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    Take Your Convoy to France With Upcoming Euro Truck Simulator 2 Expansion

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the European analog to the popular American Truck Simulator. Developer SCS Software recently updated American Truck Simulator by significantly expanding the available driving space to make the game feel more like a real long-haul truck simulator. Euro Truck Simulator 2...
  2. DurandaL

    Soccer: EURO 2016 Finals

    So it will Portugal vs France in the finals! Who will you be supporting? ALLEZ LES BLEUS
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    Chatty Twitch Highlights 49: Honk if you love Euro Truck Simulator 2

    It's time, once again, to round up the best gaming clips from our Shacknews Chatty community. Each week, our Chatty posters jump on their Twitch channels to broadcast their best and most entertaining playthroughs to the world. This week, Chatty continues their drive across Europe in Euro Truck...
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    Chatty Twitch Highlights 47: Driving into 2015 with Euro Truck Simulator 2

    After a two-week hiatus, the Chatty Twitch Highlights return! For our truckers in the Chatty community, it's time to hit the road again, this time with a special cameo appearance from the Shack staff. Also, it's the return of the Battlefield Shackbattle before we take a step back into 2008 with...
  5. .mpm.7.

    Anyone playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 Online?

    Hey guys is there anyone that play ETS2 Multiplayer? If you have ETS2 and don't know that there is online, here click me for the mod!
  6. M

    Twitch Euro Hub Stream (funny stuff)

    If you havn't check it out on twitch for TI4 qualifiers, the euro hub (GDStudio) is messing around and rarely doing dota stuff, but it a house full of mostly caster and some players. WARNING : Chat toxi- KAPPARINO PLS NO COPY PASTERINO
  7. Zecr

    Euro Truck

    So I recently got Euro Truck Simulator and it is a lot of fun but i'm looking for some good texture mods and was wondering if someone can link me to some nice ones since i cant find any working one. btw i definitely recommend this game.
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    Euro Truck Simulator 2 mod adding multiplayer

    "Breaker one niner, are there any smokies with ears on?" you ask. No reply. You try again, but still nothing. No Snowman. No Frog. No Bandit. Just you, playing Euro Truck Simulator 2. But wait! Horns blast from over the horizon. The roar of engines behind you. You guys, multiplayer is coming...
  9. Madzer

    Euro Truck Simulator 2

    Anybody play this? I'm hooked on it atm.
  10. Nitshft

    Euro truck simulator 2. and other simulation games

    What can I say im addicted it came out about 4-5 days ago and i already have well over 30+ hours into it.. I mean what is about simulation games that make them so fun so here is our topic! what is your favorite simulation game and why (Sims don't count ._.)
  11. .mpm.7.

    England-Spain today for EURO 2012, who you think will win?

    Both teams are good it is hard to guess. I think they will go on penalty shoot out and England with lots of luck will win^^ Edit: England-Italy...