1. VAPOR33

    Guide - Resize Discord Window

    Want to make your discord window smaller? I always disliked discords app window being so damn big. They removed the option to resize the window back in a previous release but here's a quick and easy workaround. You will need to go into your windows folder settings and turn on "show hidden...
  2. Bogo

    Discord Music bot - Rythm

    We've added a music bot to the discord, you'll notice there is now a Fever Blues and a Fever Beats within Discord. They can be used, right now, in any of the voice channels on discord. You can summon then with the commands below. These commands are to be used in the #music-request channel to...
  3. Aussietye

    Discord is Down

    how are we going to communicate with each other, idk what to do. Im scared hold me please.
  4. Bogo

    Discord Nickname / Official Tags

    On our forums and discord we have a uniform standard for our members, as such, clan members should have their tags in the following format below. Please do not have any extra characters, information, side names, advertisements, ect. |Fever| Name |Rank| Is the official format for FeverClan; as...
  5. News Bot

    Discord User Base Triples To 130 Million In One Year

    Everyone's using the gaming chat platform Discord these days, and for good reason: It's awesome! So it shouldn't come as a surprise that it's tripled its audience size to 130 million registered users in just one year. Those are jaw-dropping numbers, and it seemed to happen so quietly! These...
  6. News Bot

    New Microsoft and Discord Collaboration Connects Xbox Live Users Across Both Platforms

    Still jumping around from Xbox Live to Discord while you're playing games? Microsoft wants to put an end to all that with a new collaboration between Xbox and Discord coming soon. As both companies come together to offer another option for players to keep the lines of communication open, you'll...
  7. News Bot

    Spotify and Discord Combine to Spice Up Your Gaming Session Soundtrack

    Another evening rolls around with you and your friends spending playing games together. It’s just you, Steve, Dave, Pete, and Dirty Ricky enjoying another round of some random video game online. Random communication occasionally breaks the awkward silence or, in the worst case scenario...
  8. SathKa

    Eu/Na LCS Discord viewer Party

    Hey Guys so what would you think about a extra lol discord chaannel where we can all watch and talking about the lcs game"s
  9. pressurd

    We need more Discord Players!

    Massive recruitment time! I have not seen many people on Discord for League lately and it saddens me. I grew in |Fever| starting with a few buddies named Gladiator and Noobest. It was the funnest League experience I have ever had. I do not have those bonds or friendships anymore. So let's...
  10. Chance32

    Pending: Fever discord on the website

    location : http://feverclan.com/forums/forum.php It says the discord link is: discordi.deliriusdrunkards.com
  11. C

    Discord downtime 12/20/2017

    Discord Status Investigating - We're investigating connection and message sending issues effecting a large majority of users. We hope to provide further updates shortly. Sent from the Bizzle Phone
  12. C

    Discord Downtime..The who, what and why!

    Discord Status Unavailable Guilds Resolved - We've traced the issue to problems caused during a routine deployment of new code, which after being rolled back resolved this incident. We'll continue to investigate and resolve the issues with the new version of this code. Nov 16, 17:09 PST...
  13. C

    Yes Discord is down atm

    Discord Status Bogo did not do it this time!
  14. News Bot

    Forbes 30 Under 30 for 2018 Includes Discord Cofounder, Smash 4 Evo Winner, and More

    Forbes has issued its annual 30 Under 30 feature, in which the finance website honors 600 young men and women under the age of 30 across 20 different categories. One of those categories includes gaming and this year's list runs the gamut from streamers, to developers, to esports competitors, and...
  15. Eliminator

    Anybody Playing?

    Does anyone here play Fortnite? I hopped onto the discord and none was there. :offended:
  16. TurtleStrong

    Resolved: Discord won't reinstall

    So, as I posted in Discord through my browser, I can't get it to reinstall. Every time I try I get this error. I then followed this guide to try and fix the issue. [Windows] Installer Errors – Discord I was able to delete the %appdata% folder, however, when I try to delete the...
  17. Z

    SC2 Discord channel

    HellO can't enter on the Discord channel for SC2 Any reason ? ByE :D
  18. News Bot

    Discord Shuts Down Alt-Right Server and Accounts Linked to Hate Groups

    Discord has made an official statement on the events in Charlottesville, shut down an alt-right server, and closed a number of accounts related to those events and hate-groups. Love. Not hate. pic.twitter.com/5xFpvHTuI2 — Discord (@discordapp) August 14, 2017Despite the obvious...
  19. Tef42


    How come other games on discord gets a nice square graphic next to their names but we don't? If its a case of knocking one up, someone give me the dimensions and i'll do it.
  20. Ian

    I posted a Discord idea that could be awesome.

    Dynamic room names: If a certain amount of people are in a room playing a game, it will fill in the room name automatically. – Customer Feedback for Discord So, what do you guys think? Any expansions on my idea?
  21. jaylarr

    Discord Mic Volume Fix

    Good evening friends! With the migration to Discord, I encountered a problem with my microphone - which had worked fine previously on Teamspeak. I was pretty much inaudible no matter how I tweaked the settings in Discord. I did some research and found two solutions to the problem...

    Resolved: Discord class

    Any chance of getting a global message with tips and tricks on how to use discord? I have it, but am a newb. My questions are: 1. How do I invite others to our discord? 2. How do I tell the difference when someone joins my channel vs just a post? 3. How do I change my avatar pic...
  23. billy_da_bob

    SC2 peepsss discord

    most of the section made the switch to discord today woo each day we see more and more of us on which is awesome!
  24. Bogo


    We have started the move to Discord. We haven't made a final decision about the teamspeak. The Fever Leadership has determined this will be the best interest in the community as a whole. We will be able to stay in-touch with a more members with a modern and versatile platform. This brings more...
  25. Kirbz

    Discord Features and requests

    As we adapt to the new ability to use new community related tools such as Discord. There's always features that could be added. list them here if you found them on another server let us know and maybe we can add something similar.