1. D

    DH is easier this season?

    for some reason i'm finding DH as MS easier this season than last. i was able to clear a 78 with 10mins remaining and no augments. its been good so far but in order to go up higher i'll need to augment my gear. i'll update this thread.
  2. Zahbo

    D3 Bug/Exploit for Necro & DH

    So all, I have looked at the recent bug that is going around for the necro/DH builds. I just want to take a moment and let everyone know that this is a programming issue with Blizzard and can therefor be considered an exploit. It states in Rule 4 of the Fever Standard : 4.) Hacking, Cheating...
  3. DaveQ

    At last my DH is ready to go

    I had a good time last night playing the Gem levelling event run by Lapi. I was also trying to get - if possible - some pieces for my DH. My - at the time - awful DH. Still wearing yellow gear. Just ONE piece of UnHallowed (after 15 hours of playing, including drops and dealing with the b*tch...
  4. ziggie

    My thoughts on DH Legion Beta "Contains Spoilers Read at your own Risk"

    DISCLAIMER: My thoughts and views are mine alone and does not reflect anyone else's. My review will not disclose as much of the storyline as I can without taking away from the review. Over the weekend I have put in quite a bit of time playing the Beta. Currently I have mostly focused on...
  5. Beat Knuckle

    DH Question

    Might be a noob question, but if I'm running perma vengeance with a physical dmg rune (seethe), but I use multishot with a fire rune (arsenal), is my dmg physical or fire? I'm wondering which primary buff I should be looking for in gear, physical dmg boost or fire dmg boost? Thanks in advance.
  6. G473R

    S6 DH Starting Guide

    So you're a fresh level 70 and wondering how to go about gearing and progressing? In the material below I will offer a projected plan to those wishing to gear/level fast while playing their DH for Season 6. #1) Get That Loot Get your 6 peice set (Marauders for S6). I haven't looked to see what...
  7. Muldred

    New DH Support 4 man?

    take into account this is PTR and subject to change.
  8. G473R

    DH T10 Speed Farming (w/Videos)

    I had several people asking what I use to farm T10s/how I do it so fast. I'd like to share some builds and info, maybe it will help those looking to farm T10s a little bit quicker. I currently have two setups I like to use and another that works but I dont use often (shadow). I haven't augmented...
  9. DaveQ

    Looking for Power Levelling a DH Saturday 26th or Sunday 27th.

    I have a Barbarian at Paragon 512. However I would like to run another class. So is there a group running today - Saturday, or Sunday that would be willing Power Level me a Demon Hunter? This class, to me at least, seems to be the one that offers what I am looking for - Power and Speed, and...
  10. G473R

    PTR - UE DH GR70 Vid (LOL)

    I ran a quick 70 just to see how it would go and how the UE set is doing on the PTR.... :pwned: https://youtu.be/HX8PFVIlpAc
  11. G473R

    DH Shadow GR80: Rift RNG Irony (Video)

    So my last goal to meet this season is soloing a GR80 using the Shadow set. Had this set not be toned down to 600% from the previous 1000% it was on the PTR, this would be less challenging. Given that, it is more fun (for me) and more challenging to play than your standard M6 or UE6 set. So I've...
  12. G473R

    Season 5 DH Builds

    Thought I'd drop an update for anyone playing DH this season. Posting D3 Planner links to top leader board builds. I've tested all these myself and cleared up to 75 (except I only did 70 on nats set so far) with them. All of these builds listed have cleared 80+ solo on LB this season (minus the...
  13. Nanbu

    DH 100% Vengeance uptime?

    Just a quick question: how much CDR is needed to have 100% uptime on vengeance?
  14. T

    TX farming DH build - By request.

    When I and my friends decide it's time for TX rifting we always bring in other players to share the wealth as carrying a TX is pretty simple with a DH. I've been getting consistent questions about my build I'm using for t10 and how i can just stand on top of Molten etc. and never take any...
  15. G473R

    DH Gearing

    I have plans for our DH players during a weekend to host an event to help gather gear and also assist anyone having build troubles or questions in general about DH. I am currently having some IRL troubles here at home so I do not want to set a definitive date for this at the moment, but rather...
  16. T

    Poor Man Opinions of the DH builds.

    If you want a complete compendium on everything DH try this link from G473R http://feverclan.com/forums/73-diablo-3-classes/85379-season-5-demon-hunter-compendium.html My Goal is not to reinvent the wheel. I'm going to give my very simple thoughts about these builds. When i reference a Build...
  17. T

    DH Question and answer thread - Frustration no breathing.

    So I'm keeping with my music shitposting theme but I'm having problems and I'd love other peoples advice. While i normally just ask Gator most theses things i think the forum might be a better place for this stuff. So i'm going to make statements and what I'd like is more experienced DH's to...
  18. Vlaru

    Philosophios on DH Builds for Patch 2.4

    Some of you probably already know, but for those of you that don't: Philosophios is pretty well known for playing DH in D3 through streaming and youtube videos. If you don't know him, check him out. He recently posted several guides for Patch 2.4 DH builds that I thought I'd through out...
  19. G473R

    S5 DH Tank (Yes a tank DH)

    Times are a changin boys with the upcoming season. No longer are DH 2 hit champs (1 monster hit, dh hits the ground). This is a build I theory crafted and only partially tested so far (due to not having all the gear collected yet). 100% Support DH D3Planner - DH Tank Build (click here)...
  20. G473R

    S5 Shadow Impale DH (In-Depth)

    S5 DH Shadow Impale NOTE: I have tested and played this alot on the PTR. Most of what I am mentioning/talking about below is for soloing grifts. I make comments about doing other content. I didn't check the leaderboards and I haven't looked online at all on builds for this new set. I just...
  21. G473R

    S5 Impale Only DH (Video)

    Messing with more builds. This one could be tweaked and changed lots but there could be something there. Build - S5 Impale DH Video https://youtu.be/UjnSLaG0Esg
  22. Flarefly

    Hardcore DH world first GR63

    My first world first on Diablo so pretty pumped. No voice cause my streaming setup is messed up, need to fix my mic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtFPI7xLIDc Let me know what you guys think.
  23. NobleLion

    Builds: DH Gear collecting - anyway feel there's an optimized way to work with RNG?

    TL:DR - This is not another build advice thread! How long did you have to suck it up as you progressed up paragon levels without full gear sets? Please tell me there's hope now that I am running in groups with my clannies. Hi again everyone! I am trying to start getting full sets (or 1 short...
  24. NobleLion

    DH - need to re-roll on my M6 gloves but can't figure out which to re-roll

    I feel I've scoured the interwebs for an answer to this and I'd like to throw it out here for help from my clannies... I'm trying for my Marauder set and it's been a relatively slow grind (until tonight when some great guys let me tag along on some basement runs - thank you!) I had some...
  25. J

    Builds: Is the M6 DH Build still the way to go?

    Basically as the title says, I started playing again and have 2 of the set pieces. Is this still the way to go as in season 1?