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    Dead by Daylight Wants to Play a Game with 'The SAW Chapter'

    Dead by Daylight is certainly no stranger to mainstream crossovers. In the past, Starbreeze and Behaviour's October events have featured such horror icons as Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger. But on Tuesday, players are being asked if they would like to play a game. "The SAW Chapter" makes its...
  2. Gizmo256

    Dead By Daylight Patch Notes v1.7.0

    Source: Patches - Official Dead by Daylight Wiki FEATURES & CONTENT CONTENT - Added a new customization for The Huntress (head) for participating in the Fall Masquerade challenge CONTENT - Added a new map for The Backwater Swamp (Grim Pantry) FEATURE - Added a ping indicator to show players'...
  3. Gizmo256

    Dead By Daylight Patch Notes v1.6.2d

    FEATURES & CONTENT Added the Charity Case DLC BALANCE "Snap Out Of It" is now classified as a form of healing. This means it is affected by perks such as "Botany Knowledge" or "A Nurse's Calling," status effects such as "Mangled", and other effects concerned with healing. "Snap Out Of...
  4. Gizmo256

    Dead By Daylight Patch Notes v1.5.2

    There are a few of us who play this, so I wanted to make sure the latest patch notes were available: FEATURES & CONTENT Added the ability for the KYF Match Manager to toggle whether join permissions are limited to friends only or not. Added the ability to view Items, the Killer Power and...
  5. mYth

    Daylight Savings Time

    Don't forget to push your clocks/devices forward one hour tonight at 2 AM!
  6. Atakapa

    Dead By Daylight Patch Notes 1.1.0

    There are a lot of new things coming, and plenty of fixes to the game mechanics! Happy killing/surviving! DrKrieger WdFrtyGaming Ocean DrkSweetHrt Sasori ItzAstra 1.1.0 Patch Notes FEATURES & CONTENT Added a new location (Crotus Prenn Asylum) Added a new...
  7. W

    Event: Dead by Daylight - 08-19-16

    Date: 08-19-16 Time: start time: 2000 CST end time: 2200 CST Game: Dead by Daylight Place: Game night channels in TS This group will be for beginners. If you are high ranking and dont want your rank wrecked or have problems playing with beginners this isn't the group for you. We will either...
  8. W

    Dead By Daylight - player base

    Dead by Daylight [CENTER] 1. Please mention @Worggy if you want to be added Fever Name Steam Name Lilbear Lilbear Wdfrtygaming |Fever| Shaldar Ocean AstralTiger Incitefear th3draaksyn Atakapa Atakapa Paparussia PapaRussia Requ1em |Fever| Requ1em Flux Flux...
  9. Bridgett

    Dead by Daylight group?

    I finally got the game and I'm itching to get a group going for it! Any takers for a game night, maybe sometime during the week?
  10. Requ1em

    Dead By Daylight

    PRESENTED BY: @Requ1em GAME: DEAD BY DAYLIGHT PRICE: 19.99 USD DEVELOPER: Behaviour Digital Inc. PLATFORM: PC / STEAM ---------- THIS GAME WAS PLAYED ON: - Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit - Intel Core i7 3770 @ 3.40GHz - Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology - PNY 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3...
  11. SeniorSpecialist

    Dead By Daylight - Clan Night

    If anyone is interested, I would like to put together a Dead By Daylight play night. I believe you only need 5 players for a full game (4 survivors, 1 killer). I've been watching YouTube videos of people playing together and it looks like a lot of fun. If I can get at least four people...
  12. S

    Upcoming: Dead By Daylight!

    Dead By Daylight This game looks extremely fun, but seems like mainly a party style game to play with 5 friends. The beta is closed and can be obtained by pre-ordering the deluxe edition which comes with 3 beta codes. If anyone on here has extra codes, I'd be happy to play with ya! If not, I...
  13. NobleLion

    How's Daylight Savings Time working for you?

    My nights here in Bangkok just got a little longer thanks to the rolling back of the clock in the US. Calls with the US that used to start at 10:00 PM here are now 1 hour later because of the time change known as Daylight Savings Time. It's okay, but I end up needing to be careful on not...
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    Daylight delayed to April 29, gets promotional pricing

    Zombie Studios' procedurally generated horror game Daylight has been delayed. According to publisher Atlus, "it's taken extra time to make sure all the scare cues are properly implemented for maximum player effect." As a result, the game is being pushed by a few weeks to April 29th for PC and...
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    Daylight breaking on PS4 and PC in April

    The procedurally-generated thriller Daylight is coming sometime in April, Zombie Studios has revealed. Previously the PC and PlayStation 4 exclusive was given a more murky early 2014 designation. More...
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    Daylight trailer sheds light on the story

    Zombie Studios has shed some more light on its upcoming procedurally-generated Unreal Engine 4-powered horror romp Daylight by releasing a trailer that shows some of the game's premise in action. Namely, the main character, Sarah, wakes up in the middle of the abandoned Mid Island Hospital and...
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    Daylight exclusive to PC and PS4, coming in early 2014

    Zombie Studios' Daylight is also coming to the PlayStation 4, new publisher Atlus has announced. In addition, the console release will be exclusive to PS4. To coincide with the announcement, the publisher revealed some of the unique PS4 features we can expect to see from the spooky game when it...