1. C

    Lore Discussion

    Hello hello, I am a new guy to Fever so this is my first post. Pretty great I should add. So I am wanting to get into the lore of Destiny. I am not new to the game at all but I never had the care to read the grimoure cards on D1. Thus I am asking for the lore buffs to help me out and give me an...
  2. Loyalbdog

    eSports: Discussion On the new orgs For smite!

    HI, a friendly EU player here bringing you the latest gossip on the organizations for season 5 earlier today on the 11/01/18 a leaked email was posted to Twitter of a Gmail account of the new organizations that will be a part of smite for season 5 smite. for the people don't know whats...
  3. Sendain

    Discussion about D3 by Rhykker

    He discusses the game in general and suggested improvements. Twitch
  4. Sithis

    Patch: Pre-season Discussion

    This is intended to foster discussion on patch 7.22 aka the first preseason patch and any subsequent pre-season patches. This year we get the runes system totally revamped bringing massive build/meta change across the game. Right now i'm still spamming nami as i'm a dirty one trick now and i'm...
  5. Sithis

    eSports: Worlds 2017 Discussion

    Hey everyone feel free to discuss the games and predictions for this years worlds here. I'll start it off with thinking NA has a 100% chance of getting out of groups (barring some extremely unlucky circumstances). Here's some details about worlds this year. LoL Esports
  6. Hoyy

    PvE: Week of 09/05/17 Raiding Discussion

    Hey guys. Amazing week of raiding. I am very proud of what we did with the numbers we had. We achieved 4/9 Heroic and worked on Desolate Host and got him to 6%. The one thing I want to focus is on is we are all new together and it will take time to learn our synergies and work amazing together...
  7. Hoyy

    PvE: 8/01/2017 Normal ToS Raid Discussion

    Hello everyone this is the first of many threads used to discuss how we feel raid went. This will help people post and get things out in the open. There is be no negative repercussions if you have something harsh to say, just make sure you say it constructively. In my opinion, it went very...
  8. nomad21

    GSL Code S Round of 16 Discussion and Predictions

    Hi everyone! I'm new on Fever, and fairly new to SC2, so I thought I'd say hi to everyone firstly! :D I wanted to make this thread, in case people were following the GSL happening in korea, and wanted to share their views, opinions and/or predictions! As of me posting this, Groups A...
  9. Sithis

    Season 7 Placements Discussion

    Hey everyone post here where you've been placed on the ranked latter for S7. I'm currently 2-1 in placements hoping to be placed silver so I can push for platinum this season :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Requ1em

    Reddit Discussion Regarding New Updates!

    Let's Talk About the Update : h1z1
  11. sparkis

    Discussion on posting replays

    Hi there! I'm new here :) Had a great first experience and thanks to all the people that made it a fun time. Just thought I'd put up a post regarding a thought/suggestion I had. I've noticed that there is a sticky for funny/awesome screenshots. There's also one for coaching and guides as...
  12. Sithis

    Worlds 2016 Discussion & Predictions

    Hey everyone, groups are starting today so lets get the hype train at max speed! Anyone have predictions?
  13. Bloodmorphed

    Event Discussion

    What would you guys like to see? I do have plans for the PvP side, I just need to talk to the other WoW officers about my plans and how to go forward with it. Other then PvP, we have more PvErs then PvPers, what would you guys like to see? As far as game night can go we can do: (Aside from...
  14. Makk

    TI6 Discussion thread and poll on winner.

    Hey guys, vote for who you think is going to win and/or your favorite team. Personally i'm looking forward to Liquid's TI strats and the Liquid vs. OG games :) All TI6 discussion here
  15. zefirus

    WoW discussion

    Team, Lets all get on the same page... 930 pm EST tonight? Worggy Havok Aug heybob Muldred
  16. Sithis

    eSports: NA LCS Discussion Thread

    Hey everyone just thought of this thread idea. Since many league players also keep up with the competitive scene this could be a nice way to spark more activity on league forums. Starting off just want to say I am very pleased with TSM's performance thus far. Biofrost seems to be an excellent...
  17. Makk

    6.88 Balance patch discussion

    I'm aware that JSTFY always posts the patch notes so not gonna label this in patches or whatever. I am just posting this for the simple sake of discussion and opinions on the patch. My personal Favorites of the patch: HEROES Abaddon * Mist Coil cast point reduced from 0.452 to 0.35...
  18. Ocean

    Superhero Secret Identity Discussion

    In today's world with the modern technology we have (ex. Satellite Imaging, Facial Recognition, CCTV, Drones, Tracking Systems, etc.), Do you think it's possible for a modern day superhero to keep their identity a secret? This is assuming the hero wears a mask. If yes... How would they get...
  19. Begrimed

    Whispers of the Old Gods Discussion

    I figured since we didn't have a designated spot to post discussions particularly for the upcoming expansion, I would create a thread specifically for it. Here, we can talk about anything and everything related to Whispers of the Old Gods. Below are all of the currently revealed cards from the...
  20. W

    Pvp discussion / mechanics rant

    Anyone else get to experience the terrible pvp that is this game yet? Especially since the release of the overpowered, fully healing, no cool down Easter eggs; Not to mention the dumbest thing I've seen in a MMO with open word pvp - the guille suit. In my experience so far if you're not a...
  21. digitalblade

    1 GB of Goodness discussion, Update - February 17th

    Dota 2: Update - February 17th Official link: http://www.dota2.com/news/updates/20426/ Oh finally What do Valve mean by a Bug, this happened to every one of your latest games that you just played, every single time. Every time you wanted to improve from mistakes and see what happened...
  22. Chaves

    eSports: [Spoiler] Enemy vs Epsilon eSports / SMITE World Championship Grand Finals / Post-Match Discussion

    Enemy 0 : 3 Epsilon eSports Congrats to Epsilon eSports for becoming champions
  23. Kimenu

    Patron Warrior: Discussion and thoughts

    Does anyone still play it and if you do, do you have any success with it? I just started playing it again after the nerf and it seems like some people have forgotten how to deal with it. There is just a couple of match ups where i truly struggle such as against decks like Dragon Priest and...
  24. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: Maze Runner: Scorch Trials Discussion *Possible Spoilers*

    I watched this movie last night. It was amazing! Thoughts on the movie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDofO3P2HpE
  25. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: The Green Inferno Discussion *possible spoilers*

    I just watch the movie last night. I wasn't expecting much of it but it turned out to be pretty good. Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcpYPu9M3bw