1. BigPun

    EU Eu players!? Looking for someone to party with!

    I am wondering is any of you is playing on EU server? If so do you wanna have some fun, grind or something whatever! Just looking for someone to fool around, make money, kill stuff!
  2. Belos

    EU Release Notes for 5/3/2017

    2017.05.03 - [ MISC ] – Fixed a regression in CS:GO SDK launcher. — Note that in order to build cubemaps, CS:GO must be launched with the -insecure flag. – Fixed several exploits related to concommand execution on game server. — Server operators can enable...
  3. Belos

    EU Release Notes for 5/2/2017

    Release Notes for 5/2/2017 2017.05.02 - [ MISC ] – The CS:GO executable and DLL binaries are now digitally signed. This allows for better integration with antivirus software and for game integrity checking. — Mismatching signatures or running the game with the -insecure flag...
  4. P

    EU EUW ranked climbing team

    Hello, I am looking to start a team on EUW to climb to gold and possibly higher this season. What I expect from you : -commitment (don't afk or rage quit if the game doesn't go the way you want and expect losses along the way) -a friendly manner (Flaming, griefing and doing anything to...
  5. A

    Yet Another HotS new Member

    Hi everyone! I'm glad to have joined the clan today. I'm a new HotS player, playing mainly supports for the moment (Lucio, Auriel & Rheghar, being my favorites) looking for friends to enjoy the game. I know there is a lot of HotS player here, and I don't know a better place to say hi to...
  6. F

    Diablo 3, season 10, console, Europe?

    Hi all, I am new here, and this season (10) I am playing on console (Xbox) and am located in Europe. Any other Europe based console fantasts here who would like to game with me? Also, if anyone know how the regions are set up on the console, please share. Best, firetapestry755
  7. Quiet

    EU Powerlevel & Gearboosting Event

    This poll is to see who would be interested in a Powerlevel & Gearboosting Event on the EU sever. This would be a same day event. Artega DaveQ Linessah Nagrom Quietriot Adelius Aedric Aero1506 Aisper Ajed Aliek Aoi Archimedies arksun August Aussietye Axle Badger Battlecanuck Beat Knuckle...
  8. K


    Hello Guy's My name is kevin And i am wondering who here is playing Arma 3 me and my friend like 2 play king of the hill on the game and were looking for more players who woud like 2 join us poke me wit a reply ure friend kevin vanobbergen
  9. Baum

    LF EU Game Night Host for Saturdays or Sundays

    Hey Fever HotS EU, I am looking for someone interested in hosting an EU event on the weekend. I really want to prioritize events and activity for our EU friends and from the feedback I have gotten from EU members this is a good time it seems. Juugo already hosts the first Sat of the month but...
  10. G

    EU New to PC gaming : New to SCII : New to Fever !

    Hi all :) Just signed up for an account and looking to see what's happening here / what you guys do when you get together. I started playing SCII around one month ago and am consistantly gaining ground on ladder. I've not got a mic or teamspeak but can try to obtain these if they're...
  11. B

    EU New member looking for bf1 players to play with

    If you play bf1 and like to work together as a team, pls add me on origin, ImmortalWarr1or
  12. Draugen

    Hardcore season 10

    Hello! Is there anyone who will be going HC season 10 hero? I am still undecided if I should go HC or SC. HC is more fun, but slower progress imho. Thanks for letting me know!
  13. VileKnight

    News: Prices for EU players going up soon.

    So it would seem that Blizzard will be increasing prices for those playing in the EU starting in April. Official Blizzard post is here. You can read the full article here.
  14. Belos

    Guild Leader EU

    Hello i have speak to SpeedYZ (isn't anymore fever member) and i tell him to give me the privilege of leader at EU Guild if anyone wants to be a officer or something for recruiting new members, events, etc. he/she can contact me. #revivetheguild
  15. ActualJosh

    Overwatch Game Night 02/26/2017

    OVERWATCH GAME NIGHT! Hey Overwatchers! Just a friendly reminder that the next EU game night is tomorrow at 12:30 PM EST (5:30 PM GMT) Feel free to bring a friend member or not and prepare for an epic evening of winning, leveling and fun! We hope to see you there! The Overwatch team
  16. Artega

    EU Clan and Recruitment

    Hey everybody, I would like to express how great it is to be gaming with all of you. We are working on getting the EU Fever Clan up and running right now and I could use some peoples help. I would like to have a few people in place to make this happen as it can't be done without team effort...
  17. ActualJosh

    Team League

    Hello Everybody, Recently me and a couple of orhers have been looking to create a team for team league on the EU server. This team would play at least 5 games a week and would be able to sit in the temaspeak whist doing so. The members we already have are: ActualJosh - Support/Stealth...
  18. NicsunBE

    EU looking for (casual or ranked) team

    Hi everyone looking for other players to play quick match, heroes league, team league, ... even brawls :) for now nothing too serious but I want to play in team more. Solo queue can be ... unpleasant sometimes last season in plat, current season in gold I like to play everything but I'm...
  19. I

    Looking for a Team

    About me: Diamond 3 HL / Master 3.4k TL Flex Player with focus on Assassins Can play some Off-Tanks / Bruisers and some supports Can play almost every evening from 19:00 to 23:00~ (ofc earlier on weekends) About you At least Diamond in HL across the board Play at least 3 times...
  20. S

    EU GR 101 clear with 1 week in the books! On the EU server, Diablo 3 Season 9, 4 man group , greater rift 101 clear Just nuts to see this already with 1 week in, and these guys with that paragon clearing these high of GR's
  21. B

    EU BF1 squad, voicechat coop

    Hello everyone. I have started bf1 a few months ago and find it really boring and unchallenging to just play in random squads that are strangers to the word of "cooperative". I am interested in playing in a squad with voice chat and follow orders together, capture flags, not just random running...
  22. T

    EU hello~~~ iam new here XD

    hi i play in euw, also looking for friends to play with. just want to have fun in games and dont mine trolling XD add me in league in euw IGN: TCS Doraemon BTW i am currently in Plat5 main support, all the other roles i play are bronze level XD What friends from all elo...
  23. O

    Who is on the EU server?

    Who is playing on the EU server? Would be nice to have a team to play with.
  24. Mr Twinky

    Blizz Reward (eu)

    Hey all, well I have 0 friends on the Eu Heroes of the storm and I am wondering if anyone would like to team up for the 30 games played for the rewards?! my is Taconinjas#1808 feel free to add me :) (not just for the 30 games xD)
  25. sparkis

    Calling All EU Players

    Just wanted to call out to all you EU players lurking in the shadows. Hello! Feeling a little bit like this? Well I would like to invite to you to come along onto the Team Speak Hearthstone channel and play some games on Hearthstone's EU server. Whether you're a long time legend or the...