weekend"...
  18. News Bot

    Sea of Thieves Event The Hungering Deep Announced, Content Road-map Revealed

    Sea of Thieves has been a wonderful experience for the Shack staff and many players around the world since its launch three weeks ago, but there's been a lot of mystery around how the game will evolve over time. Today, Rare has revealed a roadmap for Sea of Thieves and shared a few details on...
  19. News Bot

    Streams for Dreams Charity Twitch Event Raises Close to $50,000 During Women's History Month

    March was Women's History Month and Twitch partnered with the folks at the 1,000 Dreams Fund (1DF) for a very special month-long charity event. Streams for Dreams took place on Twitch for the entire month of March and raised nearly $50,000. 1DF is a national non-profit organization that provides...
  20. News Bot

    Celebrate Kanto's Pokedex With The Newest Pokemon Go Event

    Pokemon Go is kicking off an event today in celebration of the Kanto region, or the very first land you explored in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. For the next week, Pokemon Go will be swarming with more of the original 151 first-generation Pokemon, so if you're still missing some from your...
  21. News Bot

    How to Complete Arcade Dawn Far Cry 5 Live Event Challenge

    Ubisoft has many interesting plans in store to keep Far Cry 5 players busy, and the latest live event to hit the game is now underway. Following last week's Well Done challenge, where players were tasked with setting animals alight without the use of flamethrowers or molotov cocktails, this...
  22. News Bot

    Competitive Fortnite Coming to A-Kon OpTic Arena Battle Royale Event

    Fortnite fans and competitive gaming enthusiasts have an all-new event to look forward to, as OpTic Gaming and NGAGE Esports have gotten together to announce the upcoming OpTic Arena Battle Royale Event. Set to take place later this year at A-Kon 2018, the event will present an open opportunity...
  23. News Bot

    Far Cry 5 Live Event Times, Dates, and Well Done Rewards

    Ubisoft's open-world adventure Far Cry 5 has been garnering a lot of attention over the past week, and to keep the fun alive, the development team is currently hosting a selection of various Far Cry 5 live events including the current Well Done challenge. More than just a reason to tune in to...
  24. News Bot

    New 9.7 Inch iPad With Apple Pencil Support Revealed During Apple's Education Event

    Via The Verge's live blog, we've learned that Apple introduced a new, 9.7-inch iPad during their Let's Take A Field Trip event where the company focused on education initiatives. It will cost $329 for consumers and $299 for schools and is available today. The new iPad features updated versions...
  25. News Bot

    Apple's Let's Take A Field Trip Event Today Focuses On Initiatives In Education

    Today, Apple is hosting the "Let's Take A Field Trip" event to discuss education-focused initiatives at the company. The event is unfortunately not being livestreamed, but we're going to be keeping an eye out for updates from the event floor. Good morning, Chicago! We’re going back to...