1. C

    Diamond+ Every lane Coaching (NA or EU)

    Hi guys I figured i'd offer some free coaching for fever members, I've played on amateur league teams before. Beaten 3 Top 10 Challenger teams (back when you can make your own 5v5 teams) and I go from bronze to diamond every season when I get bored. I can coach any role since I've played the...
  2. noMAD28

    Looking for a team or players to join me on Rust ! (Eastern EU)

    Hello guys ! im 16 i can speak english and i got mic ts3 discord skype...I got 430+ hours on rust so im looking for a group to join.I had experience in several groups before and i know all server types.I can build secure and hard to raid bases.Im good in pvp too and i can fastly gather...
  3. DrivenRage

    Looking for team mates! (NA or EU)

    Hey guys! My name is DrivenRage and i'm new to the Fever Community. I'm just looking to get to know everyone in the smite sub community and hopefully get some guys to play with. I'm lvl 30 and yes I play ranked! I love conquest and siege more than anything. Hope to see you all on TS. Add me...